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Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.

A Pale Horse Named Death

Ik heb 'Black No. 1' misschien wel drieduizend keer gespeeld, maar er zijn mensen in het publiek die nog niet zo lang fan zijn of de band wellicht nog nooit live hebben gezien en waar dat dan het favoriete nummer van is. Die willen dat zien en horen en je wilt dat ze naar huis gaan met de herinnering dat wij hun favoriete nummer hebben gespeeld.

All That Remains

It was pretty clear that what we had made with Oli, was the last thing that he did with us. And it was clearly sure that the people would have to hear what he did. So we continue playing. And this album will be our tribute to Oli.

All Them Witches

The music industry knows that they can get a good looking artist to sing a hit song that was born out of an algorithm in a computer, that is just bland enough that everyone can understand it and relate. Being a musician basically just gives one the tools to be snobby about music.


My friends had naked chicks on their wall, I had basses.


Matias Kupiainen of Stratovarius is the older brother of our drummer Topias. He has also mixed both of our albums and worked as the producer of our debut ‘Last Of Us’.


Maybe I am an Englishman trapped in a body of a German. I like those places where a normal modern civilest would think: this is old and broken, but Englishmen embrace their traditions.

Burning Witches

Some people thought that we are just a bunch of females who are trying hard to fit in to this male dominated world of metal. But we are here to play good music and not only to look pretty on stage.


For me Tony Iommi is the best and most influential guitarist/songwriter on the planet. Him playing on one of my songs is mind-blowing!

Carnal Forge

We cannot change the past but we can make the future great.

Chapel Of Disease

It’s just what it is: a development that happens in a natural way and that isn’t forced by thoughts of being outstanding at any costs.

Crypt Trip

When you live in a trailer, you feel like you're a part of the scenery and atmosphere a lot more than if you're in a house. Waking up everyday and being greeted by cows and a sunrise over the fields definitely affected me as a songwriter.


`Eclipse` is about the darkness within you, within me, within all of mankind.

Dream Theater

We only have this isolated speck in the vastness of space, so we have to keep it healthy. Because the planet is also alive and if we abuse it, it will see to it that we are gone. The planet can go on without us, but we cannot go on without the planet.


The main challenge is always to create something better than our previous work.


When we make a record, it is like a movie for your inner eye.

Fleddy Melculy

So everyone throws themself on stage, let everything go and then you have that pure energy that you hear. That is much more fun than those perfectly played songs as on our studio albums.

For I Am King

With predecessor ‘Daemons’ we went more with a mythical theme. We wanted to tell stories to distract people from their daily life. With ‘I’ we tried to write about things we see around us and things we have experienced. Things we have an opinion about and why people do some things.

Frozen Land

Well no, and the suicide rates have been also improving a lot lately! We are at the European average nowadays.

Grand Magus

When I got into heavy metal, no band explained that much of the lyrics. And I think that is part of the charm of the genre.

Grave Decay

We are currently looking for musicians with at least the same experience as us to team up with because we want to have the lineup complete to be able to play live. But we’re also looking for the right personalities to connect with as well because that’s really important.

Green Carnation

We did not want 90% but 100%, while we initially considered it as commercial suicide.


The shorter length of Vector might initially put some of our die-hard fans off, but it’s simply a case of us streamlining our ideas and cutting out the excess fat within each composition.

In Flames

We all wear masks sometimes. If we should be totally open to everything it would be too much to handle, because we are not used to that.

In The Woods

We are not melancholic by choice, we would love to be happy and contented people! But we are not. And if we were, we probably would not be artists.

Internal Bleeding

Internal Bleeding was one of Bill’s biggest passions, and simply throwing our hands up and giving in would be the last thing he wanted. As a matter of fact, if we gave up, he’d come right from the afterlife and beat the shit out of all of us.

Jon Schaffer’s Purgatory

We are truly a band of brothers and we used to be totally crazy back in the days. Celebrating this for fun together, as friends who meet again, that’s what it is all about.

Last Of Us

In truth, metal, rock, punk and those derivatives is honest music. Those musicians and fans don’t just play or listen that music, it’s a part of their lives.

Legion of the Damned

Legion is not about storytelling and preaching a message, it is just banging, violence and aggression.

Metal Church

We captured the old sound again and made it a little more like Metal Church again.

Nailed To Obscurity

Consciously we have used more clean vocals, we have used a different guitar sound and overall we made it much more atmospheric.


It`s an underused idea, but we certainly explore dissonance. Grey areas are usually more interesting than black and white.

Off The Cross

Who needs a big house and a pool if you can see the world and play music every day.


Music has to evolve to be interesting, and I like that many bands are pushing the borders of any genre to make something special. At the same time, it is nice that some bands are keeping it true.

Our Survival Depends On Us

Sometimes it is one word in the lyrics or one note in the guitar, but we remove it if it ruins the flow. Within the band, there exists empathy, trust and interaction.


Twenty-two years between the new album and the previous album ‘Skycontact’ is a long time!


We’ve had a lot of good times in The Netherlands - we have lots of good friends there. We know Tilburg quite well, as that’s where the label was based. It was always a great time hanging out with Ruud from Neurotic Records, and spending time in The Little Devil pub.

Rotting Christ

Dit album draag ik op aan allen die blijven uitkomen voor een eigen mening.

Shadow Matter

For this project I did write all the music and did the decision making for recording the album.


I do however think that most of our existing fans are smart, curious and open-minded people who already have a broad musical horizon, so I can’t see any problem with them joining Shining into new musical territories.


One of the things I love with this band is that the passion for music comes first. Our passion is to play music live. However, doing that too much takes away that joy. I think we really found a good balance. We tour enough to get the music out there and meet our audience, but not so much that it becomes a burden.

Steven Wilson

When Rock music has become a kind of parody of itself, no one is going to take it seriously.

Swallow The Sun

I think the title tells the story in itself. That`s how it is.

The Tangent

It's basically about the fact that I always wished I was a woman.

Tribe Of Pazuzu

Tribe Of Pazuzu is my contribution to what Canadian extreme metal is.


It is true, everybody who does not die in battle goes to hell. It is not the hell of the Bible, but the hell of Nordic mythology and it is dark and cold and misty and gloomy. A very boring place actually and it is also the name of the goddess who guards the same realm.


A tentacular capitalist stupid monster that rules the world leading straight towards an announced climate catastrophe.


In 2015 we decided once and for all, that now the time was right!


There will be a day of reckoning coming and I welcome it!


I´m pretty sure that you can hear that in many Scandinavian bands that there is some special kind of atmosphere that you just can’t fake or find anywhere else in the world.


It`s alarming how since Brexit has been in the foreground of British media, these changes to public privacy have been forgotten about by many people, particularly the press.