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Met hun debuutalbum 'Conspiracy In Mind' wisten de Noren van Communic al menigeen te bekeren. Ik hoorde destijds bij de twijfelaars. Deze twijfel wordt geheel aan gort geschoten met het nieuwe album 'Waves Of Visual Decay'. Een grote sprong voorwaarts voor een band die de druk van een succesvol debuut mee moest dragen. Kortom, hoogste tijd om zanger Oddleif Stensland eens aan de tand te voelen.

Door: Frank D. | Archiveer onder speed / thrash metal

band imageBefore getting to your latest album 'Waves Of Visual Decay', first I want to look back a little. Your debut got great reviews all over the globe. Did that surprise you at the time?
Well, we were quite surprised. Sure we were hoping for it, but most of the songs have a complex structure, and long songs that are far from mainstream, so we didn't know what to expect from it. From our view we were very pleased with the album that we had made, but that doesn't mean that other people will like it as well, but it seams like the good reviews would never end. Now, with the new album coming out in mid may, it leaves us with a pressure in some way, and people are wondering if we can manage follow up the debut, but we feel that this new one is a fresh breath in the same style and direction as our debut, and I think it shows that we have developed as musicians and also as a band.

What's the craziest thing that happened to you after the release of that debut album?
Hmm, nothing really crazy has happened yet. Maybe there is something wrong? I don't know, but to be able to do loads of interviews, and discover how many people that actually wanted to talk to us after our debut album seemed a little bit crazy. We had a cool European tour that went pretty well and was a lot of fun, and then our first “big” festival appearance at the Rock Hard festival was a little bit scary and crazy at the same time for the little metal band Communic from Norway.

Has the success changed you as a band or as individuals?
I think that we have grown as musicians, because you have to work more focused to reach the goals that you set for the band. And it have made the band grow tighter on the personal level as well, learning each others good, and bad sides, and learn how to get through bad days and good days and stay friends no matter what. We are still the same individuals and have our feet solid planted on the ground.

In the bio you state that you know that a lot of people have high expectations about the new stuff. Did you feel pressured in any way by this?
Yes we knew there were some high expectations on what we would come up with, and we felt the pressure in some way, but I think we managed to look past that and focus on what we had to do. We tried to keep the same spirit that we did on our debut, make the songs the way WE wanted it so sound and not into whatever people expected from us. Then in the end we can look back and be proud of what we have done, no matter what people would say about it.

Maybe it's reassuring to know that I find this new album a giant leap forward for Communic. I guess, you feel the same way?
Yes, like we talked about, I think that the new disk sounds more mature. And I think that these new songs will sound pretty fresh, and it is still Communic. The creating process of the songs is more or less just the same, so we haven't changed style or something like that, because we feel that we had our style pointed out already when we made the demo, before we got signed, and we have stayed with it because this is what we wanted to do. The songs turned out long this time as well, and have some of the same feeling that we had on our debut, and we feel very comfortable with it, and that we have our way of doing the music, but one thing is that it may sound a little more heavy this time, but that just felt like a normal thing to do. Some of the same energy that we felt in our rehearsal room made it into the recordings of this new disk, but it is still mellow and soft at times, with loads of dark but catchy melodies, but overall just more heavy – and as you said, another step forward for Communic.

band imageAs said, the title of the new album is 'Waves Of Visual Decay'. Can you explain where this title came from?
It's a quite dark title, because the themes running through the songs on the album isn't actually happy. It's not a concept album but all the songs can be connected to each other in some way, like a red tread that can be found I think. The waves are the media waves that feed us with information every day, and what we see is the decay. How we believe everything that the media tell us. All the things that the media feeds to us through all these channels of modern society. All the corruption and manipulation in the world today, is what we see really the reality? Who is deciding what we should see and believe? That's where the title 'Waves Of Visual Decay' are coming from, but it can probably be interpreted in many other ways as well, and its up to the listener to solve the lyrics, maybe read between the lines to find out what it means to them, personally. Just look outside the window and see what goes on right outside your own living room. There are a lot of despairs, hate, anger and loneliness with in the song so you may find some clues within those words.

Some of the lyrics on the new album seem to put the world on trial. If you could change one thing about the world you're living in what would that be?
I get the chance to play God you mean? Well to start there I think that religion may be the root to all evil going on in this world, so it would have been something that I believe we could have lived without. Maybe start to believe in our selves would have helped a little J.

One of my personal favourite songs on the album is 'Frozen Asleep In The Park'. Can you tell us a little more about the story behind this track?
Well, it's a story about a homeless lady that lives in the park, she is the family secret that nobody wants to know or talks about, and everyone see here but nobody cares. One day she is been found frozen to death in the park. Everyone is still laughing and the kids are playing just like any other day – still nobody cares while the paramedics are wrapping her up and driving her away. This is happening all over the world, wherever you look. It's a great song in my opinion, and raises some interesting questions and it has loads of changes in mood, melody and groove. Cool choice for a favourite I might say.

If you wanted to be remembered for one song or performance. Which one would that be and why?
I don't think we have done that performance yet, it is still to come I think. As for a song I think 'Frozen…' that we talked about, or 'Watching It All Disappear' are explaining what we do quite well, also “They Feed On Our Fear' from our debut is songs that I hope will stand the test of time. I don't like to think this way, and hopefully we have a few more albums to do before we need to be put in the memory box I hope, but you'll never know…

What are your plans for the near future?
In the closest future we will concentrate on some festival appearance this summer. We have some booked already and that is Earthshaker festival in Germany, ProgPower Europe, Queens of metal open air in Germany and Ragnarock in Norway. Then we can hopefully do a cool tour sometime after the summer. Other than that I don't know. We have some ideas for new songs for another album but we will have to see how much work we get to do promoting this coming album and then start to look forward after all that is done.

In conclusion, is there anything else you want to share with our readers?
I can tell you that the artwork for 'Waves…' was made by the American artist Anthony Clarkson. He did a really good job in my opinion. And the album was recorded during three weeks at Jacob Hansen studio in Denmark. Same studio that we recorded our debut in.

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