Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.

Alternative 4

Duncan Patterson: I wanted this album to generally have a clear intimate vocal right at the front of the mix, and I think it works well over the bass lines and subtle tremolo guitar parts, as well as the bare piano.


It was quite a lot of work but it has definitely been worth it.


You want to progress, refine certain elements in your songwriting but also expend the borders.

Astral Doors

If you play hard & heavy music I think the lyrics should be hard & heavy as well. We do not sing about flowers or makeup.

Bleeding Utopia

Musicians have bills to pay too.


We are sure there is still a huge space for further development of death metal music. You have mentioned, that our 'Rhyming Life and Death' is the evolution, combining various elements. This is exactly what we intended to do while composing this album.


There used to be more bands like us in Belgium but they are inactive or they just quit.

Darker Half

There's definitely people who want to come out to metal shows, you gotta make sure they know there's a show on.


We wrote this album pretty much chronologically with the idea that the album gets more intense toward the end.

Divine Chaos

We wanted to release a product that could compete with the best bands in the metal scene.

Dog Fashion Disco

I think Tub Ring is compared to us, and we are absolutely sick to death of the Mr. Bungle comparison.


Melancholy is nothing more than being a thinker in the end of the day.


We did have some interest of a few small labels but after outweighing the pros and cons of it, we decided to release it as an independent album which had actually been the intention from the beginning.


There are thousands of good bands out there, buy something original! But that’s the problem, copies are rewarded, originals neglected…


JB is at times quite awkward when it comes to his own planning, which at times results in us finding out quite late that we need a substitute guitarist. Luckily, we always have a good solution at hand in the form of two friends who can help us out on guitar.


We have been so busy that we haven’t had time or found the energy to write ten new kick-ass songs


We chose these songs among other already composed, and we thought to be more suitable to 'co-exist' with each other. Where The Spirits Wander is the spark that erupted within us, allowing us to spread a thousand drops of musica around.

Legion Of Bokor

The song ‘Legion Of Bokor’ has got a line that goes “oil’s more precious today, than blood’s ever been / weapons matter more than some dead child”.


'Arc Light' is actually a statement I wrote for my gravestone. I thought it might be the last thing I ever say. But now I’ve said it, so perhaps there’s more to be said.

Novembers Doom

Novembers Doom will come back to Europe very soon! We’ve been away there too long for sure!

Nucleus Torn

I suggest to listen to the album rather than opting for a user manual. To those who don't understand either the music or the lyrics: Is it too deep, you might be too shallow.

Omega Crom

At an outdoor festival in Alberta we were playing the song ‘Blood Red Moon’, and as I was singing the lyrics ‘roar of thunder crash of lightning’. Thunder and lightning was literally crashing and flashing in the sky. It was an empowering moment of synchronicity.


Ik kan elke maand wel een nieuwe plaat schrijven als ik wil, inspiratie genoeg. Maar om echt een goed nummer te maken, waarbij de gitaar riffs allemaal vet zijn, de melodieën goed klinken en vooral de songstructuren lekker lopen? Dat kost heel veel tijd.


We had to share rooms with strangers on cocaine or something.


I feel the kind of listeners that will be drawn to PHILM will be listeners like me: open minded, always looking for something new.

Project Arcadia

There are only two things that I look for in music – it has to be melodic enough and it has to have excellent vocals.


I think the power of youth is the main thing to make some really good and genuine music. We don´t have it anymore but we are still excited to play music with containing the emotions of life.

Saltatio Mortis

We would be delighted to play in the Netherlands more often. If there are places to play and festivals who would book us we would love to be there and have a blast with all of you.


We are aiming for the audience to keep the replay button on, as there is so much to explore. It is just impossible to grasp anything with the first listening. But the real treat, is to explore in depth the whole package, music-lyrics-artwork.

Set And Setting

It is still sort of surreal to think back on the progress we have made in a couple of years.


Some Blind Guardian vibe will always come along, and this is for sure all right, but with Sinbreed we managed to define ourselves.


I would be very happy if people enjoy and love the album as much as we enjoyed making it.


No secret, just beer fuelled heavy metal!


We wanted it to sound as close to as we do in the rehearsal room as possible. I think we managed that.


I love the night more at summertime, especially in Iceland where you have daylight 24/7. It’s night but there’s light, but all is quiet and the light is this strange kind of light blue colour. It is unique.

Unaussprechlichen Kulten

The lyrical concept corresponds to our “free interpretation” of Lovecraft’s work and how it is present in different cultures and mythologies.


I guess we play the kind of death metal we grew up with, plain death metal, I´m not really sure how new school death metal sounds…

Voodoo Gods

When I write songs, I already know what type of vocals I wanna hear on top, that is how I choose everybody.


I expect if we did have a song about girls then I would use my own life as the central theme of the album and go into great depth about the various health risks and tyranny that girls have brought to my life to date.