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Met de unieke, technische death metal die ze op 'Existence Is Futile' lieten horen, bewees de uit Boston afkomstige Revocation een rijzende ster in het metalen hemeltje te zijn. Uiteraard werden wij nieuwsgierig naar de breinen achter dit meesterwerk en besloten om de band eens aan het woord te laten en ons kort te vertellen over hun achtergronden, huidige gang van zaken en toekomstplannen. Zanger/gitarist David Davidson werd bereid gevonden voor commentaar.

Door: Nima | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

Congratulations with your second album 'Existence Is Futile'! Revocation is quite new band and you guys been around for about three years now. Please take the time to introduce your band a little bit.
Revocation is comprised of Anthony Buda on the bass and vocals, Phil Dubois on drums and myself on guitar and vocals. We all started playing in high school under the name Cryptic Warning, which was more of an old-school thrash metal band with some elements of death metal here and there. Eventually our style started to evolve and we felt like we outgrew our name so we decided to change it to Revocation in 2006. We promptly recorded a three-song demo entitled 'Summon the Spawn'. The demo was received well and in 2008 we went back into the studio to record our first full-length album, 'Empire Of The Obscene'. The full length was self-released but it quickly got a lot of attention from the underground. We did a few “do it yourself” tours in support of the record and labels started to take notice as well. We signed with Relapse early this year and they just released our new album and label debut 'Existence is Futile'. That's pretty much how it went.

There were a lot of bands have to keep fighting for a record deal and it takes years to get a label's attention, Revocation was picked up by Relapse quite quickly! Of course the music speaks for itself and I would have been surprised if you still didn't have a record deal. But I also think luck played a great deal in the game. Were there other labels interested?
Yeah, we were talking with several labels before we signed with Relapse. A lot of record companies were impressed with the quality of our self-released full length but at the end of the day Relapse made us the best offer and were very passionate about the band, so we signed with them.

To be honest I wasn't familiar with the band before I heard the new album, so I had no idea what to expect. But you really blew me away! 'Existence Is Futile' is definitely one of the most versatile and also peculiar albums I have heard is a long time. As I mentioned in my review, you take the best from both European and US death metal, with old-school thrash and traditional heavy metal. I know this might be a bit cliché, but what can you tell us about your influences.
We are influenced by bands like Exhorder, Dark Angel, Megadeth, Pestilence, Atheist, Gorguts, Forbidden, Spastic Ink, Martyr and Exodus, to name a few...

Your music is kind of complex and very technical. Here and there I hear some psychedelic and even jazzy influences. The beauty about it is that you let the diverse musical style melt into a “logical-sounding” whole and come up with a fresh sound. Now this may sound as a strange question, but do you think Revocation is taking extreme metal to a higher level?
Well it's very flattering if people think we are taking metal to a higher level. I think we are a unique band and we don't really fit into one particular genre, so I think our diversity sets us apart. Some critics have gone so far to say that we have the potential to be the "next big thing" in metal! But we're not really concerned with things like that right now; we just play the music we want to hear and are having fun doing it.

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Based on the musical expertise in both playing and song writing that is audible on 'Existence…' What can you tell us about your musical backgrounds? I mean, it's quite obvious that you've had some musical education.
We are influenced by a lot of different styles of music and not just metal, so some of those influences creep into certain aspects of our playing. Growing up I played in a few different jazz bands in high school and went on to get my degree from Berklee College of Music. I got the chance to study with a lot of amazing jazz/fusion guitarists at Berklee and I learned a lot from them. I try not to write typical metal riffs or solos and some of the atonal aspects of jazz gave me a different perspective on composing and soloing.

Due to the music's character, I wonder if you can recreate the same greatness and brilliance on stage with only three musicians! Or do you take sessions musicians or maybe use samples for your live shows?
No samples, it's just the three of us on stage raging.

Unfortunately my promo copy doesn't include the lyrics. What can you say about the lyrical concept of the album? Do you guys try to bring a message across with your lyrics?
Our lyrics are pretty diverse and deal with topics ranging from the global economic collapse to the cult classic horror flick 'Re-Animator'.

So far you have only two shows planned to support the new album, both in Canada! Do you think that the rest of Europe will get a chance to see the band on stage anytime soon? Perhaps with some of your label mates and technical monsters Atheist, who are also about to release a new album?
There are no plans to tour Europe yet, but we would love the opportunity to come over there and play.

Something different then; your hometown Boston is not exactly known for extreme metal… or metal at all for that matter. How is the metal scene in your region?
There's a pretty good underground metal scene, but I guess Boston is probably known best for its hardcore scene. Metal-wise there are a lot of different bands that bring something different to the table, whether its death metal, thrash or grindcore.

Well, I guess we can wrap it up for this time. But if there is anything left that you'd like to mention, please don't hesitate…
Thanks for the interview! 'Existence is Futile' out now worldwide, check us out!

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