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Afgelopen maand wist het Duitse Deadlock mij compleet te overdonderen met hun meest recente album 'Earth.Revolt', wat een mengeling van Hypocrisy, Dimmu Borgir, Opeth, Dark Tranquillity en rustige pianopassages met vrouwenzang was. Aangezien deze band toch al wat langer meedraait en hun levensvisie toch wel wat afwijkt van die van de gemiddelde metalband, leek het me een goed idee zanger/gitarist en oprichter Joe Prem eens wat vragen door te mailen.

Door: Michiel B. | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

Even though your 'Earth.Revolt' album was the first one to be reviewed in our magazine Deadlock has been around for a longer time. Can you please introduce the band to our readers?
Ok, here we go. My name is Joe and I am responsible for the vocals and lyrics in Deadlock. The other two founding members of deadlock are Tobias/drums and Sebastian/guitar and we started back in 1997. To complete the five-piece metalmachine Deadlock we found Thomas/bass and Gert/guitar. In the last eight years we played tons of shows, met lots of cool people that became new friends and of course recorded some material. Let me give you a short discography:

1999: Self titled 7"
2001: MCD "I'll Wake You When Spring Awakes" on Winter Recordings
2002: CD "The Arrival" on Winter Recordings
2003: Split CD with SixReasonsToKill on Winter Recordings
28th of June 2k5: CD 'Earth.Revolt' on Lifeforce Records

I rewarded the album with 85 out of a possible 100 points and I think it has a very good chance to end up in my annual list later on. How have the reactions on 'Earth.Revolt' been so far?
Up to now all the reviews and reactions on 'Earth.Revolt' have been really awesome, most of the people seem to like our new baby just like we do. And we all can't wait for the street date of our new CD, to hear more comments and stuff.

One thing that wondered me after hearing 'Earth.Revolt' was that Deadlock originates from the hardcore/straight-edge/vegan scene. Do you think it is strange I wouldn't associate you with either one of these styles and classified the album under 'death metal'?
No that's not strange at all, we don't have very much in common with what is known as hardcore nowadays. Our roots are in the hardcore scene but with the years we turned more and more to a metal band. The only thing that I would say is hardcore are the lyrics, because they still deal with the most important topics: veganism and straight edge.

Before hearing 'Earth.Revolt' unfortunately I hadn't heard of Deadlock before. But my colleague and musical know-it-all Evil Dr. Smith did and he described your music like the earlier mentioned styles. Has Deadlock undergone a major musical transformation lately and how had this been received by your fans who have followed the band from the very beginning?
As I already said in the question before we became more and more metal with every record, but I do not think that this was a problem for the fans, because we always kept our somehow special sound. 'Earth.Revolt' is just the next step for us, everything is getting tighter, we all improved our musical skills and I think if people liked the songs from our split cd with Six Reasons To Kill, they will just love our new material.

But the lyrics have remained the way they were?
Yeah...that's right, lyricwise you still could think you deal with a hardcore band. The message is always focused on the solution of economical problems and respecting nature and all living beings on earth. As one of the last standing vegan straight edge bands in Europe it is simply a must to show that these ideals are more than just a fucking trend, it is still a commitment for live and not just about wearing a shirt and living meat free for two weeks...

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The album sounds to me, as a metal head, like a mixture of Hypocrisy with some touches of Dimmu Borgir, Dark Tranquillity, Opeth as well as some melodic stuff when your keyboard player and female vocalist Sabine enters the songs. By which bands has Deadlock been inspired actually?
We are inspired by all styles of black and melodic death metal, but we don't have any special bands that influenced us really; we always try to ignore musical influences when we compose new songs to give deadlock its very own specific sound and we are also not afraid of mixing different styles as long as the final composition sounds great.

By mentioning keyboardist/female vocalist Sabine one thing that struck me was that according to your biography she is no permanent band member even though her presence on the album, on which she even has her 'own' song called 'Harmonic', is hard to be ignored. What is the story behind this?
Yeah, that question should be put on our homepage to the faq's. In every interview we have to deal with this hard one. Sabine is a professional musician and therefore she is not a permanent band member of Deadlock, because she is just too busy with her other bands. She always helps us out when we hit the studio and she will appear on some special shows this year, but most of the time the computer does her job when we play live.

'Earth.Revolt' is the first album you have released for your new label Lifeforce Records. How have you managed to clinch a deal with this well-respected label and how has the corporation with them been so far?
After our Split CD with SixReasonsToKill on Winter Recordings it was simply time for us to find something new and bigger. So we recorded promo-songs and got in touch with lots of labels all over the world, finally Lifeforce Records showed interest in a collaboration and we made this multi-album deal. For us this deal is just perfect because they are worldwide respected and support both our music and message, so we found the perfect partner in crime for the next years. The collaboration is very professional but also really relaxed so far, that makes us look forward to the next bombs we will drop together.

Now that you have signed to a bigger label I may assume there will be a chance to catch you live on stage to promote the album, right?
Definitely.... we will tour Europe for the first two weeks of August together with DignityDiesFirst and appear on lots of festivals this summer. So all of you should check our homepage for the latest news and tour dates. With Slipstream we also found a great booking agency that helps us finding shows and promoting our new baby live on stage.

How do you see the band's future and what do you hope to have achieved in let's say about five years from now?
In five years? Well, hopefully we completed our contract with Lifeforce Records and signed a new one with them. All we want to achieve with Deadlock is spread our message and music to the boys and girls on this planet and tour lots of different places. The next steps will be the summer-tour, a video-shot and hopefully lots of other tours to come (hopefully in the USA or Japan one day) and of course recording new material. But to be honest, we already achieved more we expected when we started with Deadlock eight years ago. So lets see what the future brings...

Any additions to this interview?
Thank you very much for your interest. Thanks to you, ladies and gentlemen for reading and be sure to check us out live when you get the chance. Prepare for the 'Earth.Revolt' on the 28th of June! Take care. Go vegan. XjoeX

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