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Ondanks het bijzondere gegeven dat NahemaH uit een wel heel onwaarschijnlijke hoek van het Europese continent komt voor de duistere soort muziek die ze spelen, is de band langzaam maar zeker aan een stevige opmars bezig. Het nieuwe album dat rond deze tijd bij de verschillende platenboeren zal liggen komt uit op LifeForce records, dat eerder al een eveneens voorheen onbekende brok progressiviteit op de markt gooide met het geweldige Intronaut. NahemaH tapt muzikaal dan wel uit een compleet ander vaatje, de band heeft gemeen met Intronaut dat het verdomd moeilijk is om je vinger te leggen op de precieze genre definitie. De invloeden die frontman Pablo Egido opnoemt zijn dan ook zeer divers, van Nine Inch Nails via Opeth naar Cult of Luna en nog veel meer. Uit zijn woorden blijkt ondermeer dat het inderdaad niet al te logisch is dat NahemaH geen typische 'Latin' metal speelt, en dat het beslist niet meevalt om iets te bereiken als metalhead in het warme Spanje. Des te meer reden om eens goed aandacht te besteden aan deze verfrissende originele band.

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Hi guys, how are you doing right now?
Hi, this is Pablo, NahemaH's vocalist. Right now we combine our normal life with long rehearsal sessions in order to prepare for our next concerts. We are developing new song ideas as well.

Could you please introduce our readers to NahemaH, how did the band form, how did the musical style develop, etc…
NahemaH, was formed in Alicante in 1997, to cover our needs and desires of growing as musicians and as artists, to compose music. It was a decade ago, from then has been a morphologic evolution, because some members have come and gone in order to find a solid line-up and stylistic evolution, the band was without releasing any CD, during these years we have been growing in our influences and the things we like. In the early years we formed as an extreme and dark band. After some time we became more modern and “hippie” but not less dark.

The band exists for almost ten years now, is succes coming up gradually from the beginning or are things moving very fast since your sign-up with Lifeforce?
In extreme metal always things go slowly, especially when you are a Spanish band. The success came up gradually but it never stopped until the “Chrysalis” album. After that, things stopped a little bit but we did a great effort and “The Second Philosophy” was composed, it was hard because we had recorded this CD already months before signing with Lifeforce. We sent it worldwide and we received no response from anyone at first. At times we thought that our stuff was no good, but we decided to wait because we were conscious our music was good, after months we received some small labels responses and, of course, Lifeforce's response to our promo pack. From then things have moved faster than before, now everything moves in the perfect gear.

I was completely surprised to hear that you are from Southern Spain, because your sound has a very Scandinavian gloomy and dark atmosphere to it, how did you come up with your dark sound living in perhaps one of the most sunny places in Europe?
This question has become a topic in our latest interviews, hehehe... It is true that we live in a Mediterranean, warm, and touristy place but this only influences us in our life style not in our music. We enjoy of more sunny days and more outdoor activities during the entire year but these things are outside music. Music and art come from inside and darkness will be reflected in your songs if you have a dark spirit wherever you live. We have always been fans of Central- and North European bands, especially Swedish melodic death metal bands. Obviously musicians are influenced by the music they listen to and our influences are coming from the North not from the South. That's why we do not have the “typical Latin sound”.

When listening to the album I was kind of embarrassed by not being able to exactly put my finger on the major influences, Opeth is a band mentioned in your biography but you sound very different. What are your main influences (does not have to be music) while writing songs?
We are less progressive than Opeth but more eclectic, electronic and experimental than them. The Opeth label was put on to us when we released the “Chrysalis” album and it stuck from then on. In the first ages of NahemaH we were influenced by bands like Anathema, Amorphis, Katatonia, Opeth, and Dark Tranquillity but now those old influences and have expanded with the influences of new sounds like Mogwai's post rock, the post-hardcore of Isis, Cult of Luna, Callisto... we always liked the music of bands like Tool, Deftones, NIN, Portishead, Radiohead, Placebo, Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Mission, Sisters of Mercy, and Bauhaus. We are fans of electronic music as well (drum & bass, electro, minimal, IDM) and of course a large name list of stoner rock bands. Is not easy to manage all this influences but if you combine them with a stylish point of view it will be successful.

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You refer to your music as art on more than one occasion, is there a certain message in there as well? What are the lyrics about in general?
Yes, we are musicians and music is a form of art. As artists our message is to make the listener experience sensations and feelings going to the deepest place of their minds and souls. The lyrics are about universal topics, which are the human feelings love, hate, melancholy, sadness... these topics have always been conceived through poems and metaphors.

How is the scene in Spain for bands like NahemaH. Are there more as of yet unknown pearls like NahemaH waiting to be discovered?
The scene for bands like NahemaH in Spain really sucks, because the metal/ rock Scene forms a small minority. To this you have to add that Spanish record labels, sometimes, close their doors to bands that are not singing in Spanish so they have to look for their future as musicians outside our country or being in Spain at an unsatisfying underground level. It is hard because we have to fight against the prejudices that Spanish people have against bands that sing in English and the prejudice that European people have against Spanish bands. There are some very good bands here, even better than some Scandinavian signed bands, but people have to get rid of their prejudices about Spanish metal. We have here bands with international projection (The Heretic, Monkey Hole, Unreal Overflows...) they just only have to be discovered.

You actually already released a couple recordings which I never got to know, now that you signed with Lifeforce, can we expect a better distributed re-release of those albums too?
We do not discard the possibility of re-release in the future, but at the moment we prefer to work with new ideas and release new songs in order to not to repeat ourselves while re-releasing past works. Those old releases were important at the time, now we think is more important to do different things with our new stuff.

What are things you really hate about Spain and especially the area you live in?
We mainly hate the predominant music that the large majority of people listen to in our country, especially in our area, this music is Latin music, around here this kind of music is a plague. We do have some good places and we have fun in our favorite bars but it is difficult to find a good place to go to and to enjoy good rock or metal music in Alicante. Important European or American metal bands don't come to Alicante, we have to go to Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia to attend their concerts.

What are the things you love about your country and Alicante? Would you ever consider a move to another country?
I don't think we would move to another country because we really like where we live. We really like the weather, the winter here is really short and warm. We enjoy Mediterranean life which is less stressful than in other places, and Mediterranean food which is one of the best in the world. The thing we like the most is the nightlife, here on weekends nightlife is more intense and longer than in other countries. We have travelled all around Europe, Central- and North European bars and discothèques close their doors very early and this is really boring to us.

Talking about moving, when will we be able to see NahemaH on tour, any plans?
At this moment we have not any plans of touring. I guess booking work will start in a few weeks after the album release. We hope to be touring Europe next spring.

What would your dream tour look like, which bands, which countries?
Of course we dream of a world- or European tour with famous bands like NIN, Tool, Rammstein... or touring Asia, especially in Japan, but I think this is not possible at the moment, hehehe... For the next “The Second Philosophy” tour we hope to go to as many places as possible and tour in as many countries as possible.

What are you going to do directly after this interview?
I think we'll start enjoying the weekend because today is friday. Heheheh.

Any last remarks for the readers:
I would like to send a huge greeting to all the Dutch readers, we hope you like our album and we hope to see you at our concerts in The Netherlands giving us your support. Thanks!

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