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Onze Vader die in de hemel zijt, uw naam worde geheiligd, uw Rijk kome, uw wil geschiede op aarde zoals in de hel. Geef ons heden ons dagelijks brood. En vergeef ons onze schuld, zoals ook wij aan anderen hun schuld vergeven. En leid ons niet in bekoring, maar verlos ons van het goede, Aborym.

Reverend Evil Smith in concilie met de heilige godslasteringen van Aborym. Laat ons bidden…

Door: Evil Dr. Smith | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

A very good day to Thou, honourable gentlemen of the musical company Aborym. I am most privileged to share with You some of your precious time, and I do hope with the utter most gratitude that You are willing to answer some of my impertinent questions.

Malfeitor Fabban: thanks sir… we have all the time to spend with ya now… give me just the time for a milk+...

But first of all I want to congratulate You with Your latest glorious aubade. Your first 2 musical outlets were fine pieces of firm and original craftsmanship, but Your New Testament is really a God's creation! Praise Jesus for this diabolic whirlwind of blackish terrorism! Glory Hellelujah!

Malfeitor Fabban: I will never stop to thank Jesus, who give us the possibility to learn in playing our instruments, in order to create this so sophisticated exciting kind of music… (  : ) ah ah aha aha ) Everybody must pay honour to Jesus Christ for this so wonderful reality we're living into… the kali yuga age… ya... glory hallelujah eh eh!!

Set Teitan 131: Jesus???? I see, that must be the stuff you abuse in Holland, you lucky bastard…

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Allow me to ask the first question. With Your second album 'Fire Walks With Us', at the end of the year 2000, I wrote a review filled with visionary insight (so called 'luck') that Your psalmodic sounds will suit on the label Code666. And behold, God has fulfilled my wishes: it actually did happen! So could You tell me the story behind the change from Scarlet to Code666, or is it just that you read my review?

Malfeitor Fabban: Sorry Evil Dr. Smith, I didn't read your reviews yet... I'm going to do it immediately... Anyway, we decided to change label just 'cause we would really like to grow-up as much as possible in our career. I hate the discographic companies, label and so on... but I also understand we need 'em in order to spread and sell our album, ya know. We did two album with Scarlet... they believed in us when we were absolutely an unknown new band ok... but we had some problems with those guys. We are not sure about how the albums sold and we'll never be sure about it. I just say you the sold the Fire Walk With us licence in Russia... and our personal payment for this shitty operation was 50 Euro to divide in four... It's simply ridiculous, but we don't care. Everybody must be afraid to play and joke with the devil and black energy, and somewhere everything will turn back, much more evil then before. Another thing is that Scarlet started to sign too much different bands ya know... from black metal, to the shitty power-light metal... too much, it's too much and I think they are not able to manage and follow so many bands. Code666 is a cool label... I like it, for the name also... ehe hehe!! They're making a good job right now, especially the promotion ... it's intense and massive more than we ever have in our whole career, and this is very important for a band like Aborym. Our American label WWIII is killer... and it's very, very important for us, because finally we have the possibility to enter the USA market in a professional way. With No Human Intervention will be out soon in USA on WWIII records (Warner Bros-Wea). The album will be everywhere there... while in the past our music was very difficult to find, in Europe also. Anyway our imminent future plan is to play and sell our music through our own label. Now it's time for us to think seriously about it. Usually we play and the label become rich, and this is too bad.

With all do respect, I appreciate Your first 2 incunabels, but compared with the latest musical epistle they lack the majestic Godfearing production. And also some songs were not my favourite kind of heavenly singing angels. Especially the album 'Fire Walks Among Us' contains a bizarre collection of ideas. For instance: what did You have in mind with that rattler, almost the only instrument you hear in 'Theta Paranoia'? Looking back on those 2 albums: any regrets of anything or are You still completely satisfied with those manmade creations?

Malfeitor Fabban: Good and difficult question... let me think... As far regard the music I can say everything is ok, I like both the album... maybe the recording is not perfect, if you compare it with the new album. Anyway it's normal to grow-up step by step under this point of view also. Ahhhm... “Kali Yuga Bizarre” and “Fire Walk With Us” didn't received the promotion and the propaganda they deserved... this is sure, and it's a pity... 'cause I think they are two important avantgardistic albums, as many people wrote. Anyway WWIII released again both the album in USA and now it's very easy to find' em.

Or can it be the changes You've made with the re-instalment of the US version of 'Kali Yuga'. It contains a new painting and also Beelzebub Csihar re-sings 'Tantra Bizarre'. Wasn't the destruction of Rome and the (un)Holy Praisings from your previous singer Yorga S.M. good enough?

Malfeitor Fabban: Yorga was a very good singer, but he was a dick-head also. I can't share my art with a dick-head. That's why he was kicked-off. “Kali Yuga Bizarre” was been re-released again in USA 'coz many, many children and people needs it. We want people to be happy and smiling all the time ! eh ehe ehe !!!

And what have become of that lost soul Yorga S.M.?

Malfeitor Fabban: Hope he's fine and ok. But he's not a kind of personality who can join and praise the beast. Some friends of mine told me he's a good boy now... (no alcohol, no drugs...)... but he totally disappeared. The last time I met him was 3 years ago.

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On every album, there's an unashamed proof of fascination for modern electronic, intelligent industrial/dance journeys. Like 'Tantra Bizarre' and 'Here Is No God S.T.A.' on the first albums. But the new songs 'Chernobyl Generation' and especially 'Does Not Compute' are godless pieces of infamous non-metalish art. The latter one is even more in the vein of drum 'n' bass-acts like Squarepusher and Aphex Twin. This Godforsaken style is normally god awfully blasphemous, but I was really pleased with the very dark twist. Can You tell me more about this song: the idea, the influences, the lyrics and so?

Malfeitor Fabban: “Does Not Compute” comes directly from the Matt Jarman incredible mind. Matt plays with Void (Nocturnal Art production). I met him in London, @ the Slimelight club a couple of years ago so we started to write each others via e-mail. I asked him a very special soundtrack to include in our new album and after a couple of months he sent me two versions of this track. He also asked me to use this track without any kind of changes, so we did it, but we also used a sample coming from “Does Not Compute” mixed in the track “Digital Goat Masque”. I love that track and you are right when you talk about Aphex Twin, and especially Squarepusher. This track sound totally in a heart-stopping, mind-crushing eyes-popping way... and the style is really similar to Squarepusher or Amon Tobin, who is, in my opinion the “new” crazy Aphex Twin. There is no lyric in that track... the computer-sounds are the only words...

Of course, I do believe life is living with sin. There is no time for fun and pleasure. Life is harsh and grim. But still, despite your merciless sound, I do hear some slight hints that You're actually having “great and sinful fun” in making this latest satanic tribute. For instance: Is it true that You're honouring the great Mozart in 'Digital Coat Mask' by using that clavier?

Set Teitan 131: Nysrok did it and yes he is into Mozart a lot, so am I. He was like an heretic in his time, a genius so beyond the others that they couldn't understand how a man could do that music. But this part you refer to in “Digital Goat Masque” is not from Mozart, but a baroque piece by Italian composer Scarlatti (which was rumoured to be in league with the Devil ). There's a sort of aristocratic sinful mood in that piece, yes.

And who's that charming angel that is singing some 'foreground'-vocals in 'The Triumph'? Can You tell me also something of the ideas behind that song, which contains also some circus-sounded organ.

Malfeitor Fabban: I wrote this track trying to image it like a sort of weird and disturbing opera. The triumph obtained after years and years of battles in the reality-war, in the everyday life you know. The concept in my mind while I was collecting the riffs and the synth parts was “victory not vengeance”... That's way this track is composed by lots of different harmonies, vibes, styles and feelings... Good and evil, hate and love, war and peace, black and white... The cosmic balance, in two words. Yea... the circus-parts is my personal vision of the everyday life and modern men: creatures of masquerades... clowns... people without a static personality who changes their faces every fuckin' day in order to be accepted by the system. They buy futures, they sell futures where there's no future! Everybody is preparing to thread one finger into the ex-planet of God's ass and then they taste it! they build their own ego enormous like a cathedral and they connect optical fibres to the world with every ego impulse. They lubricate the most obtuse dreams with fantasy made up by gold and dollars and then every human beings becomes an aspiring emperor. This is the circus. The end of this track (in which I also sing) is a micro-cover taken from a track called “Conjure” by Project Pitchfork, a German ebm band I love. In this part the lyric is “Now it's time for the world the see a man with open eyes, now it's time to realise we tell ourselves the best of lies, now it's time to see the fact we all are the unity, now it's time for us to deliberate our aim”.
Those words represents what I think about the existence. It's a photograph of my reality's view.

The triumph have in its final industrial part another micro-cover of the Tumor's “come to daddy”, in which there's the long female orgasm. The orgasm, the sex, and the magick behind it is one of the most important aspect of the victory, of the triumph. You need no money, no success, nor any kind of specific life-status in order to be in ecstasy through the orgasm.

With 'The Alienation Of A Blackened Heart' Your musical bible ends with a song that's sounding like the Genesis of black metal. It's a kinda thrashy black in the brethren spirit of the ancient Venom. Is Venom one of Your inspirers and what kind of other Great Leaders do or did you follow more?

Set Teitan 131: I wrote that song and yes is like my personal tribute to the old roots of BM, namely Venom, but also first Bathory and Hellhammer …”Alienation of a Blackened Heart” is a song I wrote also considering that it was Nattefrost of Carpathian Forest going to perform it, so its in a way also a song in his honour, being himself one of my best friends, hell brother forever. Yeah, Venom inspired me for fucking sure, being with their first 3 albums the band which got me into BM. I am especially proud that Cronos of Venom loves our first album Kali Yuga Bizarre, that was really something for me, having admired Venom for many years and respected the man as probably the best frontman ever.

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Your collection of white spirituals is collected under the name “With No Human Intervention”. What do You mean with that? That human didn't interfere with the deeds of God's impious red brother from below in making this musical statement? Or is it something else?

Set Teitan 131: The musick I compose, or to say it better, which is dictated and use me as a tool, comes not from human sphere, but from the transcendental current I worship and of which as said I am a tool. Dictation from outside cosmos, Chaos spawn. Cold fusion-Lucifer's gift.

You also have a congregation of apostles around you, helping with the album. Faust (Bard G. Eithun) – Wasn't it difficult to communicate with him?

Set Teitan 131: Not at all. I have been in touch with him through letters for some time as he was very much into Aborym previous albums. I asked him if he wanted to speak through AboryM with lyrics and spoken words part, and he of course agreed. I met the man a couple of times in Oslo, and he is a good friend of mine. An individual I highly respect and whose sharp mind and sinister intelligence can be seen in the lyrics he write. Read them! All hails to him! Actually I should mention it was Bard who came up with the album title (as that was the title of one of the lyrics he wrote for us).

And I read in an article that he didn't regret the acts he did. What do You think of that?

Set Teitan 131: Nothing. I never judged him for that and I wont do it now, nor never. He is a friend for me and I respect and support him for what he is. I don't know what article you refer to, but its fine by me. It doesn't matter to me, he is one of the guys that everybody should thank for reviving BM in early 90's, who says the contrary can fuck off right now. And I should add, regrets serve no purpose to me.

Nattefrost from Carpathian Forest– What was His part on this album?

Set Teitan 131: He is lead singer and wrote the lyrics on the song “Alienation of a Blackened Heart”. He did backing and additional vocals in: “WNHI”, “UV Impaler”, “Digital Goat Masque”, “Metal Striken Terror Action 2”. He is totally into AboryM and he is one of my best friends, that was the reasons why I asked him to express himself through AboryM. And he is one of the few individuals left which really believes in what he is doing, being also in my opinion one of the best BM vocalist around.

Irrumator (from Anaal Nathrackt) – Who is He? A new pilgrim in this barren land?

Malfeitor Fabban: I suggest you to pay attention to this cool guy. Irrumator comes from Birmingham, UK... He's the mastermind of Anaal Nathrakh, and he also play with Frost, Mistress, Fuckpig, Professor Fate and more... He's a big Aborym fan, so we started to get in touch for this reason, but when I heard the first time the killer AN stuff my mind splitted up... Our collaborations comes from a true friendship and a complete symbiosis under the musical point of view. And personally I really hope to work with Mick Kenney again in the future.

Matt Jerman (Void and OCD) – For me I do not know Him either. Forgive me my foolish ignorance, but please: show me wisdom!

Malfeitor Fabban: As I told you before, we met each other in London in 2001... We were totally out-of-mind, dancing fuckin' evil hard-techno in the Slimelight Club... He comes to me 'cause he were surprised 'cause an inverted cross hanging down my neck... so he started to ask me if I was involved into Black Metal and stuff like that. Later he told me about the Void, his band and about other project he have... like OCD. Visit the Nocturnal Art Production site in order to know more about Void... This is a killer band sir!! But if you really like the Hard-techno in pure UK style I suggest you to listen to OCD stuff.

Sasrof – O, Thou Great and mighty Demon from Diabolicum! How did Thou meet each other?

Set Teitan 131: I met him cause we both are the biggest admirer of each others band, AboryM and DiabolicuM that is. I spent some time with him in Sweden, he is a close friend and unique individual. We share many ideas and views and we have a band together called BlooDLine, and we are going to record an album called “Werewolf Training” this month. It will be released by Swedish label Selbstmord Services (Shining, Craft). The band is Sasrof and Me on guitars, Nattefrost of Carpathian Forest is the throat of chaos, Nysrok of AboryM does the synths and Nigris at bass. Prepare for Werewolf Training…

On the previous albums You didn't use real, organic beats. With the fulfilment of your musical Holy trinity it's the same as usual. The Hand of PC does it all. Is there no human soul that can 'beat' the PC?

Malfeitor Fabban: The soul is in the software... we have the keys to enter the operating system, connect with the outer space, and start to create intense massive extreme vibes for the new suffering generation.

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You also follow a lot of other religious paths. Malfeitor plays for instance in Void Of Silence and Deviate Ladies and Attila Csihar sang in Tormentor, Plasma Pool, Northpole. So, therefore I ask you: are you dedicated followers? Are you strictly faithful to the path of Aborym? Or is there a greater power than Aborym and is this nothing more than “a hobby”?

Set Teitan 131: AboryM is the most important. Personally speaking, I never viewed music as an hobby. Fuck hobbies.

Malfeitor Fabban: Aborym is all my life. Aborym is my father. Aborym is my son. Aborym is my family. Aborym is my future and my tomb. We all have some interesting side-projects, but Aborym is our main mission. I sang in the first two Void of Silence album, but I'm not the singer still. Everything is ok with the Void of Silence, but in the past we had some problems, so I decided to stop even if I really like my work in both albums. I, together with Nysrok and Mental Siege, play in a party-band called Cybertron... we performs very long extreme-hardhouse-techno-trance live set, and now we're continuing to record new stuff. We played lots of party-gigs here in Rome... ya know, it's a kind of fucking big raves but with a three-pieces act on stage, without DJ's... it's really funny and weird to play live with Cybertron. I also have another side project in which I sing... it's called Plasma (attila gave us this name, but nothing in common with the Plasma Pool) and I'm doing it with mr. Mental Siege: it's a sort of elektro-body-musik, mixed with industrial, synth-pop, new wave stuff. It's really exciting for me also coz it's the first time I will sing with my clean voice eh ehe!!!

To believe in the dark side, I assume You also have to believe in the “white/good side”. I mean: there can't be evil if there's no good. You can't believe in hell, if you reject heaven. So, my question is: do You also believe in God? And if you confess - that you do dare to say to believe - what kind (or type) of God? (Or are You God yourself?)

Set Teitan 131: This is synthetically my personal view: I believe in the existence of both sides, but which one is actually “good” and which one is “bad”? You mention “God” many times in the interview, but I don't know which one “god” you are talking about. The God of judeo-christians, Jehova or Yahweh, is the one a Gnostic like me would call the Demiurge. He is the “evil” god which made order out of Chaos and which made the whole creation out of Chaos. Now, is creation and cosmos something “good”? Not for me. What is human race? Humanity is the puppets of flesh which stand as a crown on the “head” of this Demiurge. Most of them do his work. Some avatars (Christ, Buddah, Allah) walked their paths worshipping the Demiurge, which other humans following them fixed in all the different kinds of right hand path religions. Worshippers of his light. They try to live in harmony with the cosmos, but if you are one of those who got the heritage of Chaos burning in your soul, than it becomes impossible to follow their light . Hence, comes the opposition. You oppose to the whole. Reality-life-order becomes almost impossible to accept. A long and hard path downwards-inwards begins… The one solution and strength comes summoning and acknowledging ones own Chaotic heritage by all possible means and ways. Music is one of them, being music a strong form of magick anyway (depending on who is performing it and for which purposes). The ways of the underworld are perfect and the strength which lies in darkness is so wide. Black Holes fucking wide open.

And did You ever visit a church (whether or not guided by your parents)? And if so: was this from the artistic point of view (the architecture, sculptures, paintings etc.) or just to know what you reject?

Set Teitan 131: I'm not even baptized, I have this luck, so I never “hang out” in churches as most Italians do. I have been into them sure, but if I can avoid is better. When I was inside, even as a kid lets just say I never felt at home. Though I must add, owning the Vatican (especially their library) and S.Peter once you cleaned it from its actual owners would be fucking great. That would mean we won, or something.

Malfeitor Fabban: Of course, I visited many many churches living here in Rome. Think that I live less than 10 minutes far from the St .Peter church, where the fuckin' Karol Woytila lives with other pigs. Usually I visit some churches when some friends of mine who comes in Rome for holiday asked me, but just under and artistic point of view. I like art, especially gothic or ancient roman architecture... and Rome is full of cool places like that. Girls are another good reason to visit some churches... usually lots of girls I met really loves the enter the churches, make pictures or going up-side down into the catacombs... One time one girl asked me to make sex into the roman catacombs. Of course I did it.

Are You afraid of the death?

Malfeitor Fabban: No, absolutely.

And when You die, what's it gonna be: a cremation or a funeral?

Malfeitor Fabban: I just want my ashes to be spread in the ocean, if it's not possible in a toilet is ok too. I want my ashes to be mixed with the water-element, after burnt by fire.

And then: You end up in hell?

Malfeitor Fabban: Sure!! The heaven is so boring sir!! I want to go in hell... a fucking never ending extreme party with lots of funny demons who take drugs and dance all the time... naked she-devils everywhere, drinks, food... hi-volume-music... uv lights... I want to go in hell!!! Yeaaa!!!

And what kind of music do You like to be played at your own funeral? Your own music? I think “Automatic Rave'olution Satan” or “Here Is No God S.T.A.” would be quite sacrilegious. Or is this question out of the question?

Malfeitor Fabban: hmm... I want my funeral like a goodbye-party... No sad people, crying parents, tears and silence... Hey, I'm going away... finally I'm going to live my true life... so I'm very happy. People should be happy too!!! I'm going to leave this so boring planet!! Not enough happy to be sad!!! To die and escape from the planet heart is the most positive thing for me! As a soundscape “Dya Fuck as well as you dance” should be the best for me... a techno track by Hallucinogen... I want to see people dancing everywhere during my funeral!

Well, back to the land of the living. You're not dead yet. On the contrary! Therefore: I must meet Thou! But what can't be the right place? Well, you might have heard of the legendary venue Paradiso, in Amsterdam. It's an old church, and bands like Cradle of Filth have sung their gospels in there as well. So that must be the only right place for singing Your hymns! So, can you tell us where and when we can expect You here in Holland?

Set Teitan 131: Soon, as our management is Blazing production from Holland and they will arrange some shows for us during the Netherlands part of the tour. I have never been there yet but it's a great country I think. The guys I know from Holland are all fucking cool and we have many supporters there, so I look forward to come there. Doesn't matter the place as long as we can play there.

Malfeitor Fabban: Hope very soon sir! Also because I adore Holland, especially Amsterdam...3-4 years ago I wrote for an Italian metal magazine, and every year I was there in Holland to make interviews during the Dynamo Open Air festival. I spent lot of cool times there in Amsterdam too... in the coffee shops of course. Hope to come in Netherlands very soon, maybe on tour.

I'm ashamed to confess, but I wasn't able to look at the enhanced part of your album. The scroll-button for the biography doesn't work and my software hasn't been updated properly to play the video. I beg on my knees a thousand times and will pray quickly a dozen Holy Fathers for this clumsy dumbness, but can you tell me what's wrong with the biography-scroll and also tell me what kind of movie you made which I wasn't be able to watch?

Set Teitan 131: Download Quick time player. Click on it. Go on: Open file. Go on the D section and open the files which appear. It should work. You weren't able to watch a fucking great video man.

To compare your album with one of the following individuals, whom do you prefer to be compared with and why?

Your album has the same blistering impact as:
- George W. Bush
- Sadam Hussein
- The Pope
- The suicidal Palestinian with nuclear explosives from North Korea
- Your mother-in-law
- Or someone else, namely:

Malfeitor Fabban: The vision of the falling-down twin towers in New York, on September 11.

To end this list of formalities I want to thank You sincerely for the effort and time You've made. God bless you my sons and go in peace! (There can't be no peace without….Ya know!)

Set Teitan 131: He never blessed me, and I feel fine. Delete him. Cold Fusion-Lucifer's Gift.

Malfeitor Fabban: You're very funny sir. Hope to meet ya somewhere in hell spending some drunky-times with ya eh eh!!! God bless you... eh eh !!

Yours faithfully,
Father Evil Doctor Smith on behalf of the Lords Of Metal.

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