Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.

Adrenaline Rush

Sounds kind of like the Swedish chef in The Muppet Show if you call us by our nick-names: Ludde, Marre, Soffe, Hagge and Tåve!


I’ve not eaten meat or fish for seventeen years, I don’t mind cooking a fat steak for my husband, it’s just a choice that I have made and would never push it onto anyone else. I’m just unable to separate the beautiful animals I see in the fields where I live, from the meat on my plate.

Blakk Old Blood

There are only a handful people left who live by the spirit of the old days.

Brimstone Coven

The classic rock and music of the sixties/seventies is what we grew up with, so it is only natural that sooner than later we would feel the urge to pay homage to it.


You play fast, and loud in small basements where it gets warm. If you stop rehearsing you will freeze to death.

Burning Nitrum

The ‘Bay Area’ sound is our favorite, so it's right that bands like Vio-Lence and Forbidden influence us in some way.


The world is increasingly being controlled by big corporations, who drive us all to the brink of destruction all because of their greed.


I sold my car and got into some debt just to pay for the album which led to me recently being homeless for a few days after the album was released.


In the end you realize that you are a musician and that you are passionate about writing music and passionate about being an artist. This is what you are. It is not something that you choose anymore, it is something that is within you.


When you're out in nature I think it just makes a part of every human feel alive, it's hard to describe but it just helps clear the mind and bring things into perspective.

Guilty As Charged

I think we’re going to try what every bands tries, to take over the world!


We wanted a real cover with pictures of conventional people to infuse the artwork with a human sense.

Hotel Books

I try to keep my lyrics as personal as I can so when people hear my voice, they hear my heart.


It is unlikely you will see T-Pain popping up to lay down a verse anytime soon on a Kerretta album.


We wanted something which sounded good to us, and what was.


Making music is a sacred art. As a piece progresses one starts to hold oneself accountable to a higher standard where each piece of the song needs to match all the others in order to create the right effect and not to break the flow. As an artist you are a servant of a higher magic.


When playing live we try to set up a mood, and to be true to the songs and the emotions they convey.

Rebellious Spirit

Recording ‘Gamble Shot’ we always tried to sound like our idols. This time, we created something totally new.

Red Kunz

Never trust a Swiss-Frenchman who does not like cheese.


Nevermore is sleeping in the fire.

Scar Symmetry

I think the idea of doing a concept album, leans itself very well to make it a little bit more progressive.

Seven Impale

Not playing and knowing when to hold back is as much about playing as playing is, if that makes sense.

Sons Of Crom

You need a certain amount of perseverance and will to follow a god like Crom.


I just watch in awe before I drown it all under my low end thunder. Instant hit!


I’m just happy that I get the chance to finally release my shit and the people listen to it, I guess that’s all that counts in the end. You’ll always have haters that call you “Trend-Bastards” but I don´t give a shit about that.


Death comes ripping!


Why does the western scale have 7 notes instead of 8 or 6 or 5? It’s 4 and 3 and that’s the essence of fucking everything.

The Order Of Israfel

If you live out those promises, life can be rich and rewarding, but if you turn your back on them in the name of security and stability, it can be like a slow death. I've experienced both. I didn't really start pursuing music seriously until I was about thirty years old.

The Tea Party

Jimmy Page was air-guitaring to our new songs!


My only practice is to write the best songs possible in the period of time leading up to an album and not use old material. I want a Threshold record to capture the mood of that year.


The group is an exercise in how much music and sound three people can create together.


I’m convinced we can address a much bigger audience with this one.


The band was wrought with negativity from the beginning. There were four very creative, strong egos clashing and with some unfortunate circumstances (Paul’s death being one of them) led to the destruction of the band.

Viper Solfa

We have filtered out anything that might be referred to as glossy, sweet or posh, it`s only the toxic filth left hehe.


I would love to say that we'll rent a Zeppelin and play a classic Wolfen set for an anniversary show in the air.


It gave us an outlet for some of the mixed emotions we were feeling at the time.

‘One And All, Together, For Home’

It just happens our modern invaders are more bureaucratic, technological, corporate or financial in the modern world, and are less visible than men with swords charging the borders.