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Forgotten Tomb

De Italiaanse meesters van de depressieve black metal, Forgotten Tomb, hebben recentelijk weer een sterk nieuw album uitgebracht en 'Negative Megalomania' is de titel geworden. Met wat muzikale verschillen ten opzichte van het voorgaande werk had Herr Morbid wel wat uit te leggen.

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Greetings! How are you doing?
Hi, nothing really special going on here. Just trying to make things work with the band.

The new album 'Negative Megalomania' has just been released. How are the reactions so far?
It seems like it's going pretty well. The limited edition of 100 copies went sold-out on preorders in 10 hours, so it seems like there was quite a buzz around this new album. Once the official album was released in the end of January, it started selling quite good and the reactions from media and press were controversial, but mostly very positively impressed by our evolution.

There are some notable changes on 'Negative Megalomania' compared to 'Love's Burial Ground', one of them is that the music has become more melodic and melancholic while earlier the music was very grim. Why the change towards more melody?
We've always been melodic. Our first album "Songs To Leave" was very melodic for instance, and there were many melodies on the other two albums too. If yoau use melodies, it doesn't mean that you're not grim. Certainly the new album is a bit less focused on the Black Metal side, while you can notice many "new" influences from traditional Rock music, Sludge and Dark of the '80s.

Another change, probably the greatest, is the incorporation of clean vocals which came across as very American sounding (not necessarily a bad thing though). It was very surprising to me. What made you decide to use these type of vocals?
You're actually not the first one telling me my clean vocals sound very "american", and this is just something that I appreciate. I'm into bands such as Down, Acid Bath, Deadboy & The Elephant Men, Alice In Chains, Life Of Agony, BLS etc., so their way of singing is quite influential to me. I tried to keep a personal approach though, and I think the final result is pretty good.

As always, the pivotal theme/subject of the lyrics is negativity. Sadly, I didn't receive any lyrics with the cd. Are the lyrics based on personal experiences or views? Or are they more abstract and metaphoric?
I think this time they're more abstract, these lyrics don't speak much about my past experiences, they're more focused on the way I relate with the world outside and with the standard people. Obviously my vision of this world remains ultra-negative, and the lyrics show what I think of this society. They're very pessimistic, anger-filled lyrics.

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Forgotten Tomb has been a pioneering force in the field of the so-called black/doom metal genre. How do you think the genre will develop in the near future?
I don't know and I hope it doesn't develop, it should just disappear! FT, Shining and Abyssic Hate started this kind of nihilistic Black/ Doom genre years ago, but then a thousand other bands started to turn their lyrics to depressive themes and abused of the suicidal topics/ imagery, turning this sub-genre in a completely ridiculous trend. We chose to take some distance from what we've done to evolve in a different way, and I personally hope all these clone bands will just be ignored so they'll disappear soon. Fuckin' Black Metal kids...

You have been on many different record companies so far. Now that you are on the Italian Avantgarde Music can we expect the next album to be released by them too?
I really don't know... It depends on many factors, so it's too early now to predict what label will release the next full-length of FT. Btw I think we will still release something with them, maybe some "special" recording, I don't know.

You have been promoting your previous album with many live appearances. Will 'Negative Megalomania' also be promoted live? Any plans for a tour through Europe?
We always have plans for tours in Europe, but the fucking organisers just drop the idea every fucking time, 'cause basically they're incompetent fucks. So, once again, I'm organizing things on my own, and we should play several gigs starting from Spring 2007.

What is the ultimate goal for Forgotten Tomb to achieve?
Becoming rockstars, so I can buy a big house with a nice swimming pool, fuck pornstars all day long, drink and make parties, hahaha... Well, currently I would just feel fine if I could at least survive with my music and make a lot of tours. I don't need to be rich, but I would just like to be able to support myself with my own music. We'll see what happens, but I'm not very positive about my future.

I want to thank you for answering my questions and I wish you good luck in the pursuit of negativity and as always the final words are for you.
Thanx for the interview, see you on our next gigs in The Netherlands, last time we played there was almost three years ago! Stay Negative.

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