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Recentelijk kwam ColdWorld met de zeer emotionele black metalplaat 'Melancholie2' op de proppen. Zo'n plaat die je bij de keel grijpt. En dat was weer aanleiding tot wat vragen aan de heer Georg Börner, de allesdoener achter de naam ColdWorld. Erg spraakzaam was hij echter niet…

Door: Roel de Haan | Archiveer onder black metal

band imageHello there! How are you doing?
I'm okay, but at the moment it's to warm in Germany.

ColdWorld is still rather unknown, even in the metal community. Could you introduce ColdWorld to the audience?
ColdWorld is a solo project and it's my way to express my deepest emotions. Things I can't verbalise are turned into melodies.

I was quite blown away by your debut 'Melancholie2'. How is the response to the album so far from the rest of the world?
I never thought that so many people would like it. I got so much positive feedback from the whole world. It is amazing.

You already released a mini-cd called 'The Stars Are Dead Now'. Unfortunately I haven't heard it yet. How would you compare it with 'Melancholie2'?
'The Stars...' is a little bit darker and more depressive than the new stuff. I like both works but there are fans, which love 'The Stars...'and don't like 'Melancholie ²'. But I don't care...

The title is quite different, what is it you wanted to signify with this unconventional combination of math and emotion?
Interesting question. I don't know. I think it's just the Melancholy to the power of 2. It shouldn't be such a lame title like “death, dark, suicide...” ,you know.

'Melancholie2' is full of, well, melancholy and depressive melodies. Where do get your inspiration from?
The most melodies came just out of the blue. I catch it and build the song around. But, of course, there are some influences. I would say: the happy and sad moments in life are inspiration enough.

Keyboards and strings are a major part of your music but still there's this wall of fuzzy guitars balancing it. Are you satisfied with the way your music has come together on record?
Of course I'm satisfied, 'because I recorded my music by myself at home. I had enough time and privacy. There are bands going to a studio for weeks and the recordings sound worse than my music.

I have described your music as a mixture between Burzum, My Dying Bride, Shape Of Despair, Katatonia and Ulver. All different bands but with a common denominator: melancholy. Do you agree with the comparison? And how important are emotions for you when writing music?
Sure, emotions are my engine. But I don't have to be very depressed to write a song. It's a subliminal melancholy which creates these melodies.

I found the music very comforting, do you feel that your music (and making it) serves as a therapy for you?
Nice question. You are definitely right. It's medicine for the soul. I don't want to drive somebody to suicide or something. I feel good when I am listening to my music and that's why I'm doing it.

In the song 'A Dream Of A Dead Sun' clean vocals are included. It works like a charm as far I'm concerned. Why was it used only in one song and will you use clean vocals more in the future?
In the songs 'Hymn To Eternal Frost' and 'My Dead Bride' I used the clean vocals too. I think my voice is just an additional “synthesizer”, no more and no less. I'm not sure, if I will use it more in future. We'll see.

There are currently a lot of ambient black metal projects popping up from the underground. Can you explain why?
Today its very cheap and easy to make music. You need a pc, a guitar, maybe a synthesizer or something. And then there is MySpace. A very simple way for very simple and bad music. The most, not all, of this “DSBM”-bands are producing crappy trash.

You are the only member of ColdWorld. Do you have the wish for a regular band so that you can perform live?
No. It would be too expensive and complex. ColdWorld is a solo and studio project.

What are your future plans with ColdWorld?
I hope the well of melodies don't run dry.

Thank you for your time and keep the melancholy burning! Any famous last words?
Keep your ears open!

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