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Soms.... Soms verschijnt een band uit het niets die je zomaar overvalt. Het gebeurt bij black metal bijna nooit, maar een maand geleden was het weer zo ver met de MCD 'Plon', de laatste creatieve uitspatting van Furia. Ik had zeker nog nooit van deze Poolse band gehoord, maar na enig zoeken bleek hun debuutplaat (een volledig album) nagenoeg even geweldig als 'Plon'. Het ligt aan de geweldige dynamiek, de afwisseling, het geweld, en toch het gevoel dat Furia in haar muziek weet te leggen. Het is gewoon frisse black die binnen de lijntjes blijft maar toch zeer fris overkomt. Hieronder de soms aparte (en grappige in één geval) maar eerlijke antwoorden van gitarist Nihil naar aanleiding van enkele vragen.

Door: Roel F. | Archiveer onder black metal

First off, I would seriously like to congratulate you with 'Plon'. I mean, what a tremendous effort; honestly one of the best releases I have heard in a long while. What do you think of 'Plon' yourself? Is the band satisfied?
Yes, of course we are satisfied with the final outcome, especially taking into consideration the fact that 'Płoń' is an unplanned baby. We were not prepared for it and we still don't know what was the reason for siring it. Some of us were probably too horny about the first snow in 2008 so we forgot to wear a condom. Or we simply whacked up this music with such an intensity that the condom popped, I don't know, I don't remember. It was indeed just a jet-fuck, everything lasted about two weeks. All the composing, playing and recording. But the kid is healthy, disgusting and beautiful at the same time, so we are proud of our son.

Normally this question would appear somewhere at the bottom of the interview, but I am very curious to know: when can we expect your next full-length? These three songs are more than excellent, but surely, an entire album of black metal like this, that would be phenomenal.
The full-length has been already recorded, it's lying under the ground damping off in this summer heat, let it stink properly, and then we're going to take it out. The Old Polish tradition makes us think it's going to be Autumn 2009. Anyway, it needs to get cold. Coming back to the previous question, the funny thing is that 'Płoń' was made in the middle of preparing the full-length. Bah, haha.

Have you started, then, with writing and composing new material, for later albums? What should we expect? Are Furia going to have material that is similar to what is heard on 'Plon'?
We are not planning anything and we are not going to start planning anything. We'll play what we feel like playing at the moment, and sometimes some really weird ideas come to our minds.

In the review, it said that on 'Plon' there is a feeling that is similar (but not the same as) to the feeling that Drukdh albums have. Actually, I think that opinion was somewhat unfair to Furia, as your sound is obviously different and the music is more dynamic and varied, but how would you describe Furia's sound?
In my view Furia is pretty similar to Drudkh. If I knew Furia as a listener, I could with all the probability mistake those two. It's wicked because I discovered Drudkh not long ago, so their music could not, in any way, influence us. It is just about the music itself, but when it comes to the sound – you're right, they fall behind us. But there's no point in describing sounds, it's impossible, it's something you need to listen.

After hearing 'Plon', I immediately found and listened to 'Martwa Polska jesieñ.' Again, I was taken by surprise. As on 'Plon' the music is diverse, intelligent, has real feeling, emotion, depth and has the right balance between raw power and beauty. How did you manage to have this sound both on 'Martwa Polska jesieñ' and, now, on 'Plon'? In other words, how dit Furia's style evolve?
It's just our style. There's nothing about any development or evolution. I mean, these things exist and have some meaning, and we somewhere care about them, but not when we're creating the music. This is peripheral. The sound and emotions – those are what counts, fuck all the rest… Moreover, it is hard to talk about it, as it's totally natural for us – it's like I asked you how are you doing with breathing…

On first glance, one would be tempted to say that the sound of 'Plon' has even more soul to it and a heavier foundation and maybe a sound that is farther removed from traditional black but with the same fresh display of riffs and arrangements, than its predecessor 'Martwa Polska Jesieñ'. Apart from the better production, what would you say are the main differences between 'Plon' and Furia's first full-length?
There were six songs on the debut, and on 'Ploń' three hahah. 'MPJ' was recorded in the lake and 'Plon' in the coal mine. It's difficult for me to value it, I can't be objective, so value it yourselves. I don't look for differences, neither development. I just want to make appropriate music suitable to the environment I'm in. Rest is of little importance. Probably the majority would say that 'Plon' has better arrangements, that it's technically better, has better lyrics etc – but who cares? Fuck it.

Between 'Plon' and Furia's debut, i.e. within one year, you have switched from Death Solution Productions to Pagan Records. Why did this happen? Did the deal with Death Solution Productions only cover one release, or did you decide to change labels for another reason, maybe becuase Pagan Records will be able to do more for Furia?
Pagan is doubtlessly more powerful than DSP, if the latter exists, but it doesn't matter either. We've just accepted the better offer that time, that's it.

band image

Speaking of evolvement and change, Furia started out, or at least Nihil did, with corpse paint and all. Why was this dropped in favor of, well, looking normal? Speaking in general terms, it seems as though you have become a more modern sounding band (if that means anything), loose from obligatory notions and approaches and complete with a logo, etc.
We didn't give up corpse paint, we still use it during the concerts, probably during future sessions we're going to use it as well. I don't know why on 'Plon' we don't have it, haha. Honestly speaking, I don't remember too much about what had happened the day before. What I know for sure is that we don't want an image of a modern band and it's rather not likely to change. As far as 'Plon' is concerned – I don't give a shit whether we did not use the corpse paint, maybe we just had such a caprice that day, I don't know… it's rather going to remain a secret.

Furia is the brain child of Nihil, the band's vocalist, guitarist and provider of samples, with him, I assume, writing and performing the music of the first two demo's. How were the rest of today's members found and does everybody has their own input as to the composing of the music and writing lyrics? And, secondly, was it important that they had a certain view on the world and life, a view that they had to have in order to fit into Furia?
Today Furia is a fusion of the ideas of all the band members. Some of us put in more sounds, the others less, but generally speaking if any of us was missing in the band it would be definitely noticeable in the music. The conclusion is that Furia is what the mixture of those several types is. It rather doesn't matter what is the proportional contribution, fuck it. The only thing that haven't changed is that I am the author of the lyrics. Regarding the second part of question – it's obvious that I didn't ask guys from estate, but people who love the world in similar way I do. And believe me, except for the dreams of dollars and fame we sometimes reflect on what we sing about, haha.

The lyrics of Furia have always been written in your native tongue, Polish. And, if I understand correctly, the English translation of the title of your first album is 'The Dead Polish Autumn.' So what function does Poland have within the framework of Furia and the band's albums? Does it serve as a metaphor for a certain dark emotion, or is it just that you are able to write stronger lyrics in Polish, lyrics that fit the music better?
We have a saying in Polandthat goes like “Golden Polish Autumn”. Usually this season of the year is beautiful here, so that is used to describe it. In our world the autumn is not golden, but dead, haha. That is why we transformed the saying, in general, privately we like wordplays, and our favorite is the senseless 'Radom', but fuck it… I write in Polish because lyrics always dazzle somewhere in Polish forests and grounds. There is nothing in the lyrics about the history or attachment to this country, but I simply try to include the most of our specific Polish climate, so doing this seems obvious. The other thing is that in Polish I can write 'stronger' lyrics than in English…

This question follows from the one prior to this one: what is 'Plon' about? Since there are only three songs, could you please give us a short explanation of each track (meaning of the title, subject matter)? Are the songs tied together in any way, perhaps through a common theme?
'Plon is about our specific love to the world, devil and human nature. It is a prayer to the fire, not to extinguish, to spread across everything and lull us to sleep. The first number means 'I'll rot, but won't answer', the second 'I'm disgusting' and the third is 'Burn'. I'm not going to elaborate on each one, I'd have to read the lyrics myself, but you can tell by the title about what they are. And moreover, we are talented in describing reality using sounds. You don't need to know Polish, you're gonna be down with it anyway…

Is there any chance that Furia will do a tour of Europe, maybe some festivals during the summer even? If so, what does a Furia live show look like? Would you say that Furia's music would particularly do well on stage, performed live in front of an audience?
There are no tours in Western Europe planned so far, so game over. It is difficult to describe our performance, but for some time gigs have been provoking people's utter emotions, which is the evidence that it must be hell. You should see this yourself and judge it. I can say that tomfoolery and riddles on the stage are our favorites.

well, thanks very much for answering the questions and participating in this interview. Any last words or comments are yours.
I love you.

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