Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.

A Liquid Landscape

So, in the end, love is not the largest fire known to man, it is the struggles and the obsessions that sometimes come with it that consume us and, eventually, burn us up.

Air Raid

Since there are so many great bands here you have to be really good to stand out. The bands are triggering each other to make better and better songs. I think that is one of the reasons for the high quality of Swedish Metal.


We have never been interested in writing typical power metal lyrics.

Between The Buried And Me

We write with a purpose and the concept record is the perfect format for that.

Black Fate

We just wanted to keep it alive, and we did it.


It’s funny that you mention the children’s choir because a lot of people have said that they find it really creepy.

Darkest Horizon

We will not pay, never.


You always hear from other bands that they have girls flashing their boobs at their concerts. We have never experienced anything like that – thus the title ‘Mach Dich Frei’ so… get naked!!


The German Embassy in Colombia refused our visas, arguing that we were a danger to public order and national security, haha.

Inconcessus Lux Lucis

The music itself is the audial manifestation of such forbidden light.

Ion Vein

… but in general everybody believes that it’s our strongest record to date and that it is the next step in the evolution of the band and I’m very happy to hear that.

Lone Wanderer

Our EP is somewhat of a tribute to Mournful Congregation.

Mind Maze

Well off course we would love to tour with Saxon or Primal fear. That in fact is a dream.

Mors Principium Est

Not enough people know who we are and we need to change that!


Our music is not for the masses, but for those with a deeper understanding and demand for the hard core feel of Black Metal.

Ne Obliviscaris

Any band’s first international tour is always going to be an eye opening experience and that was definitely the case for us. To have that instant connection with people you have never met before is really quite special.


What never changed for Obtruncation is that we always wanted our productions to sound realistic.

Robert Haagsma - Dutch Steel

Everyone has its favorites and as you say it’s very hard to please everybody, but there’s one band whose name is mentioned quite a lot and that I probably should have incorporated and that’s Bodine.


Ik heb overigens pas naderhand ontdekt dat er nog een tweede rode draad door de selectie loopt en dat is het concept van kosmisch nihilisme, het besef dat wij als mensheid slechts een inktvlekje zijn op een gigantisch canvas. Onbewust? Geen idee, maar het is een onderwerp waar ik mezelf liever niet teveel in verdiep. Gemoedsrust en zo…

Schizoid Lloyd

We always let ourselves go when it comes to writing songs, but if you want to connect two pieces of music that don’t really fit together, that’s when things get interesting.


I got to tell you the truth … every time it gets brighter in March/April I don’t understand how I managed to survive – That is fucking depressing really, not the darkness…

Sleeping Pulse

As the lyrics are based upon my own past, it is very strange to see my memories represented as visual art with such clarity and style.

The Deathtrip

I wanted to create something primitive, hypnotic, with a little of the old (black) magic from before.


How much more can we take? If you watch the news it’s just like a horror movie! There is too much going on, and sometimes I get really scared.


The personalities involved are not as important as the end result. We want people to pay attention to the music, not who creates it.


Over here we call it "May Day" but Walpyrgus sounds much cooler, ha ha.


Sometimes it is hard to lump everything together, but in the end it's worth the efforts.