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De ware kunstenaar zoekt altijd naar nieuwe inzichten, en zal altijd open staan voor nieuwe ervaringen. Enslaved heeft de black metal al jaren geleden tot kunstvorm verheven, mede dankzij het feit dat ze altijd nieuwe dingen zijn blijven proberen. Zo stond de band dit jaar nog op stoner festival Roadburn, en werkte de helft van de band met Trinacria samen met een stel noise artiesten. 'Travel Now Journey Infinitely' heet de uitkomst en het bevestigd opnieuw de eindeloze potentie van deze Noren. Met gitarist Ivar Björnson sprak ik over de totstand koming van dit bijzondere project.

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Hey guys, how is Trinacria doing at the moment?
Hey! We are doing great. It is great to see the debut album making an impact all over Norway and Europe; and very grateful to see so many different people getting into it.

First of all I would like to congratulate the Enslaved members with their wonderful performance on the Roadburn Festival. I bet Trinacria would fit the festival even better though! So…did you mention Trinacria as a possible candidate for the Roadburn 2009 edition to Walter yet?
Thanks! Roadburn Festival was a truly exceptional experience for Enslaved, and I think it will stand as one of the better moments in our live history for years and years to come. We also think Trinacria would fit perfectly, maybe even better as you say. Of course we slipped a promo Walter's way. Let's see what happens.. Something tells me he likes to make up his own mind.

Can you tell me the story of Trinacria, how did all of you, with such different backgrounds, get together and form a band?
It was an absurd story actually. A Norwegian public concert organizer called Rikskonsertene got the idea to mix composers from a metal band and a noise band and asked Enslaved and Fe-mail to write a concert together that would be sent on a brief Norwegian tour to festivals and clubs. We simply thought it was a weird but cool idea. It went so well on tour that we decided to continue as a band and here we are with the debut CD.

Can you explain the main drive to make music with Trinacria? What is something that you all have in common?
We have an absolutely serious dedication to music, and I think a mutual respect for the other art form. For me there are still things about noise I do not “get” but I do understand that the driving forces are the same for any hard working musician: a genuine wish to release some kind of musical potential, a vision of some sort.

I think the signature sound of the guitars and vocals still reveal the Enslaved members participating, but especially the song structures are completely different. Is Trinacria also a project for you to experiment with different sounds perhaps to use in Enslaved later, or is everything written exclusively for Trinacria?
Everything is exclusively for Trinacria, like it is a separate band all together. The song structures are worked out with Maja and Hild from Fe-mail, so the structures are very different from what we are used to in Enslaved. I would rather say that a lot of things from Trinacria have and will influence our work in Enslaved in the future if not the music directly.

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How do you write songs? Did you get together and jam, or did you exchange ideas through e-mail?
A mix? For this album I would write ideas and sketches for songs and what I imagined could be parts of songs. Then I brought the discs and went to Oslo to Fe-mails studio where we worked through everything. They then spent time in the studio dissecting the material, leaving some as it was. Afterwards they threw back the ideas to me and the band here in Bergen where we rehearsed our parts. Finally we brought it together with Fe-mail. The final shape of the songs came through playing it.

Can you tell me something about your live performances? Are you just going to play the songs from the album or will there be room for improvisation as well?
The basic structures will be there, but as Maja and Hild first and foremost are improvisation artists there will always be a significant element of improvisation live as well as in the studio.

Will there be room in the busy Enslaved schedule for touring with Trinacria?
If the right touring possibility comes along where we can do our full production, we will of course make the time.

There will be a new Enslaved album following the Trinacria release pretty soon, when did you record all of this, because it seems like a hell of a job to schedule!
No problem, if you want it to happen it happens. The day after finishing the mix of Trinacria in Bergen we travelled to Oslo to start the first recording session. The Enslaved album is all done now and will be out on Indie Recordings in September 2008. A killer album, I might add hehe.

Can you explain the decision for the name Trinacria? It's the symbol of Sicily with the three legs right?
Amongst other meanings yes. It is a part of the occult symbolic tradition, which fits perfectly with Trinacria's scope, if there is any. And Aleister Crowley had a mansion on Sicily… what else could you ask for?

What are the immediate plans for the future right now?
To continue promoting the album and see if there turns up any chances to show the band live in its full potential, that is the true eye opener for someone who hasn't experienced it. And sometime next year, who knows…I think we will start the work for a next album.

Thanks a lot for your time!
Thanks for the interview and for lending us your ears.

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