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Pissed Jeans

Thrash is niet de enige stijl die aan een heuse revival toe is. Als het aan Pissed Jeans ligt dragen we straks allemaal weer kapotte spijkerbroeken onder ons goedkope T-shirt en tonen we weinig tot geen interesse in de wereld om ons heen. Nu ja, om wereld dominatie (of enige andere vorm van beïnvloeding) is het een echte grunge band natuurlijk nooit te doen. Om eerlijke, rauwe, schurende gitaarmuziek, zoals die te vinden is op het vorige maand verschenen 'King Of Jeans' des te meer. Een ongeïnteresseerde zanger Matt verschaft enige achtergrond bij de retro grunge van Pissed Jeans.

Door: Richard G. | Archiveer onder alternative / pop

Could you start off for our unknowing audience of (mainly, though most certainly not only) metal fans, with a short introduction to your band and to the music that you play?
We're Pissed Jeans and we play loud, heavy, noisy punk rock.

Recently Pissed Jeans released their new album 'King Of Jeans' onto this world through the Sub Pop label. Congratulations on that one! I was amazed by the rawness and authentic sound, which reminded me of a sound that was pretty prevalent in the late 80s or early 90s rock scene. Would you agree with this? How did you guys arrive at this sound?
Yeah, I think you are pretty right on with that. We are into raw guitar music, so that's what we try to make. We worked with a great producer (Alex Newport) who helped to bring those sounds out of our gear.

Pissed Jeans' music certainly does not sound like the 'easy', more commercially successful grunge sounds. You guys seem to have much more in common with noise and older hardcore type bands. What groups have had the biggest influence on Pissed Jeans?
Probably Randy Holden, Flipper, Goatsnake, Fang and Danzig.

The first question that popped into my mind when I saw your album actually was: who the hell is the King Of Jeans?
That's his arm on the cover. He is an incredibly powerful man.

And how did you end up with the name Pissed Jeans anyway?
Needed a band name, and thought it was fitting for the way we were feeling when writing our earliest songs.

The topics that you guys address in your lyrics seem pretty mundane and down to earth. What is the main emotion that you want to convey with Pissed Jeans' music?
I would like to convey the spectrum of emotions, from happy to sad, but I think my goal is for people to be able to relate to what we have to say, and appreciate it.

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The 'relationship' between hardrock/metal on the one hand and grunge has not been an easy one, as it is said that in the beginning of the 90s the success of grunge meant the commercial death, but also the creative death of both hardrock/metal. What is your view on this relationship?
Well, I think there are excellent artists playing any style of music, it's just up to the listener to find the good bands and avoid the lousy ones. I don't really care what style or genre a band is lumped into, because a lot of the time it's not that fitting anyway. I just try to find good bands and enjoy them and let other people worry about the genre configurations.

One grunge band that was particularly popular with a lot of metal heads is/was Alice In Chains, who recently got back together and are touring big time again. Would you expect this fact to have some kind of effect on the popularity of the genre and you guys in particular?
Probably not, since they are essentially a totally commercial band at this point. I love "Dirt", they have some amazing songs, but I don't think them playing again is going to open the doors to any new bands, especially a band like us who are way more raw than them.

And how is this type of music doing nowadays popularity-wise? What kind of crowds do you attract?
We attract a lot of different people, which makes me think we're doing something right. Old people, teenagers, ladies, guys, lots of different types of people come to see us which is great.

You guys are part of the roster of the pretty legendary Sub Pop label. What is the funny story behind Pissed Jeans' joining/being signed by Sub Pop? How does it feel to be part of it? Does it feel 'historic' in some way?
It feels great to be on Sub Pop. They treat us excellently, and it definitely is nice to be on a roster with some other amazing rock bands.

This brings us more or less to the end of the interview, my last question is: what are the chances that we will be seeing you guys bring grunge back to life in Europe?
We are not looking to bring anything back, but we'd be happy to play Europe again and destroy a stage or two.

These were my questions for now. Thanks a lot for your time and answers, hope to see you soon! If you have anything to add, the floor is all yours!
Thanks for the interview!

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