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Uit het niets verscheen ineens Death Breath's debuut CD 'Stinking Up The Night'. Dit is met voorsprong één van de betere death/grind CD's van het jaar en een waardevolle aanvulling van je collectie. Ik sprak met Nicke Andersson (gitaar, drums) over zijn favoriete platen aller tijden, My Space, de gasten die op de plaat meebrullen en uiteraard nog meer. Helaas was meneertje Andersson een beetje kort van stof, maar hij zal het wel druk hebben gehad…

Door: Koen B. | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

band imageHell-o there! I must admit I really enjoyed listening to the debut album 'Stinking Up The Night'. You guys did a hell of a job reproducing the good old and mighty Autopsy sound! In regular life you play in more “popular” bands such as The Hellacopters and Thunder Express. What was the reason to return back to the roots?
Glad you enjoyed the album. Don't know if we've been reproducing any sound in particular though. I think we've created the sound of Death Breath. Autopsy was a very good band however. The main reason for doing this is simply because I really felt like it and after quite a few years the heavy riffs started to come back to me.

You gotta help me out here: Death Breath is it a genuine band or is it a side project by famous metal musicians?
Death Breath is a band and everything I do I consider genuine.

Bassist Magnus Hedquist decided to leave the band a few weeks ago. The reason for his departure is “none of our business” is stated on the bands website. A replacement isn't confirmed as we speak. Could you help me out on this subject?
Sorry but it's still none of anyone's business. We're not looking for a replacement at the moment. We do pretty well just me & Robert with a little help from our friends.

On the `Stinking Up The Night' disc, there are some cameo appearances by Repulsion's Scott Carlson, who has done some vocals on 'Chopping Spree', 'Coffins Of The Unembalmed Dead' and 'Christ All Fucking Mighty', Jörgen Sandström (Grave, Entombed…..) on 'Heading For Decapitation', 'A Morbid Mind' and 'Flabby Little Things From Beyond' and Dismember's Fred Estby whom provided some back up screams on 'Death Breath'. How did they end up playing on the record?
We asked Scott and Jörgen to shout on the album 'cause we're fans and friends. We're happy they agreed on doing it and I think it turned out great. There might be some other people on our next recordings but we don't know for sure yet.

I even read Scott Carlson was flying over to handle the volcanic vibrations and the spewing of death breath during the bands first ever gig in Stockholm on October 26 this year. In my opinion Repulsions 'Horrified' album is a milestone in deathgrind history. Could you please tell me which records have influenced the Death Breath sound?
Yes, Scott did come over for the show we did last Thursday and it was a blast. 'Horrified' is one of the best death metal records ever and a big influence on Death Breath. Some other records that kicks ass are Venom's first four, Death's first, Possessed's first, Celtic Frost's first two mini LP's, Bathory's first, Sacrifice's first, Slaughter's 'Strappado', Dark Angel's 'Darkness Descends', Discharge's 'Hear Nothing...' and a few more.

I certainly agree on that! I'm curious if we can expect Death Breath on a European tour in the near future, or do the band members' individual schedules not match?
I don't know right now but I guess it's not impossible.

A while ago, a seven inch vinyl single was released, which contains three songs: 'Death Breath' (from the 'Stinking Up The Night' album) and two non-album tracks 'Corpses Of Death' and 'Matricide'. Why aren't those included on the regular album?
They're not on the album because we recorded them after we did the album.

Besides the regular homepage, Death Breath also has a My Space profile. That particular website is a “social networking service that allows members to create unique personal profiles online in order to find and communicate with old and new friends”. How important is this My Space thing to you?
I don't know too much about myspace but it's seems to be a good way to spread your music so I guess I'm all for it.

Because of its famous members, I think will be referred to as a “super group”. Does this bother you and how do you live up to those expectations?
Frankly, I don't care about super groups or anyone's expectations. It is what it is and no, it doesn't bother me.

What can we expect in the near future from Death Breath and its affiliated bands?
We just recorded the basic tracks for an upcoming mini album. Don't know when it'll be released but I'm guessing sometime early spring next year. We'll also record our second full length album around that time if all goes well. As for The Hellacopters we're talking about recording a new album early next year. Thunder Express just finished the recording of their second album. We keep ourselves busy it seems.

Hey… it might be appropriate to finish off this article with some memorable remarks…..
It's funny you should say that because I really suck at memorable remarks. But I thank you for the interview. Keep it stiff!

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