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Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.

7 Miles To Pittsburgh

We had no fixed formula, but just went in the studio to try and write the best music we possibly could.

Abhorrent Decimation

I wanted to know about clothes, architecture, food, drink, smells, sounds...

Across The Atlantic

I think now more than ever the state of affairs and the pulse of America is troublesome, communities are segregated, isolated and unity seems to be at an all-time low. With this is mind we want to cling to the one thing in life that we feel is universal: ‘Music’.


Someone on YouTube said we sound like heavy Ed Sheeran. Until we find something better I’ll go with this.

Arch Enemy

We always want to make the music as good as it can possibly be.


We can’t keep making the same record so every time we’ll try some things we never have.

Astaroth Incarnate

We don’t like to conceal our creativity by trying to just write one type of music. As long as the music sounds dynamic and interesting, we’ll keep drawing as many influences as we please and keep evolving as a band.


I always thought that nothing could kill me. But I learned my lesson.

Black Messiah

Now that the big hype is over, today our scene is healthy and every pagan festival is a big happening for the bands and for the fans.

Caligula’s Horse

The Dutch have always been incredibly welcoming to us, and the Netherlands is a blast to play.

Celtic Frost

BMG didn’t even have to get me involved. They own the rights to all these albums. They didn’t need to involve me, but they did, and I appreciate that.


‘Final Man’ is about a world where the only noteworthy life events are utterly humiliating, death is a boring slog, and you are a faceless scrub getting washed down the gutter with the rest of the rubbish.

Cradle Of Filth

My favourite songs never make it to the live set.

Dead Lord

Spain is warm and nice, and the beer is cheap, so we were happy to go there.

Decrepit Birth

It is more about the song than showing off our skills.

Deny The Urge

This motherfucker played my shit exactly note by note while beating his kit to a pulp.

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter

It is not our intention to be more brutal than Cannibal Corpse. We have a lot of emotions to share. Everything you experience as a common human being.


Even if you only have one flute, you can create a dark and grim atmosphere if you do it right.

End Of Green

Even between the five of us there’s about seven different interpretations of the title, the artwork and the songs. We never came closer to „art“ than on ‚Void Estate‘.


We thought that these songs deserved more than being used as bonus tracks.


I played in a few bands in high school that covered Death songs including ‘Symbolic’ and the ‘Philosopher’.

Exit Eden

The main requirement for us was that these re-recorded pop songs needed to sound different and fresh once being an Exit Eden song.


We want people to reflect themselves as independent individuals and take responsibility for themselves.

For All We Know

On the previous album we had many guests and I didn’t want that for the new album.

Gods Of Silence

We are trying to get a good support tour this winter or spring, but it is not so easy to get a good one.

In Reverence

'The Selected Breed' is basically our musical description of our world as a Darwinian dystopia.


The end result is just sick!

Into The Arcane

A lot of Scandinavian bands have titles in their own language but sing in English, so why shouldn't we? In the end is just about creating music and being in free in the process.

Janet Gardner

We didn’t really have a formula that we used to go through the writing process, we just let all the ideas come to the surface and started working from there.


We think that the conjunction between music and artwork should become a single entity, something valuable, unique and meticulously thought out as a whole. This is something that a fucking mp3 of doubtful quality, downloaded from a website, can't give you.


We’re just a band, it is the audience that is important.


I mean seeing Destroyer 666, Watain or Carcass surrounded by stupid assholes dressed as dicks, dinosaurs, whatever fucking animals or TV bullshit heroes it is clearly not my vision attending a metal show.


As a natural consequence the song material is much more varied than what we used to do in the past.


Slayer-fans want to see one band: Slayer!

Present Danger

We don’t limit ourselves to a certain direction, the only requirement is that the song needs to have a guitar solo!

Progenie Terrestre Pura

Regarding the ‘dubstep’ and ambient music influences, we all listen to electronic music in general so we decided that it was time to try to ‘put it in the metal’, disobeying to master Fenriz, haha!

Rings Of Saturn

I think groove is very important.


I think that we are at a point that we must wake up, face the facts and completely change our course, because the course that humanity is taking today, leads straight to extinction.

Sun Of The Sleepless

What comes out of me nowadays is like the combination of the last twenty-five years of music.


If you want us to make the same album over and over again, you are listening to the wrong band.

Tau Cross

What we see outside is generally a consensual projection of what we agree on being a society.

The Black Capes

The idea behind The Black Capes was how gothic rock would sound if it came out today.

The New Roses

Back then you would get a record deal over five albums. The first three Springsteen albums didn’t sell. Imagine the record company would have dropped him.

The Tangent

Spotify is essentially the rape of music. It's legal, but so are nuclear weapons.


A good catchy song is the big secret.


We don’t want to look at what others are doing to adapt to that sound or what’s popular.


There’s always…ALWAYS…a place for self-mockery in music.


So I put myself in the cellar with a few bottles of Jack Daniels and I started implementing my ideas for the songs. My metal heart has spoken on this album, haha.