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De Poolse band Grimlord heeft nog niet veel bekendheid verworven in onze contreien, maar de laatste CD ´Dolce Vita Sath-an As´ toont aan dat de band wel degelijk in staat is interessante dingen te combineren, van een black metal gevoel naar melodieuze uitgesponnen sfeervolle heavy metal. We benaderden gitarist/zanger Barth La Picard voor een nadere kennismaking.

Door: Frank V. | Archiveer onder speed / thrash metal

band imageFor the upcoming edition of Lords Of Metal I have reviewed your latest album ´Dolce Vita Sath-an As´. I was pleasantly surprised by the overall quality. When I listen to the album I get also a kind of atmospheric black metal feel, where does it come from?
Hi Frank! Nice to hear that. In general on this album we have used a new mastersound because we worked with the talented Tom Zalewski and he fully supported us. If we talk about styles, black metal is inside me. In 1993-1995 I played in Vallachia together with former colleagues. We were all influenced by those known black metal bands. Today I try to be beyond all styles. In short I don't believe in one style only.

The overall album is instrumentally orientated. I mean, vocals are there, but the music is number one. Do you agree with that? And is there a special reason to put the vocals on the second spot?
Yes I agree with you, I mean that those songs don't need the vocal parts. I thought that they will make an effect on imaginations more this way.

I have noticed that Grimlord has already released many demos and also a full length DVD, but most of our readers are not familiar with the band yet. Could you please give them a short history of the band?
We have released many rehearsal demos and live material in the past, the quality is although different. Grimlord was born in 2000 but we had trouble with the line-up, and after many changes in the band. What else... we began similar as others in garages and in various small bars. since 2005 Grimlord crew meet each other in rehearsal hall near Wrocław Poland. Four month ago Adams has joined us as new bass player and Orson left after five years a member of Grimlord.

What was the reason to release a live DVD already, is the local scene so good for Grimlord that it can justify a DVD release?
There were no plans actually, we got proposal from the head of the club where we performed. They informed us the day before the event. We agreed and then Trident Harmony promotion & design did the rest. Grimlord already appeared in the majority of clubs in the local scene, so it was good to release a DVD.

If our readers are interested in this DVD or any other previous release where can they get it? Even I would like to see the title track ´Dolce Vita Sath-an As´ live.
in 2010 Trident plans to make accessible all rarities on one's own website ( I invite everyone to visit it when it is available.

What can we expect from you guys more in the future?
Currently promoting this new album and start to write a new album. In this moment we've got eleven fresh songs, tracks which are really strong, we have played them already on some gigs. We are now in the final stage of creating the cover of the album and we are sure that this new project really makes a better impression. Textual it more advanced. This time I concentrated more around war subject issues and the rest is about religion and philosophers. We will record the new songs in November 2009

Is it possible that we will see the band live in western Europe soon?
We want so much really!! If you know someone exactly who can introduce us to the local promoters then we are for sure ready to come over and spread some energy over there.

Thanks for answering my questions, if you have anything to say to our readers, feel free to use the space below. I hope you keep up the good work and hopefully we can talk again in the future.
Ok. thanx man! On the end of this conversation I want to thank you for interest in our Grimlord Trio! Dear Readers see you later! Maybe we will have a chance to play for you in the near future! visit our website to see what is happening. Tornado is coming!

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