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Doom:VS is een eenmansproject dat hoge ogen gooit in het doom genre. De nieuw plaat wederom een doom klassieker en ik zodoende vond ik het de hoogste tijd bedenker Johan even aan een vragenlijstje onderwerpen.

Door: Erik | Archiveer onder doom metal

Hi Johan, how are you doing now the new CD is out?
I'm great; it always feels good when an album is actually released. It's a closure of some sort and hopefully something new will come of it.

How did the recording of 'Dead Words Speak' go? Were there obstacles or did it all go smooth? Where and how and how long did you need to record?
The writing of the album went really smooth. I think I wrote all the songs within three to four weeks. The thing that always bothers me is the lyrics. I really have to struggle with the lyrics. I doesn't come as natural to me as the music. I did know exactly what I wanted the songs to be about and what feeling I wanted the lyrics to have. In the end I ended up writing the lyrics while I actually recorded them. I recorded one line then I wrote the next and so on. All in all it took about six weeks, not working full time though. Mixing took about one week as well.

Tell us a bit more about the history of Doom:VS. Like how did you get to the idea to start a funeral doom band, what you released, etc… Or what bands inspired you to start this band?
I wouldn't call it a funeral doom band but the idea started in 2004 I think. I wanted to record some slower and bit heavier stuff that I've come up with that wasn't that suitable for Draconian. It all progressed in to a demo consisting of four songs entitled “Empire of the Fallen” and was finished in December 2004. The main idea was also to not to overdo the music. Just make the best of the first idea that pops to mind. Slow and heavy, but as usual, I couldn't resist throwing in some more melodic stuff as well. That's just how I work.

Why do you need Doom:VS besides of Draconian? Is there so much music in you that you need to express it in a different way?
Yes, I like a lot of different music depending on my mood. Therefore I have a lot of recording projects as I like to call them, I also enjoy the recording process a lot and recording stuff is the best way to learn new tricks and approaches.

Where does the name come from by the way?
“Domus” is the Latin word for “House”. You add another “O” in there it becomes DOOMUS” meaning “House of Doom”. The (:) marks is there because it can also mean DOOM=US, “US” referring to humanity. The writing of the U as a V is just more for it to look good. Also in history U has usually been written in a shape of a V.

band imageAnd how is Draconian doing these days? Any new songs ready or a new release at hand?
No, I will begin working on some new material soon. We released the album in the beginning of 2008 so it will have to wait a bit to next one. Maybe late 2009. We really don't want to haste things. No at this point as this will be our fifth album. We're just trying to get some live dates going and visit some interesting places at the moment.

Back to the album, how were the reviews up till now? And do they do the album justice? Do you let yourself be influenced by the critics?
I haven't read that many actually. I've read about four and they all been good. I don't usually let myself be influenced by critics but it's always interesting to know what people think about it.

Can you tell us what the songs are about (song by song) and where you got the inspiration from to write that and each particular song? What influenced you during the writing of the songs. How do you write songs, from a simple riff or do you suddenly get a whole symphony in your mind…
I usually come up with a riff and record it right away. I record the riff to a click track then I record the drums afterwards. Not the best way to do it but it works. Then the next riff and so on.

Are lyrics important to you? Do you write the lyrics first or the music first?
Of course they are important but not as important as the music. Not for me anyway. I really admire people that write really good lyrics. Music first.

The CD is published by Firebox Records. Are you satisfied with their (promotional) work? Do you have a deal for more albums on that label? Can you remember why in 2006 you chose for that label to release your debut album?
I think Firebox is interested in music and not so much in making money by all means, so that's the main reason besides their huge interest in this kind of music. I thought it would suit my music as well as it would suit Firebox. A good match.

What is it you want to achieve with Doom:VS? Are there particular goals you have set yourself for this band?
No not really, other than my need to express myself. I also know that if I like this kind of music others will to.

Doom:VS is a one-man project. Can you imagine taking the band on the road? Or have you played live already?
No, I think it will be a record project only. I've had some request to do some shows but it will be too much work getting a working band together.

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