Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.

Amanita Virosa

Whenever your life feels overwhelming and you’re struggling to make it through, just remember that it could be so much worse.


I think pushing musicians beyond their limits is a good thing as producer. That is one of the reasons why I really have positive memories of these sessions, even if they were time consuming and not the easiest ones.

Armored Saint

In heavy metal and hardrock you can always be dark and down, but if you write something dark adding some beauty, it is a different level.

Ayreon - The Theater Equation

Zelfs bij Arjen Lucassen waren er twijfels over de gang van zaken en de opzet, maar zijn adviezen en twijfels zijn natuurlijk in overweging genomen en er is genoeg gediscussieerd en uiteindelijk is iedereen tevreden over het resultaat

Between the Buried And Me

I don’t think people realize we aren’t trying to write fucked up parts, it’s just so imbedded within our makeup to feel those phrases.


Everyone involved has a strong belief in the band and our new album and is eager to get us out there.


All I can say is that Heavy Metal community is so tiny in Tunisia that nobody gives a shit about what we’re doing or saying. But still there’s a problem of mentality and some people have a wrong idea about heavy metal and relate it always to Satanism.


If the whole world would just legalize pot, light up and listen to metal, it would be a much, much better place!

Dead Lord

After all, the reason that we are a band is to be out playing rock, having fun and touring different countries.


We have dedicated our lives to this band and we hope that our music and our will to succeed will inspire people out there.


We really wanted to achieve something that would tear a fucking hole in peoples eardrums so we worked on every detail until we were satisfied.


Know the people you work with, than they can support your vision and bring forth your personality.


People seem to be way happier going to our show than all the lack of joy that the church has brought all these years.


The music movements today seem more about fashion and selling product rather than the music movements of the past like early blues, Jazz, 60’s rock and punk and new wave.


Golers shows, I imagine from the audience's perspective, are heart-wrenching, blood-curdling, mind-melting experiences. Legs have been broken... need I say more?

Hanging Garden

One insane idea we wanted to try was to climb up to this snow-covered small mountain in Kuusamo, with a laptop, mic stand and the interface, and do some of the aggressive vocals there. We had a lucky break of absolutely no wind for a few minutes, resulting in a few usable takes!

Hazy Hamlet

Contemporary metal bands and producers are so worried with the weight of the guitars and the “click” of the bass drums that everything sounds the same, plastic and inorganic – even if extremely well produced.


I actually need a lot of contrast to stay creative.


This album is darker and melancholic and that’s because of the concept. But it has a more progressive approach as well and there’s more space for experimentation in it.

Leaves’ Eyes

This album is actually about my heritage, my birthplace and also a little bit about being homesick, you know.

Majestic Downfall

This has always been for my passion towards Doom Metal and it will remain that way.


With the experience we’ve gained through touring the world and seeing some amazing bands on the way something just suddenly clicks and you think to yourself “Yes! That's it!


I must admit, with this record, we have done something we are all very proud of and will be for years, which is not the case with ‘In This Life Or The Next’.


I wrote hundreds of songs during a five or six year period in the 70s.


We had to reset our minds on what matters most: five guys who create spontaneous music and forget about the fuzz we were going through after ‘Preachers Of The Night’. The chemistry in our rehearsal room, that’s the real spirit!


The songs that are the greatest hits of my life are all melancholic.


What kind of made the band special was that you didn’t know what was coming around the next corner.

Satan’s Wrath

We don’t really try to hide our influences as you might have noticed. If anything we are proud to copy those bands. There is no band I’d like to copy more than Possessed, or Iron Maiden etc. We’re not here to reinvent metal or be experimental or whatever.


I grew up with Savatage’s ‘Edge Of Thorns’ and ‘Wake Of Magellan’, so it’s really an honour for me to sing a duet song with Mr. Stevens himself!


Like I was a kid hearing the song for the first time. When all of it was done and we heard it, I was just so excited…I still get that feeling.

Soul Secret

When writing the story I had my father diagnosed with a mouth cancer. I decided to put this disease in the concept of ‘4’, it was a way to exorcise that.

Sunset In The 12th House

The band name is somehow my way to say goodbye to the era of Pisces and welcome to ages of Aquarius.

The Grotesquery

If I decide to return to doing music... this will be the first project I do work on, but as of right now... I'm considering my music career is on hiatus.

The Last Days Of Fall

I guess we just want what everybody wants. Playing the big stages, going on tours all around the world and maybe earn enough money with our music only.

The Prestige

There are only two festivals a year. Kids have no bright future and want to break free…


We sound more Swedish than old Wombbath ever sounded haha!