Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.

A Forest Of Stars

We are often accused of being pretentious, which is perfectly acceptable as far as I'm concerned; we're fair game for that, as we tend to go rather over the top, but always – hopefully – with our tongues firmly in cheek! None of it is deliberate, though, it's just who we are…


How nerd it is to have guys with glasses and acne carrying a string instrument and play rock? And years later we are rocking big time so I think this is the biggest meaning of the music business: that people have courage to even try stupid things. They may turn out cool….


Going to a heavy metal concert and taking part in the energy transference of a great crowd evokes something primal. It almost feels as if one is taking part in an ancient ritual. I think that primal feeling is an unconscious feeling of oneness that can be easily related to living on this planet.

Barren Earth

We started out with rather brutal death metal. All of a sudden somebody says we got Scott Walker influences; that’s quite a leap.

Biotoxic Warfare

In the nearby future we would love to hit the road for a European tour in order to promote our debut album and this is something that we hope to achieve really soon.

Crom Dubh

As a band we have always exploited these sorts of contrasts – moments of desolation and triumph in equal measure.

Decline Of The I

I feel myself a bit less in a desert, and I’ve more and more people willing to hear all my self-centred neuroses.

Der Weg Einer Freiheit

Music and art is a way to achieve my personal freedom and fulfillment and this album is just another step on this journey.

Et Moriemur

You have the chance to meet great people from other bands and possibly make friends which makes the doom scene different from other genres and somewhat special.

Eternal Solstice

Hopefully songwriting goes a bit faster now with a completed line up so it won't take another eighteen years before the recording of another album.


We don't want to be “just” a female-fronted band. Ethernity is more than that. We're all individuals with a strong musical personality. We don't put all the focus on our singer because she's a girl. We’re a band!


There’s two different eras in Europe and they are both interesting in different ways. We were there in the beginning to help shape the eighties, but now we are here to save classic rock music.


The world is fucked up and it’s our own fault.


I met all these guys in parties and under the influence. So many good things have come out of an otherwise unhealthy lifestyle, haha!

Frankenstein Rooster

Right from my first compositions I've always tried to pursue the intent of doing something original. Clearly the results have not always been a commercial success, but certainly have satisfied my artistic and musical vision.


Channeling those negative emotions into sounds and words is what makes it music.


We like to use real instruments, instead of synths and keyboards, as we believe it gives more of an authentic, and warmer, feel to the music.


The process is more important than the result.

Hasse Fröber & Musical Companion

It's funny though, sometimes they have a hard time understanding what Thomsson, Ola and me are saying since we have almost developed a language of our own.


We tried to make a cool finishing line. We didn't. Cheerz!

Magic Kingdom

Whatever the trend is, this is who we are.


We don't care about heavy or soft, people might have noticed that already. We are about delivering good, if possible great music.

Negura Bunget

Here you may still find some isolated places far from civilization where man and nature preserve a natural connection with the universe in simple gestures and simple ideas.


I am just a small part of the big plan.


Instead of keeping a traditional scene alive in a frantic way, we push metal forward without having blinders.


I remember one day we were drinking beer and talking about this, and we said: “Yeah, we want to create a killer band, with 80s style heavy/speed metal, as a vengeance of all this new shit metal!”, hahaha! And that’s how we got our name, and how Revenge was born in Colombia, Medellin City, in 2002.


We went for the Bolt Thrower-inspired DIY way, just fixing it ourselves.

Seven Year Storm

If ‘Aion I’ did eventually get released, it would have been much more amateur, and I probably wouldn't have been happy with it. The IndieGoGo campaign really made it great.


But how do I feel now? Like I have finally managed to craft the Shining album I’ve always strived for.


One of our biggest desires is to present our music abroad. We hope to meet you all very soon!


We really tried to get hold of the other members but didn´t have any luck.


I have put everything else in my career on hold to show my commitment of SOTO to the world, this is a real thing not just an experiment or project!


If I had a time-machine I´d probably go back and try to steal Malcolm Young´s place.

Taken By The Sun

Metal confronts the darker elements of life, anger, hatred, taboo subjects, suffering, evil. But I think the best metal, after confronting these subjects, emerges with some sort of triumph and redemption.

The Gathering

Het enige wat nu nog op het programma staat is het uitbrengen van de live registratie (CD) van wat er in Doornroosje is gespeeld. En dan zal het toch echt lang stil gaan zijn. Het blijft een raar idee.

The Gentle Storm

Ik ben een control freak. Het was ook heel erg spannend en erg moeilijk voor me om Anneke dingen zelf te laten doen. Je moet maar afwachten of je het goed genoeg vind. Maar toen ze de tekst van ‘Endless Sea’ stuurde was ik onder de indruk, zo goed was het.

The Slow Death

I’m really proud of it myself and the fact that it’s Gregg’s final recording definitely gives it more of emotional impact for myself and those that knew him.


We have evolved a lot in the eighteen years we exist and each album is a logical next step.


‘Vessel’ is a result of us getting to know ourselves. Both as musicians and as human beings; it is our journey.


I do not think we are unique in any way. It is 2015 and all the unique stuff has been invented long time ago.

Voice Of The Soul

I think the art is quite relevant to the overall theme of the album; I think of the political, economic, and social system we live in, and how we’re are misled about so many so-called values, when we’re really being dragged along by the elite.


Cannot deny the facts happened in Rome were a bit of a trauma, but no one smart enough is going to blame you Dutch people for what a bunch of idiots did.