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Magrudergrind. Wie de naam tien keer achter elkaar kan zeggen zonder zijn tong te breken mag het me vertellen. Maar wie de band kan nadoen in zijn snel en agressief spel mag het me ook zeggen want dan geloof ik het bijna niet. Met een nieuwe kraker van een CD onder de gordel en een uitgebreide toer met Unholy Grave en Phobia achter de rug, voldoende redenen om met zanger Avi Kulawy te kletsen.

Door: Erik | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

Congratulations with the new album! Would you kindly introduce all three of the Magrudergrind gang to our readers? Are there any bands you guys played in before we might know? How did you end up with each other, what idea or purpose brought you guys together?
Thanks! My name is Avi and I am the vocalist. RJ is the guitarist and Chris is the drummer. We are all currently 23 years old. We all work and I go to school. We've all played in no name hardcore and punk bands prior to Magrudergrind. We're three guys who share common interests that include our love for eating, traveling, playing grindcore and listening to hip hop. I guess these factors led the natural forces to bring us together.

The name of the band is a small mystery to me, what does it mean and why did you choose for that name?
It is a extremely stupid name and it was named after the neighborhood where we first used to practice.

You guys just released a new album! Happy it's over and done with, or does the real work start now?
We put a shit load of time and effort into writing, recording and the visual production of this record. It was surely a relief when we finally submitted all the required works for this release. We have never spent so much time on writing for a record or spent that much time in the studio as we did for this record. We are very pleased with how it turned out.

How did the recording session go, was it an easy mission or not at all? Were you guys well prepared? How did you prepare for the recording of the album anyway?
We were quite prepared to enter the studio, yet as always I went into the studio contemplating and finalizing the lyrics for a couple songs. Kurt Ballou (the engineer) made the recording process very smooth. His dog sneezer made the experience a lot more exciting though. Kurt would bust our balls for attempting to track crappy sounding takes and make us redo parts so many times, we were all like damn, this dude doesn't give a shit about busting our ego, haha. It was great though because he brought out our potential on this recording.

On of the songs on the album is titled 'Lyrical Ammunition For Scene Warfare' about? Is it against the grindcore scene? And a song like 'Burden', what's that about?
The song is not directed against the grindcore scene. It is directed towards many in the 'punk, hardcore, grindcore, whatever' scene who believe that everyone involved should have homogeneous look, have the same ideologies and lifestyles; I hate this way of thinking because I life my life unlike many punx, I do not give a shit about being the same as everyone else.

Can you tell us in general what the lyrics are about? Who writes your lyrics an, and do you guys consider it to be an important tool to get your message out?
I write the lyrics and yes, the lyrics are a very important. They consist of a complex set of issues and emotions that I feel are important to let others either know about of just that I feel like screaming out my aggression.

How is music written in Magrudergrind? Who comes up with the ideas? Or is it a pure group effort? And where do the ideas for the music come from (in other words: what are your influences)
For this record, RJ and myself split the guitar writing duties as we (I and past guitarists) have done for past recordings. Are influences come from a variety of sources. I think are musical tastes shift and vary from time and time and we all bring different ideas to the table. I was feeling a more old school grindcore sensation during the writing process whereas past records I would write a lot more fastcore stuff.

Would you say the new album is a step forwards compared to the previous recordings in terms of music, lyrics and production?
Oh yeah, we spent so much time on each process that I feel we have progressed in every piece of the production. We've also gotten older, more mature and more comfortable with our own style. Moreover we have been exposed to more diverse styles of music which influence us. These changes have changed the music and lyrical composition tremendously.

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Of all records you made, which one was the toughest to write and record, and which one the best from your point of view?
I think 'Rehashed' was difficult to write given we were on a time constraint and had a lot of drunken, fucked up and unproductive rehearsals, haha. We don't really have that problem with our current guitarist.

The new album is also released on vinyl. Is vinyl important to you guys?
The record is released on LP through Six Weeks Records ( Vinyl is the essence of this style of music. It is superior to CD's for sure and is more genuine. We all collect vinyl and will always release our records on vinyl, it is super important to us and this scene.

I liked your tracks on the 'Fascist' compilation a lot! What do you think yourself of that compilation? Which bands are your favorites - beside Magrudergrind that is J?
I think we recorded some alright stuff, I don't really care about our stuff on their too much besides the fact that it was our first recorded stuff with our 'newer' guitarist, RJ. Weekend Nachos songs on that comp are the shit!! Hard as fuck!

You will tour in America in support of the album, but will you also do Europe? And where else will you promote the record?
We just finished up a week east coast tour with The Endless Blockade and two week west coast tour with Unholy Grave. Phobia was supposed to be on the west coast tour also, but had to cancel a week before the tour. The west coast tour still went great with just the Japanese grinders and us. We will play some one-off shows and festivals in fall. Hopefully we'll make it back to Europe in 2010, hopefully. Some standout shows on the Unholy Grave tour were in Hollywood, Berkeley, California and Dallas, Texas. Those shows were so fun! We had super long drives on that tour and our van broke down in Austin, Texas. The long drives killed the Japanese grinders, haha, partying all night, waking up early to drive far as shit, which really sucked!!! Other than that, the tour was a great success!

What do you reckon, Is Magrudergrind a live band or a studio band? I mean, I see you guys tour a lot!
Live band for sure. I think our live show expresses us much better.

Is it easy to combine all this touring and recording with your 'normal' life? What do you do besides your musical activities? Like, jobs, college perhaps, family life?
Yeah, people always ask “how do you tour all the time?” The reality is that when we tour we tour for long periods of time, but we only tour during the winter and summer or over spring break. This is because I am still a student in college. We all have other interests besides playing in this band, it is not my only, main focus, nor is 'grindcore'. It's a hobby that I love and appreciate the lifestyle that come with it, while I am on tour. Otherwise I like a lot of unconventionally non-punk activities.

Thanks for the interview, feel free to add anything you might think is missing. The space below is yours…
Thanks for the interview. Hope to make it back to Europe in the near future!

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