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Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.

Act Of Defiance

There is really no secret meaning to the title at all.

Cats In Space

Our music is designed to be heard from the start of ‘side1’ to the end of ‘side 2’ in order, not put on an iPod shuffle, we hate that!


What drives us is a shared respect towards each other, I love that about these guys. No egos!

Dead Cross

There was one time in particular where he said to me ‘Dave, alright. We’re gonna roll this. I want you to pretend you’re on your motorcycle and you’re at a race. You’re about to jump this ramp. Imagine you’re coming up to it.’ I said ‘Stop right there… without a helmet!’ He said ‘YES! Yes! That’s what I want!’.

Diablo Blvd

The music was cool in the eighties but it was also a very dark time. I feel that many of those things are coming back now. That was the insertion of the new record and also the new direction that the album was heading.

Edge Of Paradise

We are not looking to be part of whatever is popular, we want to make our music stand on its own.


We focused on having takes which would have “soul” instead of hunting for technical perfection. I really love this kind of approach to music, because music is a form of art and art is expressing something deeper than words can describe.


Since ‘In Times’ I started to get the feeling that we would continue to try and mix these extreme roots of the band with this new progressive, more melodic sound.

Europe (Joey Tempest)

I am very much into politics but I have never put it into music and lyrics. Until now… now we have done a little bit on this record.

Europe (John Leven)

So we brought all great vintage stuff into the studio and this high tech desk that we were about to use for recording remained untouched. Nothing came through this huge modern desk. So we just used the sixties and seventies material.


I think it sounds good to incorporate instruments that are not noisy in this type of music, since it creates not only dynamics, but also the lineage from the times of old.


Like a molten flow of apocalyptic, obsidian magma devouring and cleansing all and sparing no one in its path!


It’s the home of the outcast and the misunderstood, and when you don’t fit anywhere, you will surely feel home in metal.


We believe in our music and in our lyrics, and not in our gender.


We share the same passion with our fans and that's an oath that cannot be broken!


The musical legacy of early black metal bands from the eastern bloc has been dormant for too long and we try to build up on that tradition.

Martina Edoff

I’m not really thinking about what I’m going to write, it just comes out of me.


We have not one but two girls in this line-up, so that really sets us apart…haha!

Mr. Big

So here I am, sitting in the other room, sweating and thinking this is not going to happen. Ten songs on the record and one instrumental, that is not fair.


Power metal is all about sending people home from the show with a smile on their face and not with a broken nose.

Show Of Bedlam

Lack of compassion has always been an issue among human beings and it when it comes to mental illness, I'd say it is a very serious one.


I’m a real country freak also. I love country. My riff influence is definitely 60% Texican country power!

Silver Dust

We are aware we cannot meet everyone’s expectations but the most important for us is to maintain the Silver Dust’s identity and not to try to denature it.


95% of the albums released nowadays are too long if you ask me.


Stass is studio only. Rogga has 399 bands and I can´t remember any lyrics when I´m drunk - and I´m always drunk when playing live...

Terror Empire

The internet knowns no bounderies. People sometimes say it was better in the good old days. But in those good old days, you had boundaries and they were mainly physical.


Our musical output is a direct representation of how we grew as people and our ideas about music. Textures probably only exists by the meaning of evolution. If there was none, we would have stopped right away.

The Black Dahlia Murder

So the real world is sometimes more death metal than fantasy. Sometimes the world can inspire. It is just a sad and a sick place that we live in. The world is in a small decline and there is much horror to watch around us in the world.

The Great Discord

Since this is a concept album with a story to follow, I had a clear vision of this story before most of the music was even written, and I really wanted to give our fans a chance to explore the story together with us.

The Hirsch Effekt

We do everything ourselves. The upside is though that we keep a lot of control of our business and vision – that's important to us. We haven't really found another way around it yet.

Unseen Faith

We are not a band that has a specific agenda to proclaim through our music, but we talk a lot about existentialism and doubt. At the same time, compassion is also something that fills us a lot.