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Paradise Lost

Het is niet iedere dag dat je het brein achter een band mag interviewen die je smaak in de metal zeer beïnvloedt heeft. De band in kwestie? Paradise Lost. Persoon? Greg Mackintosh. Reden? Een uitstekend nieuw album genaamd 'In Requiem' dat misschien wel de afhaakte fans van weleer weer doet aanhaken. Als dat geen reden genoeg is?

Door: Roel de Haan | Archiveer onder gothic metal

First of all, how are you doing?
Pretty good actually, I'm sitting here in the Century Media headquarters, it's sunny outside and I'm having a beer. So I'm doing well!

When I listened to your new album 'In Requiem' it immediately became clear that this album is much darker than its predecessor. How would you compare the two albums?
I would say that 'In Requiem' is more raw and heavier sounding. It's also more organic and “down” throughout the record. 'In Requiem' is less perfect than 'Paradise Lost' was, especially productionally speaking. We wanted more of a live feel to it especially in the drum-sound. 'In Requiem' is definitely more sinister and dark.

Was there any change in the song-writing too? It seems to me that the songs are less chorus-based than before.
The main thing we changed consciously was that the song on this album are more riff-based than on the vocal-lines. We played a lot with different types of song structures. We wanted to have a less commercial sound for the songs. We could not pick one song to be the single when we were asked too, we let Century Media choose the single. The good thing of working with Century Media is that they did not contact us until the album was finished, sometimes with a major label they already we're asking you about a single while you're still in the studio!

After that many years of existing as a band, how do you keep yourself challenged and stimulated?
I have a passion for all kinds of music. As long as we feel that what we're doing has relevance we keep on doing it. It's also a kind of hunger for something new. Every record we make is something new. It's a constant learning process and with new album we learn something new. We learn from mistakes and stuff like that.

Do you think having such a history as you do is burden or a blessing?
Both. I think it depends on who you ask. Well people have certain expectations that we have meet while another band does not have to meet that high expectations. But it's good to be known, some people can recognise you instantly by hearing just a few tones. But we can never please everyone.

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This is your first album via Century Media, how did this came to be?
Our last album was released by BMG, but since BMG had no rock department it was licensed to Century Media. We got to know them and we liked the people working there. There are benefits and downsides to be on a major. One of the downsides is that sometimes the people involved don't even know who you are or what music you make! With Century Media everyone knew who we were and some of them are even fans. So there is definitely a more personal touch. As far as promotion goes, if they like us then it's probable that the promotion will handled well too!

There has been a documentary made about you by Diran Noubar called 'Over The Madness' which is premiering in Cannes this summer. What can we expect from this documentary?
It's not an official Paradise Lost documentary. Diran Noubar is a filmmaker from Los Angeles who wanted to make a documentary about gothic metal and especially about Paradise Lost. He filmed a couple of live shows and followed us around for some time. Recently I saw the finished documentary and doesn't offer something excitingly new but it's great for fans of the gothic metal genre. It gives insight about how the first few albums we're recorded and how we progressed over the years.

How was it to have a camera following you around for while?
It's okay I guess. After a while you forget about. Besides when we are travellin a photographer is often present too so kind of used to it.

My guess is that there will be a tour in support of this album. Any insights in who will be your support acts and show?
First, we're going to play on a lot of festival this summer, there won't be a tour until after these festival. Next month we will do a show in Israel which we are looking forward to, we haven't been there for a long time. In the first week of September we will go on a European tour. We don't know who will be supporting us so far.

Any preferences?
Ehm… Metallica would be great as a support act! HaHaHa!!

What are the future ambitions for Paradise Lost?
No ambitions. I like how the album turned out and we have no plans what so ever.

How about a new record then?
We'll start making a new record whenever we feel inspired to do so. What kind of record we don't know even a black metal record is possible. Who knows…

That wraps it up I guess. Anything you would like to add?
No not really actually!

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