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Dat niet alle overtuigende black metal uit Scandinavië hoeft te komen, bewezen pas geleden Vinterthron uit Brazilië en Cataplexy uit Japan. Allebei landen ver van het koude noorden, alhoewel men ook in Japan niet onbekend is met koude winters. Begin januari komt in Europa via Twilight hun debuutalbum uit '...Lunar Eclipse, Chaos to the Ruin...', en dat is een plaat die zeker de fans van de betere Finse black metal zal aanspreken. Lords of Metal stelde Cataplexy wat vragen om hen te introduceren bij het vooral Nederlandse publiek.

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First of all: how can it take a band from 1993 ('Phenomenon' demo) to 2008 to come up with such a good album: is it that hard for a Japanese real black metal band to get a deal?
Cataplexy was just Sadis Gordinn to release 1st demo 'Phenomenon' in 1993. Some member changes throughout the following releases. Each member came to request aggressive and more fast style by repeating, which led to the present sound. There are not a lot of Black Metal Band like Europe in Japan. As the result, the number of persons who plays each musical instrument is a little though there are a lot of listeners who are willingly listen to Black Metal. Though the scene in Japan only has to become active, too.

How would you describe the essence of Cataplexy in two lines; what would those two lines be like?
Aggressive and Depressive!

There were some demos from 1993 to 1995, then some silence, in 2003 an EP and last year finally a debut: has the band been on ice for a while, and if so, what revived the band?
The activity stop was not separately done. There were various reasons, and it was not possible to act alone. The vocalist, bassist and guitarist left the band for their personal reasons after the recording of EP in 2003.

If I was to compare it to some style, and luckily I am as a reviewer, I would say that Cataplexy sounds mostly like Finnish black metal bands, such as for instance Satanic Warmaster, with a little touch of Immortal's 'Blashyrkh' to it: aggressive and epic so to say... A coincidence, or are the Finnish bands indeed the band's foremost inspiration?
Especially, it is not thought that it was influenced from the band in Finland. However, I listened to Sentenced, Funebre, and Convulse as well. Yet in the case of black metal it were bands like Impaled Nazarene, Beherit, Archgoat and Black Crucifixion.

How are the reactions so far on the album?
A good reaction has been obtained in Japan. The audience's reaction by live show was also good, and the number of spectator mobilizations was repainted. The reaction of the listener in Germany is the enjoyment!!!

What were the most surprising reactions the band had so far?
There were no especially surprising reactions. Therefore, we expect the extreme reaction from Europe.

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Just out of curiosity: Cataplexy is not from an area which has a great deal of a christian heritage. When speaking of Japan we, in the west, first think of for instance Buddhism. Some people think that the anti-christian aspect has an important role in black metal. How is this for a Japanese band?
I don't understand how Japanese other black metal bands think. But, my idea is an anti-religion. I eternally hate religion of moneymaking and desire!!

Going on on the previous question: if it is true that white is the color of death, what does first of all stand the color black for, and how would an average English speaking Japanese music fan interpretate a title like 'Dawn of the black sun' for instance?
Some Japanese people, include us, do not believe in gods of Buddhism, Christianity and the other.
Cataplexy's lyrics have no message. These are only merely element that bring devastated atmosphere into sounds. It's unnecessary to think deeply about theme of lyrics. Listeners should interpret it as they want to.

For a band like Cataplexy the journey to European stages is rather expensive; how are the chances of Cataplexy coming over for a European show?
Because it has various problems, regarding both time and money, it will be difficult for us to come over. However, I want to execute it if there is a chance. Europe is a sacred ground of heavy metal, and we were influenced a lot by the bands in Europe. I really want to do a show in such a place some time.

What are the current plans for Cataplexy? (in other words, what more can we expect from you the upcoming months?)
The plan in the future... First of all: song writing for a second album. And I wish Cataplexy will obtain the high reputation value in Europe. Thank you for the interview. Please support us in the future, and stay cold darkness

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