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Impending Doom

Twee maanden terug werd ik behoorlijk weggeblazen door het nieuwe album 'The Serpent Servant' van het Californische deathcore gezelschap Impending Doom. Vijfentachtig punten was niks teveel voor deze schijf van de band die ik voorheen nog niet kende. Tijd voor een nadere kennismaking met deze lieden middels bassist David Sittig, die ook nog eens op 20 augustus op de planken van mijn geliefde Dynamo staan.

Door: Michiel B. | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

Hi guys, what's up? Can you please introduce Impending Doom to our readers..
My name is David and I play bass. We have Manny and Cory on guitar, Isaac on drums and Brook on vocals.

My biggest compliments on 'The Serpent Servant'! Through your Myspace I had to find out you had released another album called 'Nailed. Dead. Risen.' since our huge archives hadn't listed it either. Did this album suffer from a bad distribution or anything?
No, it was actually out in stores everywhere. With this newer album we have gained a lot more fans and have become known to some more people so I think there are definitely a lot of people out there that haven't heard some of our earlier stuff.

Like I said 'The Serpent Servant' blew me away. Can you tell me a bit more how this record was created and what you have done in between both albums?
Well, this album was written a bit different than 'Nailed. Dead. Risen'. This time around there was three of us writing all the guitars instead of just one guy. We all put a lot more effort into the writing process and structures on 'The Serpent Servant', so yeah that's what we did differently between the two.

I really like the album's artwork. It shows a lot of symbolism I think like the main character has a snake around his neck, he is blind on one eye and in his right hand he carries some jewellery. Can you tell us some more about that?
It kind of speaks for itself, it stand for the evil or corruption in man made religions.

It is hard to ignore that your lyrics are heavily inspired by Christianity. How important is the bible in your lives as band members and besides that? Would you for example share the stage with a band like Morbid Angel if you were asked to?
It is very important to us. It is the only reason we are out here on tour and a band. And yes of course we would share the stage with them, we don't limit ourselves to only Christian tours or anything. We don't judge anyone as well, so if you don't believe in God we aren't going to shove anything down your throats or force anything upon you. We respect your beliefs as we would expect you to respect ours. We have shared the stage with such acts as Behemoth, Meshuggah, Whitechapel, Dead To Fall, Winds of Plague and we have never had an issue about our faith with any of them.

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You even call your own style of music “Gorship”. Since you are by far the heaviest Christian band I know, do you have some other heavy recommendations for me and our readers?
I would say Sleeping Giant, MyChildren MyBride and Brian "Head" Welch.

Instinctively I surfed to expecting to find more information on the band there but it turned out not to be your official web site but a site on stuff like global warming. Was the band name inspired by stuff like that?
In a way yes, but not for global warming though. It means without Christ this life is all of our impending doom's. We are just waiting to die.

Recently your short Mexican tour with Here Comes The Kraken got cancelled due to the Mexican flu, but you guys have more tour plans. Tell us about those.
Yes, the Mexican flu shut down a couple venues that week so the tour was cancelled. We are about to head out on The Artery Metal tour this summer with our friends in Carnifex. Then we head over to Europe with Annotations Of An Autopsy for a month and we have some more after that. I can't really talk about that at the moment but expect big things in the future!

So The DominaTour with Annotations Of An Autopsy and Trigger The Bloodshed will bring you to Europe in August. Will this be you first here?
Yes, our first time ever, we are really excited about that. So make sure all you readers come out and get crazy with us!

David, thanks a lot for this interview. I'll definitely see you on August 20th in my second home called Dynamo in Eindhoven, The Netherlands together with Annotations Of An Autopsy, Trigger The Bloodshed, Viathropy and Haribo Macht Kinder Froh. Any famous last words to me and our readers?
Thank you for the interview. Europe I will see you all very soon! God bless.

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