Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.

Abramis Brama

We wanted to state that we are never giving up on our passion for music. We are not slowing down and we are not ever going to stop.


People: the best thing in life. Music, achievements, experiences and all of that is great, but in the end it is all about people.

Arch Enemy

And for me being compared to her is rather flattering. I know we have different styles, as obviously we are different persons. And as for my role in Arch Enemy I will always honour the power and creativity she brought into the band, but from now make it my own.

Ashes Of Chaos

We'll keep composing our weird atmospheric progressive, hopefully the audience will appreciate our new stuff as well! We already wrote several songs of our new album, obviously it will be another concept album!

Channel Zero

Alles in de studioruimte ademde gewoon de sfeer van Phil. Gedurende alle opnames was hij gewoon aanwezig, in spirituele zin dan natuurlijk.


Cobra was never born to be “old school” and we’ve been doing only the kind of heavy metal we like.

Cradle Of Filth

I have the best job in the world... besides being an astronaut.


Combining real instruments with synthetic instruments to get a kind of wide sound wall is my purpose. I want great atmospheres in the songs and it is really fun for me to experiment with those things.


For this album I have written 100% which is not the natural way but I guess it was a sort of therapeutic work this time which had none involved except me.

Frozen Ocean

I would like to invoke an admiration in first order. Admiration of cosmos, of its infinity, of its diversity, of its ability to give something extremely new to us.


Zombies are gluttonous, cannibalistic feeding-machines.

Holy Moses

I need the music to deal with my shadows.

Impaled Nazarene

I have said it dozens of times in interviews but here we go again: I just need to go to supermarket and my blood boils. Stupid people with their stupid kids. Drives me insane.

Infernal Curse

Extreme metal in Argentina is scarce.


Of course it was a huge step for the band to get signed for Century Media.


Yeah, overall I’m happy with the sound of the album, but as a producer I always want more time to mix things, and as a writer I probably would have liked a bit more time to play around with arrangements – I suppose I’d say I’m 90% happy with ‘The Road Of Bones’, which is actually not bad for me.

Mach 22

Jeff (LaBar) actually described a lead melody (in One Trick Pony I believe) while singing the words “Spank a skank”.

Manny Ribera

I remember thinking, "Let the slaughter begin".


It always remains Mayhem, open for experiments. So that is the red thread going through the whole thing. We do not repeat anything we have done previously, it is all about exploring.

Mother Road

I have barely just scratched the surface of my ability as an artist and musician.


Musicians listen to music in a different way than non-musicians do. Just like an expert in non-verbal communication will analyze Bill Clinton stating he didn’t have sex with Monica Lewinsky in a different way others might analyze it.


We never had a bigger status, we have always been a cult band!

Pet The Preacher

Learn, but do not blindly follow a path others have laid out.

Rival Sons

The blues format is yet so apparent in every single song, where the chord chains go 1-2-3-4 turn around, every song goes like that. It appears in our band, it appears in rock and roll in every form.


I wanted it to sound like ‘Seven Churches’ and it totally does.

Skull Fist

I am now battling the booze and smoking demons as I type this!

The Chant

I think the melancholic and atmospheric take on music has more to do with preference and musical experiences and influences than geography. Granted that Finland is a stupidly dark place during winter and for a couple of months the majority of light you see is artificial.

The Pretty Reckless

Music is my only career now, acting is a part of my past.

The Wounded Kings

I can see some people would be thinking how the fuck did it take three years to make it’s fuckin doom metal!

Under The Church

To me the aesthetics of death metal is NOT having a photoshopped cover and sound replaced drums!


Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish.


For me life has just been a constant move towards where I am today and this day is a constant move for tomorrow.


We think that the second album is an improvement on many levels.