Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.


I never believed in this “one-take wonder” bullshit. And it doesn’t matter who you are, you should always challenge yourself and do your best, goddammit. Said Wolf, haha.


Now we really want to get the word out there by means of doing interviews and performing live as much as we can.


And then I got two puppy dogs, so that actually screwed everything up too.


Producing a solo-album was not the feared lonely path like I thought it would be.


Look at the history of art, it doesn't matter - painter, composer, author, actor, whatever - the ones who were close to insanity, often in delirium, on drugs in kind of “their own twilight zone”, were the best and still remain.

Blues Pills

'Think it’s important to be open minded and humble as a musician to be able to continue to grow and get better and learn new stuff.


It sure was a great experience working side by side along with Erik (Rutan: Morbid Angel/Hate Eternal), he was 100% dedicated from the first moment, he loves our music and he did his best on it!

Deep In Hate

I personally dig Behemoth and Gojira for the mood they create and their melodic side, Decapitated has one of the best “guitaristic” grooves in death metal, and I enjoy the brutality and spirit in Despised Icon and Whitechapel.


Obviously we are very pleased in working with Henri and Michiel. If they both decide to stay as permanent members, they are more then welcome!


When it comes down to the lyrics, it is our most intense album so far. I never invested so much time in the lyrics and I never worked so scientifically before. I worked together with three universities.


We often have a certain image in our heads what kind of song we want to write.


What we are doing now is just a fraction of all the things we ever tend to do. We are very far from the finished, grand show, we are talking about.


I write music to be able to look into this mirror made of acoustic waves and to drown in its reflecting void.


We still are a tiny, insignificant band struggling to survive and get noticed in a music-world that consumes band and artists like a chewing-gum.

John Garcia

After so many years saying yes to all of these projects, I finally made a promise to myself. I finally said: you have to finalize all these ideas of your own.


Thematically and musically the members in the band are influenced by a bunch of things: hip hop, cinematic music, modern metal, modern electronic music, post-rock, synthesizer-based music…

King Of Asgard

We consider and realize that it must have been a bloody awful time to live in, the time of our ancestors and hence, with that in mind our musical appearance exempt from cheerful rhythms and comical incidents.

Marty Friedman

My stuff, you know, of course I like it, but it’s very, very intense and maybe 55 minutes of it would be hard for a lot of people to listen to, so I liked to add some different flavours.


I’m a huge Black Sabbath fan, and I always wondered what the lyrics were about. And had my own ideas about it. Later on I found out what they were really about and that was something totally different than I thought it would be. And that kind of ruined the songs for me, haha.


Fear is our driving force.

Sebas Honing

I wanted to make an album that would sound like water. Therefore I would obviously use samples of water and lyrics about water, but I also wanted to use sound effects, instruments and scales that fitted to the 'blue' sound of water.

Seventh Sin

We all have the belief that we’re able to make the next step and ‘When Reality Ends’ in a very important factor in achieving that.

Shattered Hope

We wanted to create a funeral doom album for a long time.

Spina Bifida

Ziyadah is Arab and means ‘swift in speed’. We really liked this name, also as a contrast to the fact that our songs are so slow and lingering.

Synergy Protocol

We really try to involve the audience and make it one big party.

The Dagger

I couldn’t care less if there is a trend going on or not.

Zlang Zlut

We turned out to be the loudest band I was ever in (and none of my bands were exactly soft before). It’s nothing that I’m proud of, in fact I’m a bit embarrassed and I wish we could get a grip on our loudness, but nothing has worked yet so far.