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Thy Flesh Consumed

Thy Flesh Consumed is een Canadese band die met Unrepentent een CD hebben uitgebracht waarop ze als een wervelwind tekeer gaan. Aangezien er niet veel bekend is over deze act is dat voor Lords of Metal reden genoeg om uit te vinden waarom deze gasten zulke brute muziek maken. Zanger Peter Mestre heeft het antwoord.

Door: Pim B. | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

Could you first give us an introduction to the band as I think a lot of people won't be too familiar with you even though you just released your fourth album?
We are an extreme metal band hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, located on the East Coast of Canada. We delve in many styles, most notably death metal, grindcore, war metal and black metal. Since the beginning we have both directly and indirectly pushed our writing efforts into a direction which mixes all of these styles.

In 2002 you released the album 'Dawn of the Impurity Design' by yourselves. Was this album already in the same style you guys are playing these days? Looking back are you still satisfied?
Most of the material we have written since 'Dawn of the Impurity Design' is more complex in all areas; the riffs, lyrics and song structures, but the style and direction is the same. While we can't help but want to write more interesting, intricate material to push ourselves, we still incorporate simpler riffs in our music, mainly because they can hit harder than a more complex riff. The three [of five] of us that were involved on the first recording are still satisfied with it. We had nothing to compare it against and we went crazy with it.

Do you look at your debut as a real full-length or do you see it as a kind of demo? Have you actually done any demos? Is the debut album still available?
Our debut release is a full-length album. We have never done any demos; we don't really have time or the finances for it. Any time spent recording is used to record a full-length release. We only record when we have worked on enough songs that we consider are right for the next album. 'Dawn of the Impurity Design' has been sold out for many years since there were only 200 made.

After your first album you got signed to CDN Records which is a not a pretty well known label. What can you tell about this label? How did you get in touch with them?
We got in touch with Craig Newman who runs CDN Records through Dan [guitars]. Being a frequent customer at CDN Records, Dan had mentioned Thy Flesh Consumed in a conversation with Craig and things just started happening from there. Eventually the conversation was had between them and Craig said he would release our second album End of Blind Obedience. 1000 copies were made; it is sold out now and it's only available from a few distros/labels and ebay. Most of CDN Records releases are by brutal death metal and goregrind bands, including destructive acts like Deamon (Ontario, Canada) and Bowels Out (Texas, USA), but you'll find other bands/styles too.

Anything interesting to tell about the albums 'End of Blind Obedience' and 'Pacified By Oceans Of Blood'?
The last song on 'End of Blind Obedience' is a cover of Blasphemy's 'Atomic Nuclear Desolation'. How could we not pay homage to the Ross Bay Cult!!! [Some of us recently had the chance to see Blasphemy live, at the Blasphemy Over Montreal gig last October. It was a killer show and it was an honor to share a few drinks with them afterwards! Who am I kidding; we were pacified by oceans of alcohol!] 'Pacified by Oceans of Blood' took us over a year to complete. It's the cursed album. Anything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. There were electrical surges that ruined computer components and amps. We had three different studio locations. There was a problem with the pressing plants first attempt; they used white ink on the CD design when it was supposed to be “no ink.” Problems were limitless causing delay after delay. In the end though, it's a savage release and the atmosphere on that album is incredible, the work we put into the use of samples really creates a dismal, filthy, war torn feel to the whole thing that pulls the songs together.

Your latest album came out through Diminished Fifth Records. How did you get in touch with them? Did you sign a multiple album deal? Do you think this is another step up for you guys?
Diminished Fifth Records have a huge presence here in Halifax and are now reaching the entire globe without any intention of letting up, ever. If you live on the East Coast of Canada and don't know about D5R you really do live under a rock. What got my attention initially were Josh's press releases (which he does under the banner Hogan Media Relations). The press releases for both bands and events were extremely professional in presentation, consistent and very informative. I set up a meeting with him to discuss the opportunity to work with him to promote our [at the time] upcoming album Unrepentant. He showed up at my home and basically within ten minutes I knew D5R was our next step. I'm pretty sure he came over with that very intention! After a long meeting, viewing spreadsheets of radio tracking, etc. and seeing how professional and organized he was it just made sense to work with Josh and D5R. We only signed to release Unrepentant with D5R but future releases together have already been mentioned with anticipation! Signing with Diminished Fifth Records was a great step forward. The new album 'Unrepentant' is available in stores across Canada and select stores in the US (with Relapse Records being the US distributor); none of our previous releases were in a store unless it was dropped off by one of us and put on consignment. Josh has some excellent connections and the doors are opening for us, such as opportunities to perform outside of the Maritime provinces. Josh is also responsible for the LOUD music category in Canada's East Coast Music Awards, so hopefully 'Unrepentant will be nominated next year as the possible Loud Recording of the Year.

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Based on what I heard I described you as a mix between bands like Carcass, Nile, Impiety and Hacavitz. I was wondering how you would describe your own style and what bands are an influence or inspire you?
If we were to be pigeonholed into one genre I'd say our style is death metal, but that is too general as our style is a hybrid of many types of extreme music. The list of influences is too long for this interview, there are five of us and our tastes in music are all over the place. The bands you mentioned definitely reach their way to our playlists, a small list of other bands that influence and/or inspire us would be Incantation, Suffocation, Blasphemy, Marduk, Leviathan, Bathory, Black Sabbath, Axis Of Advance, Profanatica, Iron Maiden, Brutal Truth, Immolation, Morbid Angel, Arkhon Infaustus, Rush, Exhumed, Voivod, Azarath, Discordance Axis, Destroyer 666, Immortal, Angelcorpse, Revenge, Celtic Frost, Impaled Nazarene, Myrkskog, Judas Priest, Dying Fetus, Thy Primordial, Nasum, Malevolent Creation, Twisted Sister, Mayhem, Hypocrisy… fuck, the list is endless. Most of us have an insatiable hunger for extreme metal and metal in general. A lot of those listed are my own influences; you would get a different list from everyone one of us, though I tried to list bands I know we would all enjoy banging our heads to!

Your music doesn't leave a lot of room to breath; it's like a whirlwind. Don't you ever get tired of that making you slow down a bit?
Listen to our four albums back to back and you won't have to ask me if we tire from our whirlwind assault!! Onward Heretic War Machine!

What are your lyrics about and how important are they really?
I write about many different topics, but they all seem to have one root, one origin, and that is the darkness in man. I write about warfare, history, death, politics, torture, religion, murder, and strength, among other things. Unrepentant lyrically, is an entire attack on faith and religion. It is entirely up to the reader to decide if any or all of them are important or not. Are they important to me? I'm definitely not going to scream at the top of my lungs about something I don't give a shit about, which would be a great waste of energy.

You've done quite a lot of shows but most of them local, right? Any desire to play more often and in other countries?
We have made it to Quebec and Ontario a few times and plan on continuing to strike those provinces in the future. There is discussion about a Canadian tour and a European tour. I hope both happen, many times over!! We are looking into touring outside of Canada. Personally, I would really enjoy the opportunity to tour South America.

You guys are active in other bands too. Care to tell a bit more about those bands?
Gerald is finishing up his first recording with his new grind band Burnt Church. Dave is performing in his Judas Priest cover band Screaming For Vengeance at the upcoming festival Hell Freezes Over. Dan plays bass in long standing death metal act Wohedness, I believe they just got a new drummer but their singer John Haight [one of Thy Flesh Consumed's first guitarists] now lives in another province. Ross, along with Thy Flesh Consumed, plays bass in Terratomb [technical death metal] and North End Metal All-Stars [power metal / punk crossover]. NEMAS just release their debut self titled EP. Ross used to play drums for Terratomb from 1998 – 2004. All of them have been involved in several bands over the years, including Existench, Gorbage, Maelstrom, Ready For Eddie, System Shit, Sloth, Solemn Passing, Despot, and many others. I am a new member [vocalist] to the Cephalectomy ranks, and we just released our fourth album [the second one I worked on and first one as an official member] titled 'An Epitaph To Tranquility' which is available as a free download [yes, the entire album!]. Cephalectomy play Northern Mystigrind exclusively.

Anything else our readers should know about Thy Flesh Consumed?
Thanks for the interview Pim! It is much appreciated! Anyone interested in supporting the death grind machine Thy Flesh Consumed can pick up a copy of our new album Unrepentant from D5R for only $10 in Canada, $12 in the US [that includes shipping!!!]. Contact D5R for great pricing on overseas orders! We also have some killer t-shirt designs, and we'll have new long-sleeves and hooded sweaters next week. All of your support goes into our future projects, and the next one happens to be a recording we are doing in February for a split CD with Tyrants Blood (hailing from British Columbia, Canada!!!). The split CD will be released on NHR Records this year! We are currently negotiating an artwork contract; the killer artist will be announced shortly! Support Canadian Metal!

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