Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.


People have to know that they can rely on Angellore to keep the spirit of nineties dark metal alive!


I’m a hell of a lot wiser nowadays, and this album asserts some of the observations I have made as well as the empowering conclusions I have come to.


The whole band is tighter and I think everybody really shines and gets to put in their personality as musicians.

Burn The Iris

We have got fast riff orientated tracks with more double bass drums and groovy midtempo parts, yet on the other hand we tried to incorporate more melodic stuff in our music. I even think our music became more accessible.

Children Of Bodom

…if someone comes in and feels overshadowed, maybe this is not the right gig for you.

Dawn Of Azazel

What music alone can offer is a way to connect, influence and enhance the life of other people.

De Profundis

Everything we have achieved and the recognition we are getting has been through sheer hard work, heartbreaks and dedication. But to be honest that has also allowed us to be where we are today with a strong and varied musical catalogue.


It's a great honor and privilege to be compared to Down, but trust me, Deepshow has its own thing going right now.


Are we really living in a pre-apocalyptic world? I guess it's easy to call something apocalyptic in retrospective, but much harder to acknowledge to ourselves that we might not only be in the heart of the apocalypse, but contributing to it. We. Every single day.

Heart Of A Coward

The most important is that we do our thing and the record label does not interfere with our music.


It will be a dream comes true for us to play on European soil, to meet metalheads from many different cultures and places, all united by the same passion of heavy metal.

Hollow Haze

With this “different” approach to making albums, we thought it would be best not to have one, full-time vocalist. Now we come up with various characters for the guests to color every single track. This way we can create different vocals for each singer and work without limits.

I Chaos

It’s all about music in the first place. The ultimate medicine for me and many others I believe.

Inhuman Depravity

We want to create records that will extend the limits of brutal death metal someday. We don't have a particular plan for the band's progress, but we know the way forward is through hard work and being open to different influences in music.

Iron Kingdom

I think the goal or dream is becoming more and more of a reality, but it’s still out of reach. Playing in a great heavy metal band is my passion and my dream. If I fail that’s ok, but I’m not going down without a fight!

King Heavy

We like to keep it authentic, although it might be cool to do an over the top nineties style video as well... never done that, it is surely on our bucket list after all haha.


Our early albums were meant to evoke feelings from the listener, but this new one is more authoritative, maybe more controlling and direct. It is probably a good starting point for people who have never listened to our music before.

My Dying Bride

Playing selected gigs live – around ten gigs per year - is so much better than extended touring. Back then it felt like an occupation. Now it feels like a dedication.


The world may have changed, but I like to envision what it used to look like and to seek the places that haven't changed much. I still feel like I live in the heart of that old land, the heart of Akamon.

Raise Hell

I don’t know if I’m making any sense…


To play only metal, you need to be more than Kerry King or Phil Anselmo or anyone else. Even though, you won’t surprise anyone if you kick your snare in 100500bpm.

Stormy Atmosphere

We are familiar with the curiosity of progressive listeners, they love depth, and searching for hidden messages within the lyrics provides that.


With the present incarnation of the band we all just write what we think sounds good and we are interested in.


We have firmly established ourselves as the band that writes long fucking songs.

The Black Dahlia Murder

Music gives me satisfaction. It’s just insane to call it a job because it isn’t. It’s my life and the coolest thing there is.

The Casanovas

Rock ‘n’ roll always goes in and out of fashion here.

Thy Art Is Murder

We’ve been very happy with the engagement with our fans in some fantastically intelligent discussions regarding some matters contained within the albums lyrics.


Also, ‘Antiliv’ is probably too extreme for most people, including those listening to soft black metal with synthesizers and stuff like that.


In my home place, where my parents live, they do not have sunshine between November and February because the mountains are too high. So in February when the sun is back, we have big parties to celebrate this.


If someone wants to book us, feel free to send us an e-mail. In fact, we are pretty cool guys and there are only two vegetarians in the band!


Perhaps if this album does well enough, we can all quit our day jobs and make a living just being in Zandelle. Haha!