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Een circus doorkruist vaak vele landen en de circus artiesten zijn vaak grensverleggend bezig. Datzelfde geldt eigenlijk ook wel voor de jonge Duitse belofte genaamd Cyrcus. Deze vier kerels trekken hun eigen plan. Ze komen deze maand met hun tweede eigen beheer album en ze hebben de Duitse landsgrens bij Limburg allang achter zich gelaten waardoor ondertussen zelfs een After Forever tot de Cyrcus familie wordt gerekend. Hoe het een en ander tot stand kwam doet de band voor ons uit de doeken via een gesprek met de Tormentor.

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For Lords Of Metal you are a rather new band. So please tell us first what made the four of you decide to go for it in this tuff world of heavy music?
Hi Erich, first of all we would like to thank you for taking the time to listen to our stuff and for giving us the opportunity to present ourselves to your readers and metalheads. We all grew up listening to rock music and all of us got stuck with the intensity and energy that Rock and Metal Music stands for. It quickly emerged into a dream of being able to express our feelings that very same way, going on stage and rock the shit out of people. The music we write more or less reflects everything around us. We kind of soak it all up and spit it out in our own metalized interpretation. We've been playing shows since 2002 and love all the experiences that come with it. None of us could imagine not being on stage, rocking. So we're basically in it for the love of playing metal music. Of course we all want to grow musically, individually and as a band, but all for the greater good which is....rocking as many people as possible.

When I look at your discography it tells me that Cyrcus already released a five track single named 'Another Phrase' and a debut album entitled 'Nu Entertainment'. What can you tell us about these records? Are they in the same vein as the new 'Blood Sweat Bubbles' release? And are these albums still available?
Our debut album 'Nu Entertainment' was self released in 2002 and features our former singer
Ralle, who also founded Cyrcus together with our guitarist Andy in 2001. It definitely has its charm and cool moments, so it was a worthy first sign of life from Cyrcus. Reviews labelled our style as nu metal and looking back, they were pretty much right. It's still available to download at, Napster, iTunes etc. CD's in jewel case and full colour booklet can be ordered through our website

The 'Another Phrase' EP was released in 2006 and introduced our current Singer Chubster, who stepped in 2005. This four tracker was very well received by the metal scene and totally put us on the spot, since it was a huge improvement compared to our debut album. The Songs are more down to the point and definitely contain less “nu” and more “metal”. They're all exclusively free to listen to on

'Blood*Sweat*Bubbles' defines the next step for Cyrcus in terms of modern kick ass music. You can perfectly hear that we have developed our own crispy Cyrcus sound. Modern metal, melodies to instantly sing along with and an edge of old school rock mark the cornerstones. The CD can be ordered at The online release on, Napster, iTunes etc will be on November 1st.

Your latest album 'Blood Sweat Bubbles' was recorded in September 2007, and now in October 2008 it is getting more and more positive reviews and high appreciation. Why did it take so long to get this promo out in the fields? And do you have any idea why Cyrcus hasn't got a record deal yet, despite the well received reviews?
We've recorded 'Blood*Sweat*Bubbles with a few breaks until March 2008. After finishing the songs, we had to wait another three weeks for the final mix. Since we wanted to be able to prepare a descent release, we've decided to use the summer for promotional work. We also spoke to a few labels. Yet, the right deal did not arise. We're still working on finding a label that recognises the potential within Cyrcus and is willing to help us, reaching as many people as possible with out music. Labels are facing hard times these days, when it comes to sales and their requirements are quite high. Especially if you are creating your very own style. The plans of developing and growing an artist into the scene are not standard company policy at many Labels anymore. Most of the reviews throughout all our releases are raising the question, why we're not signed yet. After all, I can't give you a precise answer myself, but we'll certainly continue writing and playing songs and who knows what the future hold in hand for Cyrcus.

Why did you name the album 'Blood Sweat Bubbles' anyway? It sounds almost as crazy as Helloween's 'Pink Bubbles Go Ape'. What is the story behind your album title?
Our live shows have a certain "Circus" flair and we've used bubble machines as a show effect on stage. 'The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears' is a cool Machine Head title and so we mixed it up a bit. Cyrcus have always been kind of tongue in cheek about all the seriousness in the metal scene. We are a colourful spot to make a difference compared to many bands of this genre. They rather sing about the negative aspects of life, look evil and take themselves way too serious. Our songs are designed to give people a good time with serious yet motivating lyrics. After all, life's what you make it and if you're constantly busy with the dark side of life, you miss so many awesome moments. So our goal is basically to rock the crap out of them, with nothing but positive vibes and tons of fun. The name 'Blood*Sweat*Bubbles' totally represents the essence of a Cyrcus show. It's also a unique phrase, draws attention and definitely sticks in your head.

And while we are on the subject, how would you describe the music from 'Blood Sweat Bubbles'? To me it sounds like a fine mixture of nu metal, melody, rough metal and diversity. Would you agree?
If you'd add some straight forward metal, I am totally down with you here. As I mentioned before, we kind of reflect on what is around us and that certainly includes the music we listen to. In our rehearsal room you could end up hearing Slayer, Killswitch Engage or Alexisonfire and a few minutes later Alter Bridge, Iron Maiden, Matchbox 20 or Depeche Mode. We're quite open minded about the music we listen to because we all love music generally. If a song is good, then it's like that, regardless who plays it. I personally think that the more narrow minded you are towards music and its various styles, the more you put a limitation on yourself. I think especially in today's metal worldwide scene, you are missing out a lot, if you prejudge bands instead of taking the time and listen to their stuff. We like to describe our music as a straight kick in the nuts from a barefooted, hot looking woman. It kind of hurts at first and you might ask yourself “what the hell was that for?”, but it also draws your attention instantly, feels sexy and will be quite addictive.

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The lyrics seem to be pretty serious. A song like 'Who We Are' almost sounds like a cry for tolerance. Are you're lyrics personal? Do they reflect how you look at the world at this moment in time?
With all the fun and positive energy we exchange during our performances there also needs to be some sobriety swinging along lyrically in order to keep Cyrcus from being shallow. All of our lyrics describe everyday situations from or point of view and we've learned that many people find themselves in those lyrics. It can be the everyday struggle that all of us have to cope with or the damn ex that tore your heart to pieces. 'Who We Are' talks about our society and its urge for big headlines and catastrophes. The horrible and spectacular the better. These days people are freaking out about everything. Information always comes with an opinion and it's hard to keep your head up with tons of information crashing down on you day by day. People are constantly complaining that they're too fat, too skinny, too wrinkled, too poor, too rich ….too whatever. They're never happy with what they have and completely forget about who they really are. Sometimes it scares me to see the direction we're all heading.

And then there is this song 'Something Missing' with this part from Doro's 'All We Are'. It is well done and it probably means that you are all big Doro fans and that you will show up at her '25 Years In Rock' anniversary. Right?
'Something Missing' was instrumentally finished for quite some time, but was always missing a special part in the middle of the song. When we were trying out various options, we came up with the 'All We Are' chorus from Doro/Warlock that we all love and combine childhood memories with. We all grew up listening to stuff like Warlock, Accept, Helloween ect. and our singer Chubster even opened up for Doro on one of her tours a few years ago with his former Band Leaf. We decided to “borrow” that chorus in order to pay some tribute to her and all of our eighties metal heroes. To make this part really stand out, we managed to get Sander Gommans of After Forever to play an awesome solo over it, which still gives us goose bumps every time we listen to it now. And yeah, we'll be in Düsseldorf this December to celebrate her 25th anniversary!

Although Cyrcus plays a lot in Germany you seem to be crossing the border to the south of The Netherlands also once in a while to play gigs. Would you say that there is a difference between the Dutch and the German metal fans?
Our guitarist Andy speaks Dutch quite well for a German and works in South Limburg since ten years. He also lived in Brunsum for five years, so The Netherlands is not really a foreign country to us. We all consider The Netherlands to be a country with a great and true metal scene and like the enthusiasm that a Dutch metal crowd can create. Concert wise, it has always been on our schedule since our home base Heinsberg is just ten minutes away from the Dutch border. We had our debut album distributed in The Netherlands through our friends Jos Mennen and Theo Samson of The Rock Inc. and were given the opportunity to play shows in Roermond, Weert, Kerkrade and Venray. When our sound engineer Marcel Steeghs joined the Cyrcus, we were introduced to the whole After Forever family and became really good friends. Sander Gommans helps us out with his experience and expertise song writing and businesswise. Joost van den Broek arranged and recorded the intro on 'Blood*Sweat*Bubbles' and Floor Jansen worked out some vocal lines before we went to record the CD. So there's the next bond that ties us to The Netherlands. We've also have a great history of friendship with Dutch bands like Liftid, Concubine, F.R.E.U.D or Ripsaw to name a few and we are constantly trying to invite them to play in Germany where they arrange for us to play in The Netherlands. It's giving and taking and always fun to meet those very professional and driven musicians.

It's hard to tell, what the exact difference between a German and a Dutch crowd would be, since we've always been treated very kindly on both sides of the border. The Dutch metalhead seems to be a bit more traditional and selective when it comes to live Shows. It mostly takes them one or two songs to get into Cyrcus but once they've picked up the vibe, hell breaks lose and so far every single show in The Netherlands has been a blast for us. We're currently working on some more shows in The Netherlands for this upcoming winter, so you should keep on checking for dates.

What are the future plans for Cyrcus? Is there a change to get the 'Blood Sweat Bubbles' album released? And can we see you back in The Netherlands soon?
Our current future plans are playing and promoting our 'Blood*Sweat*Bubbles' CD as much as possible.
At the same time, we're still looking for a label and a booking agency to take the next step in growing as a band. We're also planning and preparing on making a video clip in November and since we have written a whole bunch of new songs already, we're working towards recording our next album by spring 2009. So as you can see, we're quite busy everyday and hope to be able to come back to The Netherlands for as many shows as possible.

Okay. That's it for me so far. Good luck with 'Blood Sweat Bubbles' and do you have anything to add or maybe some famous last words for our readers?
Once again a big thanx and hartelijk bedankt for giving us the opportunity to present Cyrcus and our new CD to your readers. We hope that people in The Netherlands enjoy our music as much as we do and hopefully see plenty of them at our future shows throughout your country. Stay Metal !!!

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