Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.


I don't play the ML to copy Dime.

Anubis Gate

I was in the process of buying all the Led Zeppelin albums at this time so the inspiration from them is strong in places.


Not many artists probably realize that an album, the music that they made, is something that will remain after their death. That is how I learned that I will never ever compromise on my art.

Chuck Norris Experiment

We are like whiskey or Clint Eastwood, we get better and more good looking with age!!


The whole album represents a strong apathy towards the catholic church, their doctrines and methods.


It's quite typical as I get that remark quite a lot and looking back at it I also have the feeling that this new one is heavier than our previous album.

Devil's Heaven

One of them told me that Marcus was vocally the most gifted student he ever encountered in his career, within rock music.


In fact, if you remove religion as we have in our secular world, evil as a force is thrown out with the bathwater. Yet we still see it in abundance, so what is it?


Now we're completely rid of all backing tracks, because it robbed the live show of any energy. There's never any wavering from tempo, you're never relaxed.

High Spirits

At the beginning there was nothing but a logo and ten songs.


We truly see ourselves as a metal band.

Iron Savior

It is truly just four friends doing stuff together that gives them pleasure and fun: Iron Savior.


We will see kids coming with new music, laugh at them for how talentless they are, and be amazed five years later with their third album.

Lacuna Coil

It is important for us to have an album that you can listen to while it gives you different moments and moods. There is a time for just banging your head and there is a time to be more reflective and think about life. Especially because we mostly talk about real life experiences in the record, so that is why we can portray all these different kind of pictures.


Itís Florida Death Metal at its finest in my opinion.


No, I personally would not change a thing in the album, even things I don't like. 'Orvam' is an honest picture of who we were as people and musicians when we made it.


We have grown and gained experience and character over the ten years we have behind us, and now it was time to work through things in depth and find something brand new to bring to the table.

Stream Of Passion

I think indeed that there are more progressive influences to be found on this album and that's something that I'm very proud of as this brings us a step closer to our own band sound.

The Aristocrats

It's a different world. I'm saving that for when I'm in prison and have enough time to re-learn.


There are no Vikings, knights and goblins in my lyrics. They are very personal and vary in theme association, while open for interpretation by the listener.

Vanity Blvd

Donít waste your time being a jealous asshole, not worth it!


I think our relation to the dark side is more important than any social incentives.


We donít care about the eighties other than that there was so much different great metal music being released and everything was extreme in some way.