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Naast Poolse bands als Yattering, Behemoth en Vader die je als gerespecteerde metalhead natuurlijk al lang kent wordt, het tijd om kennis te maken met Hell-born die zeker niet te onder doet aan de boven genoemde Poolse bands. Zanger Baal Ravenlock vertelt hieronder meer over het heden en verleden van Hell-born.

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When and how was Hell-Born formed?

The band was formed by me and Les back in '96. Actually we came up with the idea when we were working in the studio on Behemoth's "Grom". Les had a couple of cool, old -style riffs composed, and I felt like playing something a little bit different than the stuff we've played with Behemoth at that time. That's how Hell-Born started.

What was the reason of the four-year death like silence before Hell-Born released a new album?

Oh, no, not again! I've just finished answering an interview with the same question at the very beginning! At least 90% of the magazines ask us about it. I will just tell you, that it became impossible for us to carry on with the band so unfortunately we had to quit. What's most important, we're on the run again and nothing will stop us now.

How is the line-up now and who wrote the lyrics? Is the line-up definitive?

The present and definitive Hell-Born line up is: Baal- bass & vocals, Les- guitar & backing vocals, Jeff - guitar & backing vocals, Basti - drums. The lyrics- well, I wrote all of the stuff for our debut MLP, the lyrics on "Hellblast" were written with cooperation with Jeff. As for our new album, I did all the writing.

Can you tell some more about the released albums? Is there a big difference between the first mini-album, your second album and the new album?

There's surely a difference, and I can fuckin' hear it each time I put "Hellblast" on! I mean the drums. When we were recording the "Hell-born" Mini-album, I was mentioned to be one of the best polish black/death metal drummers. I stopped playing and I was forced to do it again 'coz we couldn't find a serious drummer when composing new songs after the resurrection of the band. After this break I was almost unable to hold the fuckin' sticks properly! I just forgot how to play. Anyway, I think that we managed to capture a touch of "freshness" within the new songs, keeping them "Hell-Born style" at the same time. A lot of people told me so. We used double-lined vocals in all of the songs, no matter if it was only my or Jeff's line. You can hear us singing together at the same time as well. I think that's the biggest difference between our two mini albums. The second thing is the structure of the songs, I mean verse, chorus, verse, bridge and so on. It adds a classic touch to the music and makes it more accessible.

Do you have favorite tracks on one of the albums?

Yeah, sure. My favourite song from the '96 MLP is "Hellraiser". When it comes to the new stuff I'm thinking of "Raise the dead" and "The day of wrath".

What is the meaning behind the album-title ''The Call of Megiddo''? Why did you choose to name it like that?

It was me who came up with the idea of our full-lenght album title and the lyrics as well. The title relates to the ultimate clash between the forces of Heaven and Hell- the battle at the fields of Armageddon.I believe, that the followers of the Left Hand Path are destined to rise their weapons there in the name of His Infernal Majesty. And some of them can hear His call here, in this life, a call to arms.

How have the reactions on the new album been so far?

Just the opinion of some friends of us, as the album is not out yet. Everyone who listened to it so far got possessed.

"The Call of Megiddo'' was recorded at Hertz studio in Poland on the first of July. Looking back now are there thing you would have done different and are you satisfied about the results of this album?

I'm very satisfied with what we've done, and I wouldn't change anything under any circumstances.

If I am right Baal and Less played in Damnation. So you both have a busy live. Do you have enough time to do another things/hobbies beside these bands?

Actually Damnation is out of the scene at the moment, so we are focused on Hell-Born only. As you probably know, life is pretty hard here in Poland, so we all have full-time jobs. Yeah, we're pretty busy, but we still have time for hobbies, fun, and stuff like that.

On the website it said you have two live-appearances with Benediction in October. Are you looking forward to the tour?

Sure. Benediction was one of my fave bands when I was a teenager, especially the first album, with Barney on vocals.

If I am right Hell-born have done two shows with the Dutch band Centurian in Poland. Was it a big success?

Centurian didn't play with us. They had some problems, and unfortunately couldn't show up. It sucked, 'coz I was looking forward to see Rob and the rest of the band and check'em out live. Anyway, we played at the booked venues, and Yattering headlined. The audience was very responsive to us, especialy in our home town.

How are your experiences with live-appearances?

We love to play shows, and I think that our music is perfect for live performances. However we're still working on improving our stage acts to make them as professional as possible. If you'll ever get the chance to see Hell-Born live, you'll feel the old spirit in the air. We try to be very classic on stage, you know. Spikes and chains rule!

If one reads the lyrics, listens to the hellish music and looks at the lay-out of the album one can conclude that Hell-born is a satanic band. What do you think of satanic philosophies? And how do you see Satanism in music? Is black metal only black metal if it is satanic?

I think I have to put a statement here. Hell-Born is not a black metal band. We don't want to be considered a part of the black metal scene, although we surely have black metal, satanic lyrics. When you listen to our music, you can find classic death and trash metal influences. I don't like puting strange labels, like "satanic black-death metal" to describe the music. We prefer to call our style "hell metal", 'coz I think it's shorter and more suitable than any other name. Anyway, I can tell you, that in my opinion black metal means satanic metal. It's just the same.

Many bands were inspired by bands, which they liked in their youth. What kind of influences can we hear in the music of Hell-born from your youth?

Well, let me think... Destruction, Sodom, Kreator, Possessed, Venom, and a couple more.

How do you describe the music of Hell-born? What is the different between the average (black/death) metal bands?

First of all, we are not a typical "old school" metal band. The idea behind Hell-Born was always the same: classic, groovy arrangements, guitar riffs and song's structure entangled with a powerful, "modern" sound production. We've grown up listening to such bands as those mentioned above, but we're still aware of the fact, that we've just entered the 21st century. It would be a suicide making our albums sound like shit. However, we'll remain "classic" with things like drums - I want them acoustic, "real".

Hell-born signed a deal with the English label Conquer Records. Why did Hell-Born choose this label and are you satisfied about the co-operation for so far and do you have any experiences with other labels?

This choice was a direct consequence of Pagan Record's (the label who released our '96 mlp, and the polish edition of "Hellblast") lack of interest in the promotion of Hell-Born. We needed a label, who would be able to put us on a tour, and grant a proper advertising, etc. They're doing o.k. so far, although they don't seem to have all the potential to handle all we need. Time will uncover the future of this relationship.

I think the metal scene in Poland is pretty good. What do you think of the metal scene of Poland? Are there any other hellish bands in the underground metal scene that we have to listen soon?

Hellish bands... Well, I just thought about Azarath, Wichmaster and Anima Damnata. I honestly gotta tell you, that I'm not that much into what's going on in the metal scene nowadays. I got my old-time faves on CD's and vinyls, and I'm happy with that. Sometimes it seems nothing new can be done, you know. Everyone keeps digging in the past, mixing stuff, multiplying old ideas, transforming them with the use of high technology- that's the music of our times.

Do you listen do other music besides Hell-born? And what kind of styles?

Classic heavy metal, hard rock, rock n' roll, progressive rock, lots of different shit. At the very moment I am listening to ZZ Top's "Eliminator".

What is your favorite album from this year?

"Warriors of the World" by Manowar.

Thanks for doing this interview and I hope I see Hell-born soon playing in Holland!

Thanx for promoting Hell-Born. Stay fuckin' metal! Praise the Beast!

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