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Is het nu een project van slechts één iemand, is ReinXeed een volledige band of wat? Enige duidelijkheid hieromtrent kon geen kwaad, zeker niet nu debuutalbum 'The Light' alleraardigst blijkt te zijn. Oprichter Tommy Johansson probeert enige duidelijkheid te scheppen.

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Our first encounter at Lords of Metal with ReinXeed was through your new album 'The Light'. Could you, for those out there who may not know ReinXeed tell a little about the band? Could you tell me what is going on with you and ReinXeed right now?
ReinXeed is a Symphonic Power Metal Band from Sweden with a lot of influences of movie soundtracks. It has a lot of energy into it and if you like such band as Stratovarius, Rhapsody, Helloween and Robby Valentine then ReinXeed will suit you well…Right now ReinXeed have just finished recording a second album and we have got some gigs ahead of us but we also maybe have to replace our drummer, because he's leaving the band for another band called Royal Jester.

You have written all songs and you are the only person in the booklet who gets to thank people, although on the back of the booklet ReinXeed is presented as an actual band. Is ReinXeed similar to a bans as Theocracy, a one-man-project which grew into a band or is the story different?
You can say that, although I haven't heard so much Theocracy to say I'm inspired by them. ReinXeed is the music I lay down all my energy and soul in and I feel that if I can play everything and write all the songs then why shouldn't I record them as well? The other guitarist Kerry is as good as I am on the guitar but he lives to far away to come over all the time to record, and I also didn't have all the time to learn everybody the songs so I did everything my self on the two first albums.

The booklet that comes with the cd tells us that Mattias Lindberg is the drummer of the band but also that Jani Stefanovic was a special guest on drums. What's the story behind this? Or is it nothing else than Jani just doing certain parts and Mattias being the regular drummer.
Mattias Lindberg is the drummer of ReinXeed (or was actually, he'll soon leave the band for the other band Royal Jester) but he didn't play anything on the CD. Jani Stefanovic plays the drums on the CD, because I didn't have any recording studio for drums. I just recorded everything in my own studio at home, and I didn't have enough money to finance a big recording session with real drums. Jani is a drummer as well as a guitarist and Christian asked him if he could do the drums on the CD, and so he did.

The last update on your official website is from April 2007. The info you can find there is quite different from the one on your MySpace. For example: all band members, besides Tommy, are different. What happened?
There is an old ReinXeed band from 2004, with different members and different kind of music. We did some demos and a website. But when the others left the band because of their little interest of playing in a band, I kept the name ReinXeed for future projects or if I could start a new band with the same name. But the old website is still running, and none of us knows how to take it down or update it. I don't have any contact with the guy who made the website, so it's out there; nothing we can do about it. The official website for ReinXeed at this moment is But there will be a website someday. Someday…

band imageCongratulations on your new album 'The Light'. What was the goal for ReinXeed before you started to write new material for this cd?
I don't know really… I just wanted to record a power metal album, and so I did. J

You have been doing almost anything on the album by yourself. How did you accomplish such a colossal mission by yourself? How did you teach yourself all these different things? How come you play all these different instruments so well?
I've played guitar since I was nice years olds, so the guitar is the thing I have to play. No question about it! I have learned everything about chords, scales, and keyboard almost by myself (it took a couple of years) and the more you play, the more you learn. I've spent lots and lots of time in many studios so I've learned a lot about recording and find it very simple and fun. My inspiration is a lot of things: Movie soundtracks, Robby Valentine, 80s music as well, Gary Moore and other power metal bands. I try to combine everything to get my own sound, and I feel that I've succeeded…

Most of the songs are not under four and a half minutes. Is there a specific reason for the lengthy songs or is it something that just worked out this way while writing the songs? How do you combine all these different elements (power metal, movie soundtracks and classical music) into a song? Can you tell me something about the process of writing a ReinXeed song?
Well, the song 'End Of This Journey' was supposed to be long; I wanted to end or start the album with a very epic and long song. But otherwise I don't really think of the length on the song, if the song is six minutes long but there's a lot of parts in it and it's a good song then, sure!
I write the songs like you hear them - Intro, verse, bridge, chorus (all parts once again) interlude, solo ending. I start composing the intro, and then the verse and so on… One song takes about one or two days to finish.

The album has been produced by Tommy and Jani Stefanovic. In which things can one clearly hear the ideas and vision of Jani?
I have recorded all my instruments, and that makes me a producer. Jani has recorded the drums and did the final mix, and that makes him the other producer.

Where do you get the subjects from the song from? How important is the content of the lyrics for you?
I think of a subject (for example; There is someone watching us in our darkest hours) to sing about and write my lyrics after that. I always think that the music is more important then the lyrics, because you can listen to a song even if it has bad lyrics, but you don't always want to listen to a really bad song just because it has good lyrics.

'The Light' was originally scheduled for an autumn 2007 release. Why did it take longer than you had hoped for?
I don't know really, maybe because the Japan release were moved to March I guess…

Are there any other happenings or things going on with the band or you personally that you would like me to let people know about? Do you have anything to say or add for closure?
We're going to have some member chance real soon, but it won't effect the music or anything like that. We will also move from Umeå to Boden where we will rehearsal from now on…

Thank your for your time! All the best and I am looking forward to see you out on the road with ReinXeed soon!
Thank you! Have a wonderful summer with lots of Metal =)

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