Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.


And the gifts you get... My god, they are weird!

Bloodstained Ground

We started the songwriting and came up with the idea to use those instruments to give our music more depth and more atmosphere, to give it more soul.


The human race will die out and then our cities and highways will overgrow with vegetation.


There are too many cases of this, a priest – hailed as a patriarchal figure in society – ass fucking children that have no idea what is happening to them. They are fucking scum. I hate the fucking church.


Yeah, things didn't turn out the way we planned, but the band desperately needed to record this album in order to survive.

Electric Mary

We play everything live every time; sometimes the finished product is ninety percent of one take, sometimes it’s down to eighty percent.


When the pure old-school style started to become a bit stale, many bands started to add other elements like progressive stuff, more atmosphere and the result was a hybrid of different styles.


With so many artists within the ‘post’ black metal scene moving away from metal, we felt we wanted to underline our credentials as an extreme metal band.


A great thing in this album is that every song is interesting and composed of several layers so every time you listen to it you can find out something new.


Het Engelse prog rock gezelschap Haken bracht onlangs de EP ‘Restoration’ ter wereld, met daar op oude nummers, door de huidige line up herzien, opgefrist en verbeterd. En hoe. We namen contact op met toetsenist Diego Tejeida voor een update over de band.

Hellish Outcast

This is for everyone who likes to explore extreme music!

Heroes Of Vallentor

I think you don't hear our kind of music that often because our kind of epic “Sword and Sorcery” style of metal is kind of hard to work with.


If nothing else, a fun way to offer the track ‘Unending’ to the world and also set the precedent that more vinyl will follow in the future.


The conclusion will stay in the unknown forever.

John Garcia

Our music is not made to be listened to on computer, you better experience the live vibes.


The fun part of making music is to try everything and use everything, we can’t create barriers for this, music should not have limits!

Messiah’s Kiss

The reactions so far have been extremely positive. Our opening track album taster which the record company has released on YouTube has even garnished praise from the legendary Biff Byford of Saxon.


Als hij thuis is speelt hij vooral de doodnormale huisvader, zorgt hij voor zijn twee jongens en speelt graag ijshockey.


I mean, if you expect this to be something new, or that we’re reinventing metal, then you will be disappointed. This is classical metal at its best.

Payable On Death

We are not really an acoustic band


After 25 years, it’s hard to come up with fresh sounding material.


We take a couple of years between albums so I think this gives us enough time to recharge the batteries and sound vital.


We play every gig possible, but we refuse to get into this pay to play-thing, we don't want to support other band's tours paying 5.000 Euro to be opening act playing a 20-minute show.

Revel In Flesh

A feeling of gloom and emptiness fulfills the atmosphere!


Artwork creates an atmosphere around the music so I think it's important for us to have art that draws people in.

Savage Master

The occult is particularly interesting to me because it is a darkness that will never be lit. There is an endless black field full of ideas, passions and desires to bring back with me, examine and interpret for myself and others.

Shadow Of The Torturer

Touring Europe has been an intense crash course in human nature.

Siena Root

Well, no real support by the vast majority but on the other hand I meet people on a daily basis that are really into what we are doing so it's kinda hard to tell, I guess time will tell.


The atmosphere that we are trying to capture is the era from 1900 till 1930: the beginning of the century, optimism and also the independence of Norway in 1905.


Art does not compromise!


This way, each solo stays special, and solos don't get generic, as, for me personally, I hear too much in a lot of bands. Not every song needs a solo.


Voices are always looking for the right opportunity to bring our exhibition to the people.


If nothing else, a fun way to offer the track ‘Unending’ to the world and also set the precedent that more vinyl will follow in the future.


I don’t understand that, bands paying to play, rather than being paid…

Within Temptation

We don’t do it just for the gimmick, but because we truly believe in it.