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The Fellowship Of The Ring

Vorige maand was ik tamelijk overdonderd door de demo 'A Legend Of The Elves' van het Italiaanse Tolkien-ensemble Fellowship Of The Ring. Wat de demo van deze aor-band onderscheidde van het gros van de cd's die ik binnenkrijg, is de kracht om unieke melodiën en een verhalende sfeer schept. En dan boeit het niet zo bijzonder dat het geluid niet het beste is"we hebben het hier over een beloftvolle band die een succesvolle demo wellicht kan laten opvolgen door een ditto cd. Een voorstelrondje met toetsenist Marcello Piccinini.

Door: Ferdi | Archiveer onder hardrock / aor

Your cd 'A Legend Of The Elves' seems to have quite a history. Could you tell us something about how the 2004-version came into being?
"I am a guy who wants to play better and better. We recorded the cd a couple of years ago. Actually we did not have a great recording studio at the time, so we decided to record and mix again and again to reach an acceptable quality. That's why I decided to remake cd with a better sound-quality and one new song."

Your music seems to incorporate elements from various styles of music, ranging from metal to sympho and AOR. How did you end up with such a wide spectrum of musical influences?
"I listen to all groups that I can find. My favourite groups are Gotthard, Nightwish, Dream Theater and Survivor. You can imagine what kind of sound you will find if you mix all these influences and combine them to one sound."

Could you tell us a bit about how your music is composed and what equipment you used during the writing and - especially - the recording of the album?
"I started to write a story. I begin writing all of the songs with my keyboard singing them by myself. Then I call all of the other band members and we record the full band version at my small recording studio just inside my house."

The band is based around your ideas. How does it influence the sound of the band when you have a keyboardplayer as the bandleader?
"The music on the cd is keyboard oriented for sure. But you can see that like a good point. I wanted to create a sound that resembles a soundtrack of a movie. You can hear clearly that the sound is keyboard oriented and the guitar sound it's not so …great. I guess the guitar sound is our weakest point but, damn, this is only a demo."

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What can you tell us about the lyrical content of your new cd?
"It is a concept album, like a legend. You have to imagine the story and listen the CD relaxing. It talks about friendship, revenge and battles."

What do you hope to achieve with the release of your cd, ad what are your plans for the near future?
"I hope all can understand their feelings and don't think only about the perfect quality of the professionals release. You can find guys that rock everywhere. Just open your mind and let them show you how the music can touch your feelings even if you don't have a record label yet. I wrote a lot of new songs but I do not want to waste them away. I am looking for a good chance to record them with the max quality I can, so all the reviews will stop to put lights on the sound quality and will focus on the emotions that I want to give. We have got an incredible amount of good reviews but we can do better than this."

The name of the band is The Fellowship Of The Ring. Of course, this calls for some Tolkien-related questions. First of all, could you tell me why you choose this name?
"I love the book, I love the movie and I love fantasy style. I wanted to create a 'fellowship' of friends that play music for passion and honestly we wanted to get the chance to being famous when the first movie was on screens. We mixed the ideas and the result is Fellowship Of The Ring."

The hype surrounding the films seems to finally have calmed down. How do you think the films have changed the way the world looks at the works of professor Tolkien?
"The movies are great and people finally started to use the imagination. Even if you don't read the book you can understand there is another world. You can understand there is another way of living using fantasy in your life. Now people demand atmosphere, honour and courage. It is a positive way of thinking."

Many metal bands use Tolkien-lyrics and themes in their music. Why do you think do many bands find it such a convenient combination, metal and Tolkien?
"Fantasy and metal form a good combination because you can mix the power of the sound with the epic style of the lyrics. It means they find people who love that combination. If you make people happier it's always great."

Professor Tolkien wrote in the foreword of his most famous novel The Lord Of The Rings, that the book had one flaw he was willing to admit: that the story was too short. Which part of the story do you personally feel could have or should have been more extensively covered?
"I think if it could have been a never-ending story. You can focus on love. You can focus on battles that are absolutely too short. But in fact you MUST use your imagination to keep the story long as you want…long as you need."

Finally: who is your favourite LotR-character and why?
"My favourite character Tolkien created is Gandalf. I love mages. Magicians are like sages who always know what to do. They use a kind of power you cannot see…. Coming from the inside. Do you know what character I play in the videogame 'World Of Warcraft'? Also a mage."

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