Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.

Apostle Of Solitude

We were all a little surprised at the reaction some people had to it, honestly. I think we just saw it as a metaphoric photo concept and it fit the solemn feel of the record.


I don’t think in terms of genres.


None of them read bar lines or anything, they communicate in patterns of riffs and choirs.

Blind Guardian

Back in the 80s I knew every metal band, like a real metal specialist does. But nowadays I’m just curious, and if something catches my attention I will listen to it and buy it. I still buy a lot of records, but don’t have to know everything spontaneously. Back then however, it was a must!


I guess the difference is that I strive to be different, while most bands using the TNBM-term is striving to be something like Darktrone anno 1991.


Both of them get down on all fours and simply try to penetrate one another.

First Aid

We had to search for a new six-stringer that would fit in with a bunch of alcoholic retards.

Furor Gallico

My music income is what I get when a fan asks for my autograph or a pic with me.

Gov’t Mule

That chemistry is not about achieving perfection, it is about musical satisfaction.

In Malice’s Wake

My four days in Wacken as an audience member in 2010 remain as some of my greatest memories, so to be able to play on a world stage like that would be a dream come true!

Insanity Reigns Supreme

On ‘Unorthodox’ there was the overarching idea to embrace everything that felt right to turn the album into one giant avalanche of molten metal that submerges the listener.

King Heavy

It took me some time to adjust to the time-schedules of gigs in South-America. Although I’m a night owl I found a bit strange in the beginning that gigs often only start from around midnight.

Kouzin Bedlam

Least of all do we need these prefabricated rock star rebels being just dangerous enough, rebelling against what we as westerners already have defined as “wrong”. Hell no! What we need are renaissance men and women driven by the bold dream of creating a masterpiece!


This band knows its place in the world of heavy music, but we`re still the mud at the bottom of the sea…I know we`re a great band, we just got to prove it to everyone else. Without licking anyone’s ass.


The idea for the 'Quid Pro Quo' title actually came about when I was watching the ‘Lion King’ one day while very hungover, haha.


What initially starts out as a simple idea, becomes something totally different once everyone joins in and has their dirty way with it.


The guys know how I work by now and there is really nothing to gain from pressuring me into creating stuff, when the vibe isn't there. But Witherscape got me fired up again and I haven't been able to stop writing stuff since then!


For a great part of the so called ‘scene’ a band should pay for the recordings, pay for the artwork, pay for the photo, pay for the video... and they want you to play without getting paid. That’s so fucking crazy! But yeah, it’s really shit as always!


All talents are gifts from God, and I guess mine is too.

Serious Black

A song like the opening track ‘I Seek No Other Life’ is really very serious. The life that I live that’s the life I want, I don’t want to go somewhere else.


Maybe someday we change our mind and feel the big demand to sing about an epic war between Viking-zombies on motorcycles with laser-bazookas and cyber-werewolves in flying dragonboat-zeppelins shooting battle-axes and chainsaws.


Our music is eternal and reeks of isolation. Our music only works for evil.

Terror Empire

We had only one goal: to make the best record possible.


I feel the new album is arranged more stringent than the previous two records which let the flow and tempo changes we still work with not feel harsh and unfocused.


There aren’t many virgins in Satanism.