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Ace Frehley

Ace Frehley. Twee woorden, één begrip, een legende zo u wilt. Door velen gezien als één der meest onderschatte rockgitaristen ooit. Na een korte reünie in de tweede helft van negentiger jaren besloot Frehley definitief de KISS boot te verlaten vanwege flauwe spelletjes van Gene $immons. Dat het vervolgens pas in 2009 zou zijn voordat Frehley met een eigen album zou verschijnen is wel verrassend. Telefoon in de hand en hoewel ik geplaagd werd door een vervelende keelontsteking maar 's even gebeld met New York, zoals ik verwachtte, maar dat bleek het aangenamere Beverly Hills te zijn…

Door: Winston | Archiveer onder hardrock / aor

Ace, it's been really busy these past few weeks for you. Must feel good that lots of media are still showing interest in you?
Yeah it feels good, but I'm also used to it of course, I mean I was in the the worlds leading rock bands of all time so I know how to do these things. Nothing surprises me anymore, haha. I'm here in Beverly Hills where I just got me a place and everything is going fine. I feel great and ready for all great things to come.

The Anomaly album is almost out there now. How long did it actually took you from scratch? And why did you call it that?
Twenty years! Haha, no that's not really true, I did the KISS reunion thing in between and I don't think 'Anomaly' would have turned out the way it did if I hadn't done that. From 2003 on I started writing these songs, worked with other writers and producers, so it's been twenty years since the last one but six years in the making. The title, yeah, my producer and I browsed the Internet for, we had a working title but we felt a one word title would be better. And then we came up with 'Anomaly'.

I hear some kind of a new drive in songs like 'Sister' and 'Outta Space'. Did you do things different than usual?
No not, really it's just that I feel musical progress in my music and I hope that's what people and fans will hear too. I sobered up, lived a healthy life for three years now and it brings new energy. I worked with more people and the musical range was stretched a bit more like you can hear in 'Genghis Kahn' and 'A Little Below The Angels' which is a autobiographical song as one can tell, haha.

band imageYour voice and guitar playing sound the same as on the Ace Frehley solo album 31 years ago so it actually sounds like you picked things up where you left, can you agree with that?
It's funny you say that Winston, because it is exactly what I was trying to do. When I was done with that first one back in 1978 I remember driving home thinking to myself well this one could do something. (It turned out to be the best musical offering of all the four solo albums that were released simultaneously - WA.) And for 'Anomaly' I kinda had the same feeling, I wanted to make an album for the fans, to thank them for staying around all those years with all the things good and bad that happened. So when 'Anomaly' was done I had the same feeling and being the psychic that I am I feel that this one will do great. So I tried to hook onto the first album indeed but still I did new musical things, I hope people will hear that progress too. I worked damn hard on it you know.

The album cover has your famous make up shining through a bit, couldn't resist?
Well, the lightning bolts were always my thing you know but it is more than that. I couldn't use the original make up because Paul and Gene own that now, but In fact I didn't want to use it specific as that. The flares that come out of my face give it a more sci-fi look and that was what I was going for when I designed it.

It may be early to tell but the set list of your shows of last years tour was excellent, with some nice surprises. Are you thinking about the new set list already?
Haven't been thinking about that yet no but special surprises will return, I don't want to be predictable so the audience will get their treats. It's fun to bring some unexpected songs along.

Torpedo Girl?
Hahaha, that's a funny song yeah…

When will you be taking 'Anomaly' out on the road and where?
We're kicking off in October in the States with a few shows and we'll come over to Europe, Japan and Australia in 2010. It will be nice playing in Holland again, nice people and great fans over there!

As the others (KISS) are releasing their new album 'Sonic Boom' in a few weeks what do you think of the first song 'Modern Day Delilah'?
I heard it and when Gene and Paul said that it will take their sound back to the 70's I thought that it was more in the direction of their '80's work. Paul is a great singer as that song shows. But I don't agree with the things they said about returning to the classic sound though…

En dan zijn de twintig minuten voorbij…als een sneltrein…alhoewel, Ace praat erg rustig en kalm dus dan gaat de tijd ook wel anders voorbij. Al met al hoorde ik van een van mijn helden dat ie er ontzettende zin in heeft en weer helemaal bij de les is. Ace is back and I told you so!

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