Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.


Black Metal was and must remain an esoteric extreme expression of the Elite. Too sad that nowadays purity has been lost .


I realised I really wanted to play this old style that we grew up with! I was totally devoid to the fact that this style was having a revival. I was completely out of touch with what was happening within the music scene.


The current scene is so complex. So many different styles and such a huge volume of bands, and rivalry between genres.

Burning Point

I'd say maybe the Battle Beast debut album songs could've been on some Burning Point records! We both do our own music and hopefully we'll get the chance to make something together. They are a great band.

Chaos Echoes

The idea is to explore and feel the repetitive movement of simple riffs/rhythms/melodies/single notes.

Cradle Of Filth

…she will probably use me as a Guinee pig.

Cult Of Endtime

...for that is what kills the creativity, the ambition, the desire for experimentation and the need to improve as an artist, and those are the things a band needs in order to thrive.


I often hear people say things about me sounding like Bruce and I take it as the highest compliment. That being said I feel ‘Pillars Of Creation’ is a lot less “Maiden” sounding and more modern.


The most important thing is that people listen to our music and we know it thanks to people who come support us, on Facebook in particular.

Emerald Sun

Keep supporting new bands. The future of the metal scene is in your hands brothers and sisters!


The feeling I got while I was cutting drum tracks is kind of difficult to describe, but all I can say is that I felt like I was recording drums for an actual Death album in the late 80's!


Life is an experience, so you have to experience it instead of looking forward to the future or looking back all the time.


I’m glad we did the album in the way it is and for me it sounds much more interesting than its predecessor.


I somewhat found a great similarity with explorers when doing this album lyrics and vocals.


You can be a rock star with hard work, it’s not impossible.

Melodius Deite

When I composed this song, I want it to lead the audience to the places where Novelist explored and wrote his journey in this magical book.


There is an undeniable wave of creative energy pulsing through every stage at the Roadburn festival, and for us to be a part of it once again was a huge honor.


It was the brutal, doomy, filthy heavyness that influeced me writing our songs!

My Silent Wake

We are hoping the name of the band gets better known this year and that we can find some new fans.

Pitbulls In The Nursery

We can no more afford to propose the same compositions as our elders did in the nineties. Many riffs have already been done and redone, and tuning your guitar deeper is no more a way to innovate.


Some people want to make a lot of money, some don't care, some want the fun of the whole thing. It's all an expression against the norm really.


What's funny is that we never sat down and talked about what we wanted and which direction to go with the new album. We just started writing, and when everything was put together, it sounded like a rebirth of Pyramaze.


Like I was a kid hearing the song for the first time. When all of it was done and we heard it, I was just so excited…I still get that feeling.

Suicide Attack

A payback song a day, keeps the psychologist away!

Symphony X

We have real harsh songs and suddenly slow emotive ones this time. So you have this rollercoaster ride that you are on. But it is all us and it is all within the framework of music that we always have done.


All great art is born from suffering.


Necromantic stands for the romanticism of death and that is still present to this day, I think. It defines the beauty of what other people find dark, ugly or repellent even.


We never took a “hiatus” or stopped playing or writing.


I am merely a vessel that has been commanded with abilities to proclaim the traditions of the people of my continent. To call the universal cosmic spirits as I feel when I do a live ritual. My guitar made of wood sings the spirit of the elements as it becomes an extension of my being.