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'Vorunah' is het debuut van Sarke, een heel aardig debuut! Zeker als je van bands als Celtic Frost of Darkthrone houdt dan is het aan te raden om het eens te gaan beluisteren. Met Nocturno Culto in de gelederen weet je eigenlijk wel dat het goed zit. Toch zijn er altijd vragen te verzinnen, zeker als het om een nieuwe act gaat. Dat hebben we dus ook gedaan en het brein achter de band, de heer Sarke, was zo vriendelijk om te antwoorden.

Door: Pim B. | Archiveer onder black metal

First of all I'd like to know how we should see Sarke. Is it more of a project or a real band?
It started out as a solo project with Nocturno Culto on vocals. Now it is a complete band with five members. I am still in control of the overall stuff.

The recordings were done by both you and Nocturno Culto, but I guess you have used guest musicians as well? If so, who helped you out? Is it more or less the same line-up you have for live performances?
The only other member I had in the studio was Anders doing the keyboard. Everything else I did myself. Next time it will be different though; then we will record the album as a band.

What actually was the main reason to form Sarke, as you guys are pretty busy with other bands as well? Please inform us a bit on this issue.
I have released five albums with Khold and four with Tulus.Those bands have their own style of music. In those bands I make music within certain frames. With Sarke I make music more based on other bands and my inspiration from them. In Sarke I could also play bass and guitar, something I enjoyed.

band imageOn the promo sheet bands like Mayhem, Candlemass, Death and Black Sabbath are mentioned as inspiration. Listening to the album I would say the biggest influence must have been Celtic Frost and of course a bit of Darkthrone. Tell us a bit how all these bands inspired you to create what we now know as Sarke.
I have listened a lot to those two bands. They create music the way I want dark music to sound; dark and groovy, cool riffs and great vocals. They're also bands that make music in their own way.

Unfortunately there were no lyrics with the promo, but they kind of intrigued me. Can you tell us a bit about the lyrical content and the concept of 'Vorunah'? What does Vorunah actually mean?
It's a different story to each text, but it's mainly about disturbed people and weird happenings. Often connected with darker stuff. Vorunah is someone living inside you that you hate and can't control.

You also stressed you recorded in an old-fashioned 70's style. I guess you mean you recorded analog? Tell us a bit about the recording of the album.
I also used analog equipment along with a computer. That's to make some things easier. I used a lot of old equipment from the 70`s and 80`s. I used a few mics the way they did back in the day. I also recorded the album with an old guitar and an acoustic drum kit of course. I also record in whole takes to have the feel with the music. I think if you fix too much of the music on the computer, the music will lose a bit of the soul.

I already touched the subject of the live line-up. You could say you have formed a kind of Norwegian super group right? You have shows booked for the Inferno fest and Wacken Open Air. What else can we expect concerning live performances? Any tours coming up?
We are talking about a tour, but nothing confirmed yet. It has to be the right thing for us. I hear people say it is a super group, but I don't think so much about that. I have just asked some friends to join me in this. It just happened that they are well known in the metal scene. And of course they are very good. I am very satisfied with the line-up.

Is it possible for you guys to combine Sarke with your other bands? What I mean to ask is if you will give Sarke priority or do we really have to see it as a side thing?
Sarke was meant to be something on the side, but things have escalated very much. We are on a good flow now, so at the moment a lot is happening with Sarke. That's of course a good thing. That's my priority right now. Another priority will also be a second CD.

Alright, that's it from my side. Anything important I might have forgotten to ask? Or have you got anything else you want to get of your chest? Feel free to use our space.
I think you have covered the important things, so that's ok.

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