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Almah is de nieuwe band van zanger Edu Falaschi die we natuurlijk allemaal kennen van het Braziliaanse Angra. Het nieuwe album 'Fragile Equality' dingt moeiteloos mee voor de titel van beste power metal release van 2008. De hoogste tijd dus om Edu Falaschi te vragen naar het verleden, het heden en de toekomst van Almah.

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My first question is about Angra. We know the band has juridical problems. Can you tell us a bit more about the situation; what is going on?
Thank you for this opportunity. Angra has been stopped since July 2008. We needed to stop due to problems inside the band and also due to problems with the management, organization and financial problems. Sometimes is necessary to stop and solve it. But is going very well, without strong fights, we just need to find the best solution for all parties.

Is Almah a real, new band or is it a project? Will the band also continue playing even if Angra also still exists as a band?
Yeah, now Almah is full time a band and not a solo project anymore, I prefer this way cause I believe more in a concentrated and focused group then doing all by myself, I really don't care about ego problems. Probably Angra will be back early 2009, but Almah will continue with all activities during 2009.

The first Almah album was more or less your solo album. Why did you choose for a 'real' band now?
It's better for the music, it's better for the fans, it's better for the tour, it's better for the record labels and it's better for me. I really respect and like all my partnerships.

I think Almah's music is similar to the music of Angra. Do you agree? And if not; what is the difference?
I just think there are some natural influences, because Felipe and I played in Angra almost ten years. But the Almah songs are much more straight to the point and much more catchy then the Angra ones, which are very progressive and over-sophisticated. Some important journalists told me that 'Fragile Equality', the new Almah's album, can become a reference for the next power metal generation. That's cool to hear.

Edu, Is singing in Almah different from singing in Angra? And if so, what is the difference?
Yeah, totally different, because in Almah I do all my own vocal lines, so I sing more naturally. In Angra everybody composed everything, and sometimes it doesn't fit too much with I would compose. And there is the fact that in the concerts I need to sing old sings from the previous singer, that have a totally different voice comparing to my style of singing.

I think the new album has more power than the debut album. Do you agree? And if so, was it a conscience choice to add more raw power to your music?
I agree, this album is a result of a strong and united group. So, I can even dare to say that this album is the best album I recorded in my life, musically speaking in my taste.

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Almah means 'purity' in Hebrew. Why did you choose that name?
Actually it means 'Purity or Virgin Maria', but many religious specialists say that it means the opposite, like evil or malice. It's nice to have both options and have the liberty to walk under the light or shadows, it's interesting.

Can you tell us a bit more about your lyrics? Is there a message in your music or are the lyrics simply based upon the music (you write the music first and than write the lyrics)?
The whole concept of the album is based on an adventure MANGA book that I'm co-writing. I hope to release this book in early 2009 and maybe in Europe in an English edition. The book story talks about the balance of everything in the world. For example, protect the equality that our predecessors conquered with their blood, for it is frail. When one side of the chain is weaker, the balance is easily lost, and people can lose focus and become a slave of their own useless fight. I always write the music first.

Have you already played live with the new band? And if so, as a headliner or as a support act?
Yeah we did some festivals in Brazil, and now we just started the tour itself here as headliner. Hopefully this tour will bring us also to Europe in April 2009. Intromental Management is working on it, maybe we can come over as co-headliner.

Is there a difference in experiencing music for people in Brazil and people in Europe?
Brazilian people are more into the lyrics and rhythms, and I think the European people are more into the harmonies, rhythms and vocal melodies.

What is the music scene like in Brazil these days?
It's growing up, we have many Brazilian bands, they just need a chance to show their talent to the world. But Brazil is not a rock country, unfortunately.

Edu, if you could make a wish: in which band would you want to sing?
My wish would be different; I would wish that Almah could reach the worldwide success and have an established career.

Another wish: choose a song you would have liked to have written. Can you tell us why you choose that song?
'Fool's Overture' from Supertramp. Because this song is perfect.

Is there anything you like to say to our readers?
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