Bones Of Freedom

Vier rock and roll nomaden met een voorliefde voor classic rock, en nog iets te zeggen hebben ook, dat is Bones of Freedom. De band werd eind 2007 geformeerd in Gothenburg (Zweden) en onlangs brachten zij hun debuut album, met als thema wereldheerschappij, uit. Een schijf vol met ronkende 70's rock doordrenkt met psychedelische hippie klanken. Wij legden een aantal vragen voor aan gitarist Tim McWeed om er ondermeer achter te komen hoe ze elkaar ontmoet hebben en dat zanger Eddie Wolfe vreemde thee drinkt…

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You were drawn together via MySpace and created a virtual kingdom known as ScandiaScotia. In this virtual 'kingdom' the music, lyrics and vocals came together. Can you tell the LoM readers something more about this?
Thanks to new technology there isn't a problem with writing and recording as you know. We have a server were we put all our ideas and recordings, so we have access to all new ideas and material written all the time. We just download them to our studios and get to work. Actually, we all met thanks to Manny Charlton, former original member of Nazareth putting together a tribute album, which we, Pipes/McWeed with band and Eddie Wolfe with band separately contributed a song for. Pipes and McWeed simply loved the voice of Eddie so they asked him if he wanted to write some songs and put out an album and here we are, one drummer, two albums and two years later still writing awesome music together in our kingdom Scotinavia or ScandiaScotia.

What did you all do before you formed Bones Of Freedom?
Between the three of us living in Sweden we've been playing the Gothenburg scene in various bands throughout the years. Pipes and McWeed have been playing together since the 80's and Red have been drumming in all kinds of bands up until two years ago when we all got together for the recording of the tribute album mentioned above. Eddie has been involved in different bands in the Aberdeen scene, playing all sorts of music from original to doing covers.

You financed both the EP and full-length debut. Was there no interest from any (record) company or label and how did you end up with Spook Records?
We set out to do everything ourselves from the beginning, writing, recording, producing, doing the artwork for our logo, promo stuff and album sleeves. This way we have absolute freedom in what we're doing musically and visually. If you really think about it not many bands or artists are honestly happy with having a record company directing their life and telling them what to do or what to write or record. And in the end you are actually putting money in somebody else's pocket. So this is a deliberate choice from us. We can play whatever we want and whatever comes from our hearts, and all we do is dead honest because of the independence. Spook Records is a small independent business run by Stuart Richardson and his wife. They are responsible for pressing and distributing the albums for us and some other independent musicians from various locations. Its also a friend of Eddies. And as far as promotion goes we are working with Metal Revelation from Holland.

Bones of Freedom produces a hippie, hard rock, 70's, psychedelic from the heart with attitude sound. By what bands or artists are you influenced? Am I right when I say Led Zeppelin and Cream?
Well, amongst other bands. When we where kids there was a lot of cool bands such as the two mentioned but it really comes from the whole hard rock scene you know, Purple, Nazareth, Sabbath, Sweet, Thin Lizzy and who else you can think of. But we have contemporary influences as well, Pantera, Soundgarden, COC, not to compare ourselves in any way, but we keep track of what's going on in the hard rock scene and there's a lot of great bands out there kicking ass. Anything that moves you, gets your head shaking and you can feel is honest is an inspiration I guess.

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Where many other Swedish rock bands come up with more 80's orientated hard rock you choose that 70's style, mixed with some psychedelic and stoner sounds. Now I have been to Sweden this year (Munkfors, not to far from Västra) and there was a real 'American' feel noticeable over there. Wouldn't it be more likely to play that 80's kind of hard rock? No offence for your choice by the way.
None taken. As far as hard rock music is concerned it was a wasted decade man. In connection with the influences above you can understand why we don't sound like 80's hair metal. We wouldn't take anything away from those bands and what they have achieved, but man it sounds horrible...sorry.

With four guys from different countries (Thomas Pipes - bass - from Denmark, Tim McWeed - guitar - from Finland and both living in Sweden, Eddie Wolfe – voice - from England living in Scotland and Red Morgan – drums - who is a Swede living in Sweden) I can imagine there is a logistic problem at some times, at rehearsals for example. Or does Eddie always come over to Sweden?
We actually take turns when it comes to rehearsals, for us living in Sweden it's always nice to go to Scotland and inhale the Scottish atmosphere and for Eddie it's the same thing coming to Sweden. So we just see it as a musical holiday instead of laying around on a beach somewhere.

Your full-length debut album follows up the EP 'Butterfly' and is called 'World Domination 1'. It contains 13 songs that cover subjects that dominate the world, like Love, Sex, Money, Greed, Reality TV and Global Warming. Where does the '1' in the album title stand for? And can we expect a 'part 2' perhaps?
Yes you can expect a part two, however they are not connected in any way, it's not a concept album. 'World Domination 1' stands for all the above matters that really dominate the world of today and for 'World Domination 2' there will be other subjects that dominate the world. Lets hope the world has turned around a little bit and gives more positive things to write about on the next album. The lyrics are Eddies babies, so we'll just have to wait and see.

The album ends with 'going away now', a sort of outro at the end of 'Celtic Woman'. Was that under influences of anything, or just a funny thing
Hahaha, I'm not sure what Eddie had for tea that day but it made you wonder so....

Is there any chance we will see you live in the rest of Europe, soon?
We are doing some gigs in Sweden and Scotland this winter and we are talking to a couple of agents to come out rocking the rest of Europe this spring/summer. We'll keep you updated, just visit our website regularly.

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