Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.

Al Namrood

To be a blasphemous band is equal to raging war against the entire country, moreover to announce anti-religion is to announce apostasy which is directly punishable by death in the Islamic law of Saudi Arabia.


When I wrote ‘Butter Bust Jerky’ I got the inspiration from watching Dave Allison doing it!!!

Axel Rudi Pell

I enjoy life every day and as long as I`m able to carry on with music and can make a living from that, I’m the happiest man on earth.


We’ve got more positive critics than negative, but we don’t rely that much on that.


All our tour manager needed to take care of was that there always was enough alcohol on the bus and in the venues!

Brimstone Coven

For our sound, there is no need for heavy fuzz. A little bit here and there is okay. But too much will drown out the rest of what's going on, like the three part harmonies or Justin's groove on the drums. It's just not our thing.

Bring On The Bloodshed

In a couple of weeks we are getting a new video out for we did a shoot recently, causing our drummer to break a finger, our singer with a bloody hand and our bass player having serious balancing issues from head banging too much … so keep looking out for that one!!!

Cirith Gorgor

De wereld is getuige van een herboren CIRITH GORGOR met een verrekkes lomp smoelwerk, een oorlogsmachine die de mensheid en haar zwakke idealen verpulvert.

Culture Killer

It’s really cool to hear people say: Our songs aren't the general line up of words that anyone could pull out of their asses.


The texts of ‘Conceptarium’ evoke a kind of psychological trip.

Entombed A.D.

I hate and love that feeling of being nervous as hell before going on stage and hearing the crowd. That makes every show unique and special.

Grande Royale

We still pay for our own tours and that's messed up but it's worth it!

Greg Renoff - Van Halen Rising

One thing was how many record executives didn't see anything special about VH, even in 1976 when the band was about to be signed by Warner Bros.

Ha Det Bra

The kids give us their seats in the trams, but we think we can stay awake for 20 hours a day, play, work, travel… Some pieces of work we are.


We feel better than ever and are far from throwing in the towel.


By then we had given everything we had and never got the success which we believed we deserved, so everybody in the band was just burned out so we decided to take a break and as it turned out we took a break for twenty years!


We used to laugh with comedians and listen to politicians. Nowadays we listen to comedians and laugh with politicians

In Malice’s Wake

The fact that Punishment 18 wanted to back those first two releases as well as our latest meant a lot to me and showed great respect for what we had already created over the years.


The album ‘Undisputed’ sounds like shit, as it was recorded in a bathroom.


The key is to keep music from being boring by composing tracks with the listener in mind: structures, melodies and other special parts have to be trimmed to entertain people, and ourselves.

Omnium Gatherum

The lyrics hold in themselves both the darkness and the light. And I would argue these lyrics and the message they contain is not too dark. I think they are rather realistic and still mystic.

Rotting Christ

As long as we are strong we will perform our music in every corner of this planet where exist Metal Heads…

Sad Iron

Wij wilden harder en sneller waar Roadrunner een meer commerciële aanpak wilde.


Kathmandu, who would have thought we would return to play there and be standing overlooking the city with monkeys running about a temple.

Sons Of Lioth

Writing songs is for free, recording them properly unfortunately is not.

Stellar Master Elite

Our music is mostly a reflection of the music we enjoy the most. It´s really that simple.

Terzij De Horde

Quite a few people think that we sing about Marsman’s poems and in Dutch, when in fact the entire album is in English and there is nothing about Marsman on it.

The Crawling

We don't want to leave too much time between the EP and the full length debut album; momentum is the key I think.


It is quite difficult to put us in a certain genre, but to make it easy I use to describe us as a more soft and ambient Katatonia.


I am truly convinced that each expression of brutality and violence, even if it might seem ordinary, creates a prequel and/or sequel of illusory stillness.

Twitching Tongues

I was terrorized!


People seem to have fundamental problems accepting that the universe doesn't rotate around humanity.