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Dynamic Lights

Het afgelopen jaar was 'Shape' van Dynamic Lights één van de beste debuutalbums in het progressieve metal genre. Kwaliteit drijft boven, want het gaat goed met de band en als voorlopig hoogtepunt van het jaar duiden ze zelf hun komend concert op het prestigieuze ProgPower festival aan. Op twee oktober zal de band met o.a. Wolverine, Cloudscape en Pain Of Salvation te zien zijn in Baarlo. Het was dus de moment bij uitstek om een contact te hebben met gitarist Marco Poderi, om de Italiaanse band verder aan jullie te introduceren.

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How are things going at the moment over there? ProgPower is coming soon and I guess this will be a special and important event for the band?
Everything is going in the best way possible. We are really excited for the ProgPower Festival because it's really a prestigious event. We know a lot of people will be there because every year the tickets for the festival are sold out and there are a lot of writers from the most important European magazines. We will try to do a fresh and powerful show and we will probably play five songs from Shape, our last album. We supported Pain Of Salvation some years ago in Italy and it was fantastic, so we are really happy to play again with them.The other bands are great too and I think we all (POS, Pagan's Mind, Wolverine, Cloudscape) play a particular kind of progressive music, so people that like the new wave of “prog” will find a lot of interesting music!

But you played in that area before. In April you did a tour with Nightingale to support 'Shape'. Can you tell some things about this tour (how long, where did you play, what was the most exciting concert, special things that happened for good or for bad).

At the end of April we joined Swedish band Nightingale for their “10th Anniversary European Tour” and played with them and Tomorrow's Eve in Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands. We had eight beautiful gigs and it was a great experience for the band. We played in very nice cities and met a lot of people interested in our music. Everyday we drove for a lot of hours but people every night gave us the strength and the energy to play. We liked so much all the shows because there were different situations, but people were always really nice with us. The last gig was in the same venue of ProgPower Festival, in Baarlo, so it was a particular show because there were a lot of people and the venue is really big! We already knew that we would have played at ProgPower and that night Rene Janssen announced that the headliners for the festival would have been Pain Of Salvation, so it was great.

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You seem to have a special connection with the Netherlands, because also your label, DVS Records is Holland based. How did you get in contact with them?
Well, you have to ask this to our label boss Rene, hehehe! I am kidding, I can say that we had different offerings before DVS Records, but after few conversations with Rene Janssen, we decided to work together for the release of Shape, so we joined DVS Records. Rene knew about us, when we decided to send a promo CD for the ProgPower selections; being one of the people who listened and selected the bands, he had a good impression of us, so he decided to contact us and discuss about DVS Records. So far we are really satisfied with his work, a good small label with such great bands.

'Dynamic Lights' has been out for a while now and it looks like the reviews are overwhelming positive. Do you have an idea about the success of the album in stores or amongst the people? Are you satisfied about the way things are going?
As I said before we are completely satisfied about how the things are going right now. As you may know it is always difficult for a new band to make the first steps, but for us it seems that everything was perfect. The people are giving us a really good response all over the world, and for us that's a great thing. Of course the most beautiful thing still remains the after show with the fans and people who has appreciated your music for the first time, this is just amazing. Regarding the sales we have never thought about making money, I don't know how many bands can do business right now with the music market conditions, the only thing we care is playing our music, be able to spread it and let people enjoy what we have created, anyway as far as I know everything is doing well.

Can you go a bit deeper into musical taste of the members of the band. Do they all like just prog metal or is your music a blend of their diverse preferences?
This is a really good question, I could answer you with two words or write you a poem about it, but I will try to stay in the middle. I think that our diverse preferences and tastes have helped Dynamic Lights music to be so various and I hope to sound so different. We listen many different bands and we are interested in all kind of music. We all have different tastes too, so Matt for example like so much Hard Rock and Melodic Rock, while Raffa likes world music and electronic, Giovanni likes classic music and old rock, Simone listen and study a lot of jazz and fusion.

Dynamic Lights' music has an important featuring role for the keyboards and they are exquisite on 'Shape'. Can you tell a bit more about your keyboardist Giovanni Bedetti?
Giovanni started to study “piano” when he was really young and some years ago he was graduated music conservatory in Piano. Then he started to play keyboard too and he studied to improve his abilities with an electronic instrument, with electronic sounds and synths. But when he plays you can always listen his classic influences. He studied a lot of Skriabin's compositions and Debussy's music too so they are his favourite composers together with Beethoven. His favourite period for classical music is the beginning of 900.

But also singer Matteo Infante took lessons at the Music Academy, so I guess that's why a debut sounds so mature and skilful…
We all selected different ways to improve our skills but we studied a lot with our instruments. As I said Giovanni was graduated in a music conservatory, Matt studied in a music academy and Simone is studying in a music academy too. I studied with a personal teacher in the first years of my career and Raffa improve his abilities by himself. But I think our music is so mature because we always listen a lot of music and because we had a lot of experiences before we released our first album.

Jamina Jansson does guest vocals on 'In The Hands Of A Siren'. How did this collaboration come into being?
We listened to her for the first time some years ago when we bought 'The Window Purpose', the first album of Wolverine and we contacted her with the help of Stefan Zell, the singer of the Swedish band. He is really a kind man and helped us to make this collaboration possible. Jamina was interested in our music so everything went well and now we can be proud of this song and the beautiful performance of Jamina Jansson. At least we have to thanks our singer Matt too, because he believe in this collaboration and made it possible, he set up everything.

One of the things that struck me was the little line up changes that happened within the band. That must be positive to create music and good flow. Does it mean you all know each other for a long time as friends?
Yes we think this is very important for a band and we are proud to play with the same team since a lot of years. We are friends before being a band, and when we selected the right people for Dynamic Lights we never looked for good musicians, but we always looked for beautiful people. Today, after a lot of gigs, an European tour, an album and many other experiences we are like a family.

Before 'Shape' you released a demo and an EP. What about the music on these issues? Is it the same style or very different?
The first demo titled 'Night Lights' was recorded when we were really young and without experiences so it doesn't sound good. The music is a kind of “progressive”, the songs were original but not mature and not well played. Resurrection was our first professional experience and I think we recorded a good self produced EP. It was full of energy: it is less deep and mature than 'Shape', but it's powerful and fresh, and it's the first official release of Dynamic lights with the actual line-up (Resurrection was published in 2002).

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When you recorded 'Shape' it must have been an exciting experience for you. Can you tell a bit more about the recording process?
'Shape' was recorded in a fantastic studio (Fear Studio it's not so big, but the sound engineer Riccardo Pasini is really great and he can use a lot of good gear to record. At the beginning we recorded drums and bass, then we made a demo of 'In The Hands Of A Siren' for Jamina Jansson with guitar, keys and vocals in the pre-mix. After this we continued to record guitars, keyboard and then vocals and solos. After the recording sessions we mixed the album together with Riccardo Pasini. It was a great experience and we had beautiful days in a small “bed & breakfast” near the studio, waking-up on morning and playing all the day.

Another important thing on an album are the lyrics. Who writes them and what are the biggest sources of inspiration?
Usually Matt, our singer, write the lyrics for our songs and he wrote all the lyrics for Shape too. Our songs tell about a lot of different subjects because there are not limits for us in lyrics like in music too…we only want to express our feeling and our ideas. So sometimes we want play with fantasy and search different ways to tell a story, sometimes we tell about personal emotions, but in other moments we need to face real facts and problems, so we write serious and deep lyrics, like in The Big Show.
Shape face many different themes.

You also got some attention on radio and TV shows. Any details on that?
We are often contacted by radios that are specialized in progressive music but we get attention from small general radios too, especially in Italy and in our city. I know they are not so big radios and we will not get attention from major radios, but this is always a good promotion and we will try to do our best to present Shape. We had a collaboration with the Italian satellite channel Rock TV, which decided to include us inside their Rock TV tour and to let us present their program called “Database” for a day. It was really an incredible experience.

I have noticed you play a lot of gigs. Are there any new tour plans in the pipeline?
Until now we played more than forty gigs and we are pride of it. We think live shows are really important for a band because they are the best way to present the music to the audience and to create a link between musicians and fans. During these years we supported great bands like Pain Of Salvation, Shaman, Lacuna Coil, Labyrinth and Nightingale, and we had great opportunities to promote our album "Shape" and to improve ourselves by looking at these fantastic artists. At the moment we are waiting and are really excited because we will play at the prestigious “ProgPower Europe” festival on Sunday 2nd October. Some day ago we had a live gig in Italy too and it was a good night, with a lot of people. Now we are planning new live gigs so check out our tour page at to know the next events.

Do you have any ideas for new songs already?
We never stopped to compose new songs but after the release of 'Shape' we were really busy because we had the tour with Nightingale and some live gigs (one with Italian band Labyrinth!) so at the moment we have only three songs ready. These new songs are an evolution –not really a revolution- of our style but there are new elements that will be a surprise for our fans.

If you look back on this year, what was the most kicking experience for Dynamic Lights?
At the moment I think we have to search in the near future to find the most kicking experience of the year because we will play at Progpower Festival 2005 with Pain Of Salvation, Pagan's Mind, Wolverine, Cloudscape and Aurora Project. But if I look back this year I find a lot of great events for our career, like the release of 'Shape' and the beautiful European tour with Nightingale and Tomorrow's Eve.

And what are your wishes/plans for the near future?
We would play a lot of gigs to promote 'Shape' and at the same time we want to write music for the next album that I hope will be ready for the first months of the next year. Then we don't know what we will do but we are sure we will try to do our best to play good music and to search new original “progressive” solutions for our style.

Thanks a lot for answering these questions and to show your interest in the review on Lords of Metal. Good luck and see you at ProgPower!
Thank you for your time and for your interest in our music. Thanks to all the readers too, we hope to see you at the next gigs. In the meanwhile check out our website and join our music

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