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'The Mirroring Shadow' is de titel van het tweede album van het Zweedse Miseration. Brute, technische death i wat het vijftal op dit 'The Mirroring Shadow' over je heen laat denderen. Rondom de release datum sprak ik met bassist Marcus Bertilsson over het nieuwe album…

Door: Patrick | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

Congratulations on another great album! In comparison towards 'Your Demons, Their Angels' the emphasis on 'The Mirroring Shadow' is more onto brutal death metal and the album is more intense, more aggressive and more technical. Could you say characteristics such as brutality are more or less a natural thing for Miseration to have in your music or is it something you intentionally have to look for?
Thanks! 'The Mirroring Shadow' was a natural step for us to take and the brutality simply felt right. Even the songs from the previous album that we play live became more brutal with this line-up.

You all come from different bands with different musical back grounds from all sorts of extreme music (black, death, power metal) and I am sure you all bring different influences. So what was the goal in terms of the musical direction of the album?
The goal was to go into a more brutal and technical direction without getting lost in it, which many death metal bands tends to do. We tried to keep some melody, primarily in the guitars. And on several of the songs we have traditional choruses. But it is still pure fucking death metal. Also we stripped of all of the clean vocals, simply because we felt it didn't fit in this new direction.

Your previous album 'Your Demons, Their Angels' was extremely well received by press and fans. Did those responses out any pressure on you while writing for this album? I mean; fans and press will be having their expectations …
Nah, the pressure we had came from us. Wanting to do as good songs as we could. In a way finding ourselves and explore our band.

These days many death metal bands have their focus on either being the most brutal band or on being the most technical death band; bands that go for the first often lack skill and compositional qualities and groups who strive for the last lack in bluntness. How have you tried to avoid stepping into this trap?
We tried to do so by discovering this situation and danger, thinking of it and by all means try to avoid it.

In many bands the vocalist is responsible for the lyrics. How is that in Miseration?
What subjects are included and what do you want to bring across with them?

On the first album all lyrics where written by Jani since he made all the music and lyrics before asking Christian to join. On this new album it's a friend of Christian that has written them: Pär Johansson (Satariel, Torchbearer) since Christian thinks it's boring to write lyrics nowadays. Honestly, I do not know what the lyrics are about but I think they are pretty much up to the listener to interpret whatever meaning they find in there.

band imageYou entered the studio with Tomas 'Plec' Johansson as producer. Which element(s) on your album do stand out because of having Tomas as producer?
Good guitar sound perhaps. He has a lot of toys in his studio. Amplifiers and shit. Also since he's a friend of ours we felt comfortable during the recording process, and that is very important. But we had done demo recordings before that so everything was more or less finished and decided already. He has done an outstanding job with the sound though!

This is your second release trough Lifeforce Records. How important have they been for Miseration till now?
They have been important in getting our music heard and giving us good press connections and so on. The cooperation with them has worked very well and we are very satisfied. Also they helped getting us on the bill for the legacy fest which was great! Nice fella's.

Many of you are active in other projects and/or bands as well. Is it difficult for you to divide creativity and time equally between Miseration and your other band(s)/project(s)? Could you say there is one band that is your priority or…?
We are musicians with a lot to say, so much to say that it can't fit in just one band. Until now there has been no problem... Or wait, there has actually been one problem and that was when we where going to Netherlands in November 2008 for our first gig. Flight tickets where booked and everything and then The Weakening (which contains both myself, Johan and Jani) won a part final in a Swedish competition for unsigned bands and had to play in Gothenburg the night before we would play with Miseration in Netherlands. It was too late to rebook the flights and so we decided to hire a car instead. So at about 01.00 on the same day as we where to play in Netherlands we packed the car and went from Gothenburg. Since the weather gods where no friends of ours they gave us a hard time when they released the first snow over us. We had summer tyres on the car so when the snow started falling in southern Sweden it got very slippery on the road and so we had to drive like 20km/h through Skåne and Denmark and northern parts of Germany. All together we drove for 16 hours and all of us where pretty exhausted, all of us except Rolf because he had been sleeping all the way down.
Other then that we have had no problems. As long as we can lay our schedules in good time there is no problem to work things out.

A lot of bands say that they are happiest when playing concerts and being out on the road. But Miseration is not a band being out on the road that often. What can people expect from Miseration when it comes to playing live? Can we expect Miseration to be out on the road or should the band be more or less considered as a project?
We are definitely a live band. We have not toured as much as we would like to because of circumstances has left us no other choices but we hope to make more tours in the future. Book us and we'll come!

Are there any other happenings or things going on with the band or you personally that you would like me to let people know about? Do you have anything to say or add for closure?
We are very satisfied with the record we just done and now we would like to make some tours in the beginning of next year. Any promoter that reads this and are interested in booking us can send us an email to or to our MySpace and we will figure something out!

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