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Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.


Even if I dedicate myself more to the construction of riffs and to the arrangements, when I work on the solos, I do it in a very impulsive and emotional way, this time even with a bluesy feel.


My audience seems to be people that really search for what they want to hear rather than just accepting the latest trend in metal.

Air Raid

He was already in another band but those things never stopped me, I’m used to stealing members.


Call me traditional but I need a song to have some structure to it. It doesn’t have to be classic arrangement and composition but it definitely needs: “A head and a tail”.

Arch Echo

Parts of Nashville are more geared towards country artists in a way, but that just means we’re not going to play downtown for tips in a bar.


I don't like the word "concert". For me it's like a ritual that covers the entire small world, in which only we and our listeners exist.


We’ve been in touch with Jeff Waters on a number of occasions since and he even has one of our Armortura T-shirts. Look out for it when he’s on tour.

Audrey Horne

I grew up with a father who plays in a band, so basically I had no choice than becoming musician.

August Burns Red

I think that we all know how to push each other’s buttons and we choose to not do that.


We never stay in one genre. We played a style and then we changed. It is more driven on emotions. But once we realized that the real sound of the band was not the tuning or the tempo but the person who plays and who stood behind the micro and the instrument.

Bell Witch

As the pinnacle of the song, we felt that to be the best spot to pay tribute to Adrian's life and his legacy in the band. It was also the point at which the song was conceptually touching on a spot between life and death.


There is no doubt about our dream: we want to make a living of our music, touring the world with the band!


Never after the release of ‘Warfare Machines’ I have been accused of anything.

Diablo Swing Orchestra

From what we’ve written so far the next album will for sure include some heavier parts than on this album. But we really want to experiment with having a sound where the heaviness can come out of other instruments than distorted guitars.


This was one of my favorite tours for our band at this point in our career.


We like to make beautiful and heavy music while also arguing about the bands we like and dislike.


Doom is definitely a difficult genre compared to death metal or thrash metal.


We willen echt musiceren en geen trukendoos openen.


This album is more battle-like than the previous one, even though we use more authentic folk instruments than ever before.

Hooded Menace

We could playfully say that, if our band was a tree, bands like early Candlemass, Cathedral and Paradise Lost would make the tree trunk, and bands such as Katatonia , Anathema and My Dying Bride are the branches. Of course there’s a ton more to it, but you get the idea.


We sometimes say that Katla is a holistic art project, rather than just a band. We’re proud of the fact that we were able to keep it all in the family.


To me, an album needs to be coherent from the lyrics to the music itself, and this is why we want the listeners to hear it as one logic piece of music and not a collection of songs.

Leaves’ Eyes

It’s also a kind of a message to everyone as we are setting sails to new horizons with the band and the songs.

Machine Head

I think artists are just a little bit more affected by things going on around us.

Monolith Cult

Remember the highest yield of Nuclear Warheads in the world at the moment in 5 Megatons, which is 500 times stronger than the Hiroshima bomb that instantly killed 100,000 people. Think about that and have a nice day.

Nimrod B.C.

We had a lot of troubles putting together concerts, most of them didn’t finished as planned, most of the time our shows were interrupted by police pushing, harassing and hitting headbangers.


The quality aspect is very important for us and therefore we spend a lot of time in reaching the quality level that we want to achieve.

Orphaned Land

We are not a white metal band. We don’t say to people to hug each other. We write about very serious stuff and we are more a protest band than a white metal band.


The recording of the ‘Transition State’ album was the most challenging part and sometimes it was like a roller coaster ride, but in the end we managed to finish this album.

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons

The worst question we had was that one guy asked us why Phil did not ask Todd's mom as a singer.

Rise Of Avernus

'Write what you feel' is the philosophy. Music has a tendency to reflect life. Life changes. Perspective changes. The music will always evolve because of new experiences and interactions.


‘Running Out Of Time’ is a more mature piece of work. The various songs are much more straight forward and to the point. This is very essential classic rock stuff. No compromise.

Santa Cruz

Lots of people think that Finland is the new promised land of hard rock but it's not. Sorry if I crush expectations but Finnish kids make rap music these days rather than walk into a nearest Guitar Center.

Spock's Beard

Every piece of music that I come in contact with goes into the soup and comes out as a flavor.

Steel Shock

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do take our music seriously.


You can see the music of Summoning as musical paintings that shall build up inner eye pictures of the listener, all connected to the works of Tolkien. It is very important that our songs transport this special kind of wanderlust feeling, as well as this remembrance of older times or times long lost. Both feelings are the essence.

The Sad Flowers

Songs can go through some iterations, but the best songs seem to write themselves. As if we were just tuning into some muse.

The Soul Exchange

I would describe our music as a marriage between classic hard rock and melodic metal, that lyrically deals with the darker side of life such as insanity and evil in various shapes and forms. Someone once called it “horror metal”, that might not be too far off an adequate description.


I enjoy writing music more than going drunken nuts to some shitty Metallica song in a bar.


When I discovered King Diamond, I was really young. The first song I heard was ‘The Bell Witch’. It lured me in immediately because that was a legendary tale I heard throughout my childhood living in Kentucky and Tennessee. To later find out he was Danish and was writing about a local legend was so cool to me and it made me excited about the possibilities of storytelling with music.

Witch Cross

It's just a shame we never managed to release the next album before the band split up.