Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.


That’s not going to hold us back and we plan to make a difference in the scene here locally as well as outside of Spain.


When I googled ‘Arcturian’ I came on this new age thing or green aliens or whatever. It has nothing to do with that of course, it is about the good old fan-base and it is what we call ourselves on a friendly tone in the rehearsal room.

Arstidir Lifsins

It was already in the very beginning my main intention to combine a rather sophisticated and broadly defined form of black metal music with a respectful and serious approach to Old Norse-Icelandic literature.


The only funny thing in there is that they actually think they’re strong!

Children Of Bodom

So when something like that happens, I just feel so fucking bad about myself that I just had to take it easier and take better care of myself and make sure I feel 110 percent when I am out on the stage, because that is what I do, that’s my job, that’s my life.

Civil War

Now we are getting into the festival season and we have some super cool festivals booked, and in fall we will join Powerwolf on their tour and we will also play with Hammerfall.

Devin Townsend

I've got a signature guitar that isn't in the shape that I wanted. It seems like a rather juvenile thing to be upset about in the long run.


Repeating yourself over a 20 year period inadvertently means that you stopped having something relevant to say.

End Of The Dream

So you might say that our style developed into this direction more by coincidence then by choice, but it’s definitely the style that we all believe in as a band!

Ereb Altor

This is a continuation and perfection of the path we started with ‘Fire Meets Ice’ with epic atmospheres blended with primitive black metal seamlessly. I have always enjoyed working with dynamics and different moods.


The only problem this time has been to manage everything while doing tons of stuff by the side, The Haunted albums, tours, clinic tours, becoming a father again etc. But I've kept my cool most of the times. I think. You should've asked my wife instead.


We are very satisfied with the sound of our previous album, but this time we wanted to go a bit rougher and unpolished.

Frantic Amber

Practice makes perfect!


We would love to come back and play Tilburg. Had a great time there.


Our goal was to make something organic, and so less static, something that would stick but not bore, something you could listen to over and over again.


There are actually plans for The Netherlands, if I remember correctly. A tour will soon be announced for later this year, and I do believe it is on there.


New blood gave new life to the band.

Invincible Force

We think the length of a record is not related to the quality of it.

Jarboe and Helen Money

When I write I also have in mind who I’m playing for. I want to connect with my audience.


It was a dark year for us and Tommy brought the light back!


We know that playing music involves a demanding work and we do our best, each of us, to be artistically in a constant evolution. But where will we go? I do not know.


Travelling and seeing the reactions of the fans, that’s why I do this. And I think for most of the musicians, that’s the reason why they keep going on.

Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody

Every time in my life I invested in composing music was a straight connection to the spiritual world, to the energy of the creation, to this kind of spiritual source that was there before any religion, before any interpretation or manipulation of mankind.


We have had a few other offers, some big labels have sniffed around alright!

My Lament

Not only because has it been almost six years since the previous release, the new line-up has brought about noticeable changes in sound and approach to song writing.


Norilsk became an obvious choice, as it’s probably one of the most iconic cities of the North with its extreme location and its mining complex.


Writing ‘‘Pest’’ was a slow and painstaking process. Every note was thought out and scrutinized. I scrapped a lot of material as it just didn’t work, or worse, sounded like some other band.

Perzonal War

From the beginning we tried to combine these thrash riffs and fast parts with groovy parts and with melodies. Nevermore has always been of greater influence than the German thrash scène.


We value such collaboration and think this is the best way to create some sort of aesthetic identity.


I definitely think that humour is very important in general. In Pryapisme, it is important not to be too serious. And I think many bands could use a bit of humour here and there. Especially in metal.


The actual recording took maybe five to six days for the basics, and we record it [b]live[/b] – the three of us in the same room, no click track. That’s how you capture the feel of a live band; actually PLAYING LIVE!

Revenge Division

The die-hards and dedicated fans will buy the albums anyway. So I think that modern technologies and social media can be extremely helpful for bands, especially new ones. The catch is lower income from CDs. The times have rapidly changed and we just have to adapt to it and use it.

Rival Sons

We just have to go out on the road, we have to perform. We want to play our songs and get that immediate exchange and gratification.


The comparison with Nile pops up every once in a while. As for Scarab, we unite and project Egyptian archetypes in our own way, which is different. Ancient Egypt is influential on all levels, it is very hard for us as Egyptians not to be influenced by it.


We want to capture the feeling of people playing together, and NOT lose the natural flow of things. Maybe that's what's lacking from a lot of modern pro tools/trigger-drum/computer-fix/surgically tight -production?

Shape Of Despair

I've heard there are few bands that are inspired by us and honestly, it's admiring the same time as it's quite odd.


Everything might seem cleaner, more organized, when you view it in retrospect.


Touring around the world is in our future plans!

Subterranean Masquerade

I don’t think I heard many things more powerful than an Oud playing on layers of distorted guitars, this sounds so medieval; I love it!

The Darkness

If you are not prepared to wear the spandex, don’t go out there at all.


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