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Met het eerste album 'Nightmares' leverde de piepjonge Britse metalcore band Architects nog één van de meest verrassende debuutplaten van 2006 af. Het vorig jaar verschenen altijd moeilijke tweede album 'Ruin' betekende met een nieuwe zanger eveneens nieuwe (cleane) mogelijkheden en een bredere muzikale aanpak. Buiten het Verenigd Koninkrijk kunnen we hier echter pas enkele maanden van genieten. Begin dit jaar werd Architects getekend door het grote Century Media en in de aanloop naar hun derde album en grote doorbraak later dit jaar werd 'Ruin' nog eventjes de aandacht gegund die het verdiende middels een re-release. Terwijl de band hard inde studio aan het werken is vind drummer Dan Searle nog even de tijd om LoM bij te praten over de afgelopen anderhalf jaar.

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It's taken a while but finally your second album 'Ruin' is going to be released worldwide, congratulations with that! First off, why wasn't that possible a year ago?
We weren't in a deal that allowed us to release the record worldwide. We had a few opportunities, but none of the deals that we were offered were really what we wanted. We're really happy now that we're with Century Media and finally getting this album out worldwide, we can't wait to see what everyone outside of the UK makes of it!

The thing making it possible is of course your (relatively) recent signing to the big Century Media label. How did you guys manage to land that deal? What was your first reaction after you had signed the contract?
Century Media got in contact with us last year, and we've really just been working the deal out with them since. We're really excited to have finally got the deal finished and signed, so much so that we all went out for a pizza the day that everything was finally made 100% official.

Is it a multi record or single record deal? No nasty ifs, buts or clauses built into it?
It's a pretty straightforward deal – 'Ruin' is being released worldwide via CM and so will our next three albums!

And does it already feel like you are playing in the “major league” now?
I don't know if I'd say that, but things have definitely gone to the next level; things that are going on constantly surprise me! There are times when I sit back and think about everything that we have planned for the next year, and it's all pretty mental!

Going back to 'Ruin' for a bit, the most notable change compared to your debut 'Nightmares' was of course the replacement of your singer. Could you introduce the new man Sam Carter?
Sam hardly seems like the new guy anymore cos he's been in the band for about 18 months now! I don't really know what to say about Sam except that he's fucking awesome!

Why exactly did he replace your old singer Matt Johnson?
Matt chose to leave the band in January 07, and we knew who we wanted to replace him straight away. We'd seen Sam play in other bands and we were already fans of what he did, so the choice was easy!

One surprising musical change that came with the new vocalist were the addition of clean vocals. Bands are practically always slagged for that kind of thing, did you have any troubles in that department?
Yeah, we knew that was going to happen. Some people that liked our first record were not the kind of people that can deal with a little bit of melody, but it didn't really bother us. We love loads of bands with clean vocals and it really excites us that Sam gives us the opportunity to use it! It's a big part of the future of this band!

Looking back (or listening rather) where have Architects made the most progression on 'Ruin' as compared to your debut 'Nightmares'?
We have just grown as a band! We've spent a lot of time on the road and so we've generally just become a better band. We have a better idea of what we want to do with the band now and where we want to take it. 'Nightmares' was written when we were very young and it was really just us learning to be a band!

At the moment you guys are residing in the studio recording your third album. How are things going?
It's going great! We're just doing the vocals now and the songs sound fucking amazing, we're stoked. This album is going to surprise a few people, some of it is really far from anything that we've done before, but it really does sound amazing.

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Do you guys write all your music and learn to play it by heart before entering the studio, or do you still leave some writing to be done there? What is the advantage of going about it this way?
We write everything beforehand; everything we do is very thought out so we can't really leave anything to the last minute. We spend hours and hours writing, demoing, changing and re-demoing songs – it's fucking tiring, but worth it.

What do you like best about recording? And what do you hate most about it?
I used to hate recording but these days I fucking love it! I love being creative and watching the songs being built up from nothing, it's an amazing time! It can get a little bit boring occasionally because there are some points when there is a lot of waiting around and it gets pretty tough keeping yourself entertained every night, but I always look back at the time in the studio with fond memories.

What does the new material sound like? Any ideas about the title yet?
The new album has a very different vibe to it compared to 'Ruin'; we're all really excited about everyone hearing it! Its called 'Hollow Crown' which has a bunch of different meanings to it, depending on who you ask in the band! To me it refers to those people you meet in life that earn nothing, but are given everything. Our band has earned everything that we have, I'm really proud of that and I think it shows in our fans. We have really loyal fans and I think when some bands just get plucked from myspace and signed to a major it can bring them a great deal of success but really it means nothing, no one cares two years later.

You recently also did a split EP with Dead Swans, what was the idea behind this EP? Did you record anything special for it?
We just wanted to let people know that we're still writing and progressing as a band. A lot of bands leave it years before they give anyone anything new to listen to which really pisses me off, so I don't see why we should do it. We love writing and recording music, so we'll use any excuse to release new stuff!

Last year you played the Download Festival in your home country, that must have been a pretty big crowd. What was it like playing for so many people?
It was a great experience; it kind of marked the beginning of things for us. Since Download things have only got bigger and more exciting for us, but we all have really fond memories of our weekend! Plus we got wasted and I stole a massive bottle of Jack Daniels, what more could you want?

You played in Holland a couple of times now, right? How do you enjoy the Dutch crowds? Any specific memories or opinions that you would like to share about us?
We've played in Tilburg and Groningen and both were pretty cool, especially Tilburg which was awesome - even though we played at 5 o'clock, because it was a matinee show and we only had 2 hours sleep the night before…..

You are playing the Netherlands again this fall in the second part of the pretty big 'Never Say Die' tour. What do you expect from that tour?
That tour's going to be unbelievable, its probably the best touring line up that's been around the UK and Europe for years! We're stoked to be involved with such a big tour - we're very, very excited for that one!

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