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Amputated is een brute Engelse death metal band die opzien baarde door met een dames popbandje een nummer te schrijven voor het BBC programma 'Singing with the Enemy'. Dat opvallende feit en de release van hun nieuwe CD 'Wading Through Rancid Offal' zijn reden genoeg om zanger Morbid Mark wat vragen voor te leggen.

Door: Pim B. | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

First of all can you tell us a bit more about the formation of Amputated and it's history?
Amputated formed almost eight years ago in Bristol, UK. I had just parted company with the black metal band I had been in for a couple of years and it wasn't exactly amicable so I wanted to do something completely opposite to what I was used too. I put up an add in my local record shop and Garry (drums) answered. He was in a metalcore band that had just split up and we had already met on the local metal scene. I was living with Martin (our 1st bassist) at the time, we had been writing a few bits and pieces with a drum machine for a while so it was obvious that he would do it. I knew Daryl (guitar) from college, he had heard from a mutual friend that we were forming a new band and asked to join and that completed our first line up. We went through a few other guitarists but none of them were working out so we decided to carry on as a four-piece and recorded the split with Leptotrichia from Belgium. We played a few gigs and carried on like that until an early show supporting Desecration. Ollie was impressed with what he saw (although I never worked out why because we were shit haha) so when I got an email from him asking to audition I was shocked to say the least! Desecration were a big deal to us, we already felt honoured just supporting them. I told him he didn't need to try out, if he wanted to do it then he was in haha. Not long after that Martin left as he didn't like travelling long distances to shows and he wanted to concentrate on playing black metal. I was the right decision for him, he went on to create some great music in the guise of Basilisk and now, Hateful Abandon. He was replaced by Andi Morris who was with us for a few years. He played on the 'Gargling With Infected Semen' cd but left before it came out. He now plays with Desecration full time. He was replaced by Andy Bile, we took some time writing the 'Wading Through Rancid Offal' cd and
here we are now!

You just released your second album on Sevared, it took you three years to get it out though. So, what happened in the meanwhile?
We really didn't want to rush this record, we write quite slowly as it is which is why it took so long. We really wanted to make the album work and make it more consistent so we threw away a lot of material when we were trying to find a formula that we were comfortable with. Also when you account for the personal bullshit that goes on outside of the band that gets in the way of rehearsing sometimes, that adds on the time it takes to write a record too. Some people have commented recently that we have jumped on the recent slam death trend but that's bullshit. We have always had a lot of grooves and hooks in our riffs compared to a lot of other brutal death bands. This was just a natural progression.

Musically you're pretty much in the brutal death metal style, although I think this is mainly due to the vocals as in my opinion you have quite some musical parts that refer to the more old-school style. A bit like Prostitute Disfigurement I think. Your opinion please?
Well, I'm not a fan of Prostitute Disfigurement, but I can see the comparison maybe. Yeah, we all like older death metal, I honestly think there are no bands out there that compare to the older bands. There will never be another Morbid Angel, Autopsy or Cannibal Corpse. When I hear today's bands like and Job For A Cowboy and Carnifex it makes me want to puke! It doesn't sound really EVIL anymore. It is all too clinical. Although we have a modern approach and like to keep our sound guttural, we are old school at heart. That is why you notice some influences like Bolt Thrower, Asphyx and Repulsion etc in our songs now and again. Although the triumphant era of the early 90's has passed, it won't stop us ignoring the legacy those bands have left behind. We use it not only to enhance our own sound, but also to try and keep the spirit of the old guard alive. Too many brutal death metal bands nowadays have forgotten what it means to play death metal. They concentrate on
technicality and production values rather than feeling and personality.
Death metal has lost its soul.

As the vocals are so deep and undecipherable and I didn't get any lyrics I was wondering what the lyrics in general are about? A lot of gore and slaughter I presume?
There are no lyrics. Obituary never needed any, so why should we? The song titles say enough and lyrics are pointless with a voice like mine haha. Why do you need to elaborate on a title like 'Repugnant Genital Deformity' anyway? Although, having said that, I am toying with the idea of writing some for the next release, but writing gore lyrics can be boring. It is not exactly taxing. It is basically 'Mr. Psychopath inserts sharp object A into orifice B, and then inserts body part C into orifice D, then blood and cum goes everywhere'. I've got better things to do with my time haha.

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Looking up some info on the band I found out you did a TV-show called 'Singing with the Enemy'. I guess that was in 2007 and you shared a house with an all-girl popband called Fallen Angelz with whom you had to write and record a song. I noticed this was an Endemol production, which is a Dutch company, and was aired on BBC 3. Since not a lot of people over here in Holland can receive BBC 3 and no other broadcaster aired it, I'd like to know a bit more. Did it gain you some popularity? How do you look back on the whole experience? Are you still in touch with Fallen Angelz? Just spill the beans, will you?
Fucking hell, I'm sick of talking about this haha! The girls were very nice and we got on well but they only showed the arguments. The song we wrote was gay, and no, none of us got laid. It did get us some hate mail though, and I have been recognised by passers by in the street and people at fests etc so we did get a fair bit of exposure. Overall it was a lot of fun and I have a lot of fond memories of the whole thing. I am sure we would do it again if we could. If you want to see it, just search 'singing with the enemy' on Andy broke it up into six six parts and uploaded it a while ago. We are not really in contact with the girls anymore. The band split up and Mollie went on to join a group called The Saturdays who are very famous in the UK now. Always on TV and in the newspapers and magazines.

Some of you guys are also active in bands like Extreme Noise Terror or Desecration. So tell us a bit about the other acts you guys are involved in, and is it all easy to combine all bands?
Both of those are Ollie's other bands. Andy has two solo projects. One is called Bukkake Birth and the other is called Bum Sick, both are gore/pornogrind. I'm also in Crepitation, which is slamming brutal death. Daryl is also in Burials, they don't really fit into a genre as such but they are very good from what I've heard. Daryl is also in another band with Garry, which is quite melodic, but I don't think they have really settled on a name yet. None of them have any real problems being in several bands apart from Ollie. Obviously Extreme Noise Terror are very well known and they play a lot of international shows. The same goes for Desecration. He makes it when he can so it not a big deal, but sometimes our shows clash. It doesn't' t bother us much, if he can't make it we play without him. He doesn't do it a lot so we don't mind. It's just something we have to work around at times. All of these bands have MySpace pages so go check them out!

You have done some touring but not anything really extensive right? Any live shows you recall as one of your best? Is playing live important to you guys anyway?
We have done tours yeah but nothing longer than two weeks. Mainly as it is very expensive. Being in an underground band you rarely make any money but it is still very important to us. We have got to play with some really great bands like Septycal Gorge, Vomit The Soul, Embryonic Depravity, Necrophagia, Master, Infected Disarray, Ingested, Disgorge (Mex), Incantation, Deranged, Goreotted, Sanatorium etc. I think for me it's all about festivals though. The crowd is always a lot bigger and the atmosphere is a lot better, especially outdoors. Everyone has been drinking all day, nobody has to worry about work, it's a great feeling of freedom. One show that sticks out for me is definitely when we played the 'Groovy Gore Galore' alldayer in Austria with CxBxT, Torsofuck, Gonnorhea Pussy, Rompeprop etc. Everyone went fucking mental, the stage got invaded, we were trying to play with like 40 people on stage haha. They all picked me up so I was actually crowd surfing ON the stage, which was strange!

Any future plans on doing a tour or any other future plans you can reveal?
Well, we will start writing new material soon and we have shows coming up in Portugal, London and also this summer we will be at the mighty DEATHFEAST in Germany, which I'm very much looking forward to. Like I said, fests are the best! I'm sure we will cram in as much as we can so keep an eye out for us.

All right, that's all from my side. Anything else to add?
Yeah. Go buy our cd's and tell all your friends about us! Thanks for the interview!

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