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Illogicist is een band die tegen weer en wind probeert te overleven. Het valt dan ook niet mee voor de ingenieuze tech-metal Italianen; heb je net een daverend album afgeleverd, is er geen enkele tour mogelijkheid. Blijkbaar vertrouwd geen enkele boeker een technische death metal band uit “power metal land” Italië. Of neem nu al de vooroordelen over de te technisch-clinische aanpak van de band. Onzin natuurlijk, vind ook zanger/gitarist Luca Mineri. Hij licht ons in over het wel en wee van dit stel trotse techneuten.

Door: Jasper | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

Hey guys what's up? I got these short statement-questions for you, just let yourself go
Hi Jasper, it's fucking cold here at the moment, I hope you will ask me about hot topics as the famous Illogicist porn shows, to warm up me a bit, haha…

At the moment Illogicist is doing:
'The Insight Eye' has been released since three months here in Europe and we are trying to promote it in the best way, playing live a lot. We have just been confirmed for a Portuguese festival called SWR with Carnal Forge, Enslaved and many more. We played a lot in Italy in past months and now we are trying to book shows over here. I was trying to get inserted in a European Tour, but everything works with the “pay for play” method now, and if you have 8.000 Euro's to tour it's ok, but if you don't you only have to fuck yourself and try to find some concerts directly with booking agencies. But it's very hard. Aren't you looking for a band for you birthday party?

We are:
We are a progressive death metal band from Aosta, a small city in the North-West of Italy, really close to France and Switzerland, between mountains and forests…anyway we don't live like trolls and we don't play true Norwegian black metal! (even if I also like it hehe). We just try to translate our feelings and emotions into music. If you ask me if we are a technical metal band I will answer you “no”, “technicality” is not our goal, and we are not shredders at all! We just like to think about music in a different way, without having to be in pair structures and with defined harmonic and melodic standard rules.

We love:
We absolutely live to play live and travel around for playing. Someone listening the album may think different, but Illogicist is at first a live band, not a studio project at all. Then we love beer…the old trustworthy beer hahaha. Here in Aosta you can do only two things, play music or drink! Ok, I will be a bit more serious; unluckily reality is not so far from this. And of course we like reading Lords Of Metal all the time, while eating, playing, and having sex!

We are fed up with:
Personally I'm fed up with people who say that 'The Insight Eye' sounds too much like Death. I'm a big fan of Death and Chuck and they have of course influenced my style of playing and my musical taste, and of course the Illogicist mcd's recorded at the beginning of our career could remind one of the Death sound, but not 'The Insight Eye'. Most people listen to some chromatic guitar scales and say that we sound like Death. Ok people, try to expand your musical horizon, and you will discover a new world of jazz, fusion and progressive music where non-tonal and non modal scales and progressions are normal. Of course you can probably find some Death, Atheist, Cynic and Pestilence influences in our music, but from here to say that the album is not original at all and so on…I don't think that people who say this are really objective.

We are called Illogicist because:
We were looking for a name that represented our vision of the music and our composing style. The name was founded about seven years ago by our former drummer and me. It's not a word that exists really; the logicist is the person who teaches the logicism philosophy, then the illogicist should be considered he who teaches the theory of the non-logic, the irrational. Maybe it's a really nerdy concept…haha.

Our new record is:
'The Insight Eye' is our second album and has been released in the USA by Willowtip Records and here in Europe by Candlelight. The goal with this material was to try to make the music we like and that represents us without any compromise. This is not an album made to entertain people and to sell, but at first to satisfy ourselves; then, if it can be liked by someone and it can transmit any feelings and emotions to some listeners, of course we will be happy…but as I've said, we have tried to translate our feelings…ourselves…into music.

Marco Minneman is replaceable because:
Because he is too expensive for us as a tour drummer I think. We are an underground band and we have no money at all to pay a drummer like Marco for live shows. Alessandro Tinti has joined the band in September and he is our official drummer now. I assure you, he is good enough to play all Illogicist music live. I also think it will be cool to compose a new album with the possibility to work together with the drummer. We finally have a stable line-up after years of agony here.

We chose the album title because:
'The Insight Eye' is the title-track of the album and it represents in the best way all the other songs and our approach with our music, even if this is not a real concept album. You don't know what love is until you have fallen in love the first time, in the same way, you can't know all the emotions that you can feel before you have tested them for the first time. We often look only at exterior things, but if we stop for a moment and try to look into ourselves, we can discover how our mind and body reacts to the exterior events. Ok, I have to tell I'm not smoking a joint right now…haha….I'm naturally like this.

band image

The worst way (a reviewer) described our music:
Some reviewers described our music as a structure of simple mathematics, with no melody structure, ho heart. Non-music, in other terms. I reply that no one can decide which is the “right” melody.

The best way (a reviewer) described our music:
Probably as progressive, intricate, introspective, brain collapsing. It represents the progression and transformation that every life implies.

Being from Italy sucks because:
Being from Italy sucks because music here is not supported at all from the authorities; of course in our past we were famous for classical operas and so on, but nowadays the music is not considered too much as culture: for example at school children are obliged to study it only during the primary at secondary school, until 14 years old only, and only for an hour a week.
Being Italian sucks also because foreign people, when they know we are a death metal band from Italy, think that it's not possible or that we suck even without listening our music, because they think that Italian people are only able to play some power “happy” metal. It's really frustrating this…shit!

Being from Italy is cool because:
Is cool because…talking about music I really can't say that it is cool… I can say this also talking about my work as sound engineer; when someone asks me which is my work, and I answer that I'm into music, they look at me as if I were an alien and then it's like ”ah..ok..but what is your real work?” .Haha I really laugh about this, because if would consider it seriously it would be a really sad thing.

These bands are our buddies:
We don't have many friends around, not because of our antisocial personality, but simply because we did not have lots of occasions for playing outside of Italy, so we couldn't directly meet other “famous” bands. We're in touch with various bands but I couldn't say they're really our friends, I would rather consider them “acquaintances”.

Our favorite place to play / The worst place to play:
I think we are not in the position to talk about the favourite or worst place to play at the moment. The important for us is to play, lots and everywhere. Sometimes the venue and the audience are really cool, sometime less, but this it's normal if you try to play as much as you can to promote your music; sometimes conditions are really shitty, no monitors at all, really small stages…but I think…If you like what you are doing, even a bad situation can be lived in a cool way if the audience is cool…and of course with the help of a good beer! (or more than one).

The future for us means:
Now we are trying to be booked for an European and North American tour and for the next summer open air festivals. We have been already confirmed for the SWR Metal Fest in Barrosselas, Portugal, the 26th of April, where we will play with bands as Carnal Forge, Enslaved, Regurgitate, and many more. Meanwhile we started to record some new ideas for a new album that I'd like to be recorded before the end of the 2008. Anyway, the live aspect is the one we are focusing on at the moment.

We are touring Europe in:
Good question…tomorrow if possible. The problem is that it's really hard at the moment to be inserted in a European tour. It's about ten months I'm trying to get a good deal even knowing that the only way for us playing in an interesting situation is the “pay for play” option. But I received only totally crazy offers, like to pay 8000 euros for a three weeks tour opening for bands definitely not interesting at all.
I have to admit I'm really sad about this situation; we are a live band, not a studio project, and I think we have the right numbers to tour around. This also due to the good feedback we had after the release of “The Insight Eye”. The frustrating thing is that for us it would be probably easier to be booked for a North-American tour than for a European one.
By the way, if someone is interested in booking us, just contact us through our website or myspace.

Dutch people should:
Just give us an opportunity. Listen to our music and book us for a couple of shows would be an amazing start…obviously we would be very pleased to test your famous Dutch smoking products haha! I'll be serious for a few seconds, we would be really pleased to play there for the first time. As I said, if someone is interested in booking us, just contact me directly by mail trough our site or our myspace page.

Our motto:
Death Metal Sickness :-)

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