Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.

Agent Fresco

We are at least in no way trying to sound like anybody while not forcing us to not sound like anybody. It’s just a result of what we discover.


In the case of Warning (or 40 Watt Sun) you got us! All of us, and especially Daniel, love Patrick Walker and his music.


The only way to move people these days is to have individuality. There is so much music out there that you have to be brave enough to stand by yourself and back yourself to have the courage to be an individual. If I look to the best artists or bands in history, they are all individuals. They don’t sound like anybody else but themselves.

Black Bottle Riot

Een goed nummer is een goed nummer, wanneer je het fluit neuriet, het kan dan nog steeds als een huis staan. Songs zijn dan toch belangrijker dan de sound.

Bloodred Hourglass

We've got a lot of comments that we've made new fans and followers with our new album. I think that's probably the best possible feedback an artist can get!

Christian Mistress

I’ve grown to hate this question.

Crimson Sun

I would say it was the early 2000’s when people started to pay attention to Finland, and to the amazing metal the country has to offer to the world.

Death Dealer

We respond very well to challenges and that’s why we won’t lose. We won’t release a third album until it blows away ‘Hallowed Ground’, if that’s humanly possible.


We really developed a good chemistry within the band and we feel that this is the most solid line-up of the history of Draconian. So that's a huge and important milestone.


We will not change to please a half of pretensions wannabe headbangers.


Either I am stupid or unlucky. I choose to believe I am unlucky.

Fallen Arise

My major inspiration comes from film music.


We often get compared to bands that we’ve never heard, actually. And this encourages me to go out and buy some of their albums! Great way of discovering new music!


It was a dream that had come true a few weeks ago, when we played in South America for the first time and it was just an amazing experience. So now I am ready for more dreams!

Graveyard Dirt

I’ve just now actually received an email from a label expressing an interest in working with us on some form of release so who knows what might evolve from that.


Nothing we say is a revelation, everyone knows how fucked up the world is.


There is no “old” or “new” school, and that is what Neal Kay was already saying in the late 70s! You either play good Heavy Metal or you don't, you know? This music is neither old or new, it timeless. The old bands used to give their absolute best and that's what made the 70s and the 80s so special. They were not in for some retro feeling, it wasn't so much tongue in cheek... It was real, and happening in the now! They were making a statement.

Judas Priest

There is pressure, definitely, but that’s a good thing as well as it keeps us on our toes and it gets the best out of us.

Mare Cognitum

A three or four minute Mare Cognitum song sounds short and incomplete and simply doesn't work, it can so easily be built upon.

Masaki Murashita

I was almost losing passion in music and I was jaded. I started the band to have a good time, but it was becoming more frustrating. I started wanting to create music with different people that I thought would be great to work with on different songs, instead of having a band with permanent members.


We have always tried to write accessible songs with strong melodies and riffs and that’s the strength in our music I think.

Our Survival Depends On Us

Everything we create is deeply connected with our persuasion and our individuality. It is hard to describe, but our musical form of expression is a growing organism, not a conscious decision.


I felt very much creatively challenged by the idea of creating a concept for the record, and once I decided to include the story in the novella this got me very excited.

Rolo Tomassi

Plus as a huge football fan, to throw in a niche reference amused me.


I’m not gonna get suicidal, don’t worry!


I really want to make an impact in the music business and would like to make a living with making music.

Shrine Of Insanabilis

Anything that deals with incurable madness can inspire us.


But even if we did it all the “wrong” way round I think we got a few really cool sci-fi hooks into the story.


I always learn some new tricks along the way so there will always be some different approaches from album to album, but the basic song writing process is kind of written in stone.

Solution .45

One thing that needs to be set straight is that Solution .45 was actually never meant to be a studio project.

Swallow The Sun

Yeah it is a fucking long album. There is everything for everyone.

Temple Of Baal

I have learnt to have a pen and some paper with me everywhere I go, because sometimes a riff just pops up out of nowhere in my mind, and I just have to write it down.

Ugly Kid Joe

Everyone that’s left is really in love with music and the process of making music and playing live and kicking ass. It is a different time, but it feels good to make music and travel.

Venom Inc. Iron & Steel

I don’t like playing drums. There, I’ve said it. It is a really hard thing to do and it hurts like hell.