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Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.


We don’t play or can be labelled as folk metal anymore. It was a hype, over its heydays now. Even our drinking songs does not sound like folk metal so much anymore.

Astral Doors

I am like a marathon runner, you know. I have to sing, otherwise I don’t feel good.


Jocke was going up on Sabatons tank with a Nosferatu mask. He put some powder on his ass, and turned his fart on fire.


I believe that we unconsciously want to shock people one way or another. That’s our point, making people say ‘What did I just listened to?’ because we want to be innovative and make people expect the unexpected.

Civil War

We put on a music video with Kelly, and I fell in love with his voice immediately. So I was like, “skip the rest, take him!

Cockney Rejects

English football is dead. It’s horrible and I can’t stand it. It’s just money and business, and it’s not about proper fans anymore.

Crystal Viper

‘Trapped Behind’ was the very first song I composed after the surgery. I was playing on my piano and trying my voice again for the first time. Maybe this is why it sounds so emotional, after I played it to our producer he said it would be a perfect song to put on the album.


Forming Dautha can, perhaps, be seen as a counter reaction to the orthodoxy of Griftegård.


You might have a romantic vision of a band, drinking together and acting like blood brothers, but in reality things are different when you really want to make a living of it.

Earth Rot

I’m glad of this band’s pervasive attitude of “hey why not” when it comes to trying new or weird things, which has helped us to avoid becoming yet another retro Stockholm old school death metal band.

Eden Weint Im Grab

Our band name sums up both of our sides. On one hand our music is very dark and dealing with death and sadness, but on the other hand there’s a kind of transcendence and romantic approach behind some of the lyrics, if you look deeper.


I would rather release things with some years in between every release, then to just shit out mediocre things in order to stay relevant.

God Dethroned

I couldn't think of anything I would like to prevent from happening. Not because it wouldn't be good, but simply because something else maybe even far worse would come into its place instead.


That’s also why ‘Silver’ has such a wide range of colors style-wise, but it’s still pure Gotthard all the way.


Time is not on your side when you are in this business.


Since we don't want to sound like thousands of other bands we decided for a thrashier sound rooted in the mid 80s.

Les Discrets

Human beings can be seen as predators. And by being predators to nature, we are also predators to ourselves, because we are part of nature.

Miss May I

We are brothers. All of us are more than best friends. We’ve spent almost every day together the last ten years and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Playing our music is just us having fun 45 min a day!


If you listen to ten recent death metal albums without knowing who is who, I’m sure you will immediately recognize Necrowretch among the rest.

Novembers Doom

If you listen to the first CD we did with both Chris and Dan Swanö (‘The Pale Haunt Departure’ in 2005) and then listen to us now, you can see that they have grown in their respective roles as have we.


Things around here are not good at all.


There is no end in sight to what Pyramaze is capable of accomplishing.


De teksten hebben in mijn ogen wel altijd een soort van introducerende, aanreikende functie gehad, ‘Saille als mentor’, als je het zo wilt noemen, hopend dat het anderen motiveert om zichzelf te beginnen verdiepen in interessantere dingen dan Temptation Island of andere leeghoofdige kutzooi.


In Chile we have a great scene in what respects metal with good bands of heavy, death and thrash.

Spoil Engine

If you really want to catch the right Spoil Engine vibe you need to be in the middle of a circle pit during our show.

The Night Flight Orchestra

I like songs that are really catchy, but actually have a sort of a complicated structure to them. It is an art in itself I guess.

The Unity

As far as I know the chance of The Unity opening for Helloween Pumpkins United is close to zero.


When we first started out we found it really hard to make something unique and I guess that is normal. Now a couple of years later we've finally reached the state we want to be in.


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Venereal Baptism

To me it is just music made to transpose malevolence and blasphemy VB is at 100% intolerant and perverted chaos.

When Icarus Falls

A good blend of hazy atmospheres and loud riffs.