Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.


The smaller festivals tend to have a better camaraderie and feel to them, also they're more about the music than the money. So we would rather play Party San than support Metallica. Three months with Lars Ulrich seems like a fucking punishment...

Aeon Patronist

My first great musical revelation was the discovery of Dissection's ‘Storm Of The Light's Bane', I still listen to this masterpiece regularly, this is an album that was made to last forever.

Ancient Rites

I think this orchestral grandeur, the classical influences and medieval elements contribute in a large way to the atmosphere of a song; as if they open the portals to the worlds of the past described in the lyrics even more.


Writing music for me has to be fun and usually that translates to taking risks and switching things up.


It’s depressing that I earn more money doing that than from writing and performing my own songs.


We hope that with lots of good reviews and playing plenty of shows we will eventually catch the interest of a label that can help us achieve our goals.


We play old-school thrash metal in the veins of Slayer, Destruction, Sodom, Sepultura and others such alike.


From the third album onwards we decided to just do the music we love in the style that we believe in ourselves. That was for us really the key to success.


I have no real education, all I know is heavy metal.


At that time, in the beginning, I never thought there would be a connection between what we were doing and those progressive bands. That was just something you listened to outside the band.

Eternal Wisdom

I could never identify with the idea of “trueness” and “elitism” in black metal.

Evil Invaders

We do not care about being original or innovative, we try to create kick-ass music and give the fans a great time. That is the essence of this band.

Ghost Iris

It’s a way of underlining that the dream world of the human mind is incredible, unstoppable and you can make [i]anything[/i] happen with it.

Godless Angel

‘Harvester Of Shadows’ is everything I had hoped it would be and more!


Most people have said the cover sucks, which makes it cool!


I think Grapeshot is a breath of freedom. We are different to any band you’ve listened before and still very familiar an enjoyable.


All these songs you can see as a sort of tribute to the kinds of metal we like.


The basic fundament was and will always be VENOM!


I think black metal these days have become some much more than staying “true”, and for us especially it's important to have this kind of high quality production to make the songs and details come to life.


I try not to focus too much on what others so, I just try to do what I like to do and hope that people like that.


We simply are more aware of what we do and we are digging deeper and deeper inside ourselves.

Keep Of Kalessin

From ‘Armada’ on we decided to drop the corpse paint and move away from traditional black metal. We wanted to continue doing our own epic extreme metal.


I was not a drug dealer, I was not skipping school days, I was not fighting with anybody, I was not stealing, all I did was liking this metal music. And they were making my life a living hell for that!


The Owl is Night, and Night is the Owl.


I really think it is all about education, bringing the people the possibility to find it out for themselves instead of not having to follow any form of authorities blindly.

Perdition Temple

I actually prefer the more guerrilla type process of doing as much as possible outside of a paid per hour studio.


We’ve been incredibly lucky to be able to cross many things off our “bucket-lists”, but of course we are still hungry to keep working at it and see where the coming years take us!


We never do anything half-way, we do things for real or we avoid doing them.

Robby Valentine

First of all I would like to mention that I never know beforehand in what direction an album is heading as this is highly dependent on how the writing process is developing itself.

Rotten Casket

The sound is like a ton of bricks landing on your head when you plug in and start playing.


That is our goal for sure, as long as our fans are with us.

Saturnalia Temple

It is not made for anyone’s listening pleasure, this is something we had to do.


The record industry had just slept through a development and was just whining on about illegal downloads and other things instead of adapting to it and bringing an own concepts to life.


We sound better, we perform better live and we're a more fun act to watch nowadays.


I think many of us like Johnny Depp and his movies. He is awesome, but the reason for the ships on the album covers is that we are dreamers, rockers, musicians and we need some kind of headquarters or sanctuary where we can dream and relax.

Surrender The Coast

We are a band, who love being on the road.

The Midnight Ghost Train

I never understood the stoner rock title. I just thought we were playing rock and roll.

The Storyteller

I tend to actually do some tracing regarding the theme that the album should be about. I am careful to get the right facts to what I write about.


I think the situation in music business becomes worse day by day. The business all evolves around cover bands, and a lot of venues for live music are closing.

Viper Solfa

To be honest, I couldn’t give a rats ass about what people think when I’m composing and writing stuff. There is no time to worry about other people’s expectations, they are FAR lower than my own expectations anyway.


Visigoth stood out for its simplicity, its historical connotations, and the imagery evoked.


We're all very attracted to the idea of doing the stuff ourselves and that we actually have the ability to do it quite successfully.

Wake The Nations

And in one wedding party where a local priest got so drunk that he took his clothes off and partied in his underwear only.