Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.


I work at the University as researcher on freshwater fish.


We were teenagers in the nineties. This was, I think, the golden age of music.


As I mentioned before, Arsirius is no more, so we won't play no more. Bummer, I know.


During the first rehearsal he shouted louder than the band and the microphone was not even plugged!

Bleeding Zero

Half of the band has had a classical education, so the influence from classical music is not only limited to the choice of orchestral sounds or operatic vocals, but affects the composition in its structural aspects as well.

Eleventh Hour

There are so many concept albums out there that being thematically original is very tough. So I went the opposite way and wrote some sort of modern day Odyssey.

Extreme Cold Winter

Don't pass the ice wall and fall off the earth.


Emotive response is the most powerful tool that a band can use.


Why limit yourself to just listening to one or two styles of music, when there’s so many great songs in so many different styles out there?!

Grand Magus

All the albums that I grew up on and still consider as great albums, they were never longer than 45 minutes and I think that’s about what you can take before you loose interest.


We had no interest in making 'The mountain 2: the Molehill', this was always going to be a different sounding beast.

Hammer Fight

Just look at the Presidential race in America. It’s a fucking joke!

In Mourning

We took a turn somewhere along the road and we ended up with something less polished and more alive sounding than we've ever done before, yet still really heavy. I like that!


All these acoustic events got us back on track of the heavier material and where we are more in a natural place for Katatonia.

Martin Popoff - The Yes Story

Well, one thing I love about this band is that they keep coming back, reinventing themselves, coming up with new music that is fresh and creative with different configurations of members.


Determent, emotion, perfectionism are some of the keywords when Espen writes songs.

October Tide

A few times during the recording I almost past out due to the lack of oxygen while I did the most demanding screams.


The making of the Odyssea album took more than two years.

Orden Ogan

I thought, we have so much material, let’s do a short history documentary, maybe it will take like two weeks. It turned out to be four months in the end!


I am not one of those types of “artists” who wait on their muse to land on the top of their head in order to create something.


First time I have seen a pancake as big as a ride cymbal.

Seven Sisters Of Sleep

Some of us have families, we all have bullshit adult responsibilities but we are grateful to have the sisters and an excuse to drink beer and play metal for a few hours every now and again.


I’m hoping to do a show here and there, but this is going to be the end of SIG:AR:TYR. I want to move on with new things and I think this album is a good way to close it out.


I bet those 18 attendances will never forget seeing Mastodon back them in the old bar on their first tour. It was awesome.


My aim during the composing was delivering images to the listeners.s


Even when I said I am not a religious person – I can feel something bigger than humanity in those monumental places, and I like the dark and strangely alien atmosphere in churches. They are, to me, not positive places, even hostile – which in turn makes them positive to me, paradox as that may sound. But only when I am alone - the presence of Humans destroys that outworldish mood.


Especially the people in the metal scene are very narrow-minded, so our music is also a critique on that scene.

Walls of Jericho

Candace has a strong bitch face.


I worked with him for 43 years and one of his wishes was for the band to carry on and that is what we are doing. In the back of our minds we are thinking about doing new music but it is not in the immediate future.