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Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.


The existence of AZOOMA is a proof that death metal is not forbidden in Iran.


I stopped listening to music about three years ago.


For me it was good to take a break from the band and just do my own thing for a while. For this album we took our time and we had fun again.


We want to get the melting pot gets cranking and when you start to write, the original ideas aren’t wearing your influences on your sleeves in an obvious way. I have never tried to write a Genesis bit or play a Periphery riff, that’s not me!


You can always be aware, but don’t let it bring you down. The solution does not lie with politics, it lies within yourself.


The trend today is to make music everyone and their grandma can listen to without getting offended.


I think it was the first time that I really thought about my guitar solos, because usually I leave it more… for the last minutes, trying to improvise here and there, but this time I really wanted to do my very best.

Sound Storm

We’d like to invite everybody to join us by entering the gates of ‘Vertigo’. That’s not a “simple” metal album, that’s a journey inside the men’s powers and fears. Give us a chance, you won’t be disappointed!


People need to stop shying away from the human-qualities in their art; over-perfection and too much afterthought is the death of spontaneity.


Don’t follow trends, be yourself and all that junk.