Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.


Major labels paying big magazines with ads for good reviews and for pushing certain artists. They have their own online shops and stores, then hire PR people disguised as fans and collectors, infiltrating internet forums and groups, and create an artificial bubble with fake limited editions and hypes around certain products.

Any Given Day

It is risky decision for a metal bands to do something like that but we tried to do that which we thought was not a bad idea.

At The Gates

We missed the creative side, writing music together and creating together. So that was a big inspiration to get back and actually writing music.

Blood Farmers

When you’re so close to something and you put every note under a microscope you find things that you wish were better, but if you start doing that you lose something and it sucks out the feeling.


Yes, I expected a shit storm, totally, and it was quite exciting reading the comments as they came in.


I didn’t even bother to ask the others!

Church Of The Dead

Death metal reeks and it should be dirty!

Dark Fortress

The tracks are even longer than before - that came from a desire to give the material enough room to breathe.


‘The Artifact' is behaviour and phenomenon, carved and crafted in stone like a totem for our race, that needs to be crushed: it's a curse waiting to be broken!


I see myself as the father of two sons now.


It has got to be fun to spend so much time together in dark rehearsal spaces, in vans, in the same bed room and on stage. This band is supposed to deliver memories about the good times we had and nothing else really matters.

Ghost Brigade

Formats may vary, but the music inside is what counts.

Horn Of The Rhino

I don´t make evil plans to sound in a certain way, I let the music flow in my head and then through my fingers and mouth. That´s art? If so, you can´t put barriers on art.


We are perfectionists and cannot rest until everything feels right down to the smallest detail.

In Flames

We get along really great but the key is that we have other stuff that we do besides making music and we do that away from the band. That keeps us from hitting each other I guess.


When you buy Khold you know what you get. Cold, dark groovy black metal.


Any minute on any stage is something we look forward to so much!

Machine Head

I think the reason why I became a front man was to force me out of my introvert-ness.


We as humans are selfish to think that what we do cannot affect us in the long run by destroying our ecosystem for example.


I like this murder sound (because I’m deaf).


We found Oestre’s music to be so dense, harmonically and rhythmically complicated, that it kind of drives you crazy like an oestre [i](red. a botfly)[/i] could.


A lot of positive feedback is coming in so far, though I notice that a lot of our long-term fans seem to struggle a little with the diversity and rather short running time of the songs.


Trying to capture our live energy and contain it on our record has been a huge challenge however we feel this record has conveyed this.


At that time we were too much influenced by grunge and all those other styles that became popular back then, which made us not really sound like the Scorpions anymore.


Do not join the volume race even if you do loud music.

Solitary Sabred

Gaze upon the steel for too long and the steel stares back into you I guess, the stuff practically flows in our veins by now, haha!


I left Asphyx to be home more for my kids and it would be weird if I then would gig around with Soulburn.


The world is burning but most people rather bury their faces in their smart phones and are more concerned with updating their Facebook status instead of taking any actions against all the shit that’s going on.

The Body Politic

At the times the band was in high-school they were actually playing Led Zeppelin like covers.

The Sirens

The good thing is that it is not up to us anymore. We simply can do our own thing nowadays.

Thy Darkened Shade

There are many distorted views about what black metal is about, some sing about nature others about their depression and others are just polluting the scene with their social/mundane views. Black metal is only about the will of Lucifer and with this comes the only notion that matters in this life.

Warlord UK

Town and cities are designed by the local fucking councils who just keep closing music venues and turning them into [i]posers paradise[/i] for the [i]trendies[/i] to fulfill the drinking and fighting pub culture. You never see any trouble at rock / metal venues, we are all family, a metal family, yet we are the first to be persecuted. Metal will always, ALWAYS find a way!

While Heaven Wept

This is a combination of all our influences and how everything has developed in that time in a natural way.


I think black metal has always dwelled in the minor, evil end of the musical scales, but to me it has the scope to be beautiful and uplifting as well as dark and brooding.