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Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.


The sound we wanted for ‘Kodama’ was very angry, but it is not a depressive record. It is full of life. It represents the urge to be alive and it is also talking a lot about the power of nature, the relationship between humans and nature.


The band has never really seen a paycheck. We actually worked it out, we all make around three cents a day from Allegaeon. I think sweatshop workers make more than us. They also get food, and free rent... maybe we should think about a change in profession.

Alter Bridge

As a teenager I had no idea life was going to turn out the way it did. I am lucky!


I do believe that metal music is healthy for our brains in many ways.


‘How to fuck did they come up with that!?’ is a question I ask myself often. Especially when it comes to Judas Priest.


I fear there is no such thing as the sound of Beansidhe. Our three releases are from very different moments in time and there is very little commonality among them.

Cirrha Niva

I still have the album he played that day, it’s totally beaten up, full of scratches and dings, but I still have it.

Dark Tranquillity

The album is not about politics, it is about personal interaction and conflicts and how we deal with it.


What I love most is to produce my own music, so I can experiment and trying new things…


In some sense because I think my songwriting was better AND worse back then. But I’m not emotionally attached to anything so whatever I just felt didn’t work I just changed on ’Reborn’.

George Tsalikis

Concept albums to me are fascinating because of the fact that they tell one epic story that you cannot tell in just one song.


This thing just happened to us, we never sought it. Right now we just go with the flow and when the flow stops, we go and do something else.

In The Woods...

All we have to do to remind ourselves that we are completely insignificant and know absolutely nothing, is to look up at the night sky. It is a vision of complete bewilderment, and simultaneously the receptacle of all our hopes and fears.


We are not limited by a style: there are influences going from Dire Straits to Emperor and everything in between.

Iron Fire

You simply have to start buying music again, because streaming is robbery in bright daylight.

Legion Of The Damned

If money was not an issue I would perhaps get the band a nice big tourbus with a driver.

Mare Cognitum

Bedroom black metal for life.


From day one Maverick has existed to combine our favourite elements from our favourite bands to create a distinctive “Maverick sound”, and we feel we are a step closer to this on ‘Big Red’.


When I first heard the album completed I was already sick of it.

Negative Voice

Its really important that people contribute to the underground music, we hope that the number of readers and listeners will increase!


We’ve had a lot of comments in reviews of the new album about how technical the material is. This is a bit surprising for us, since although much of the new material is pretty difficult to play, we didn’t think you can really hear that in the end.


There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that we don’t know. The news you hear on the radio here or see on TV is not the complete story; it is not what you think it is.

Running Wild

But in a very early stage as I had picked the first three or four songs that should be on the album, I realized that they had the spirit of that time.


We try to mix two worlds and keep this mystic kind of weirdness and the unexpectedness in the songs, but then just add some good choruses as catchy factor.

September Code

Yes the ‘heavy’ scene is very active in Greece!


It is just a privilege I think to be growing up in Iceland. Iceland is relatively safe and the nature is all around you and most of the towns are really small, so you just jump on your bicycle and ride for 5-10 minutes and explore the nature.


I always buy a copy of my own albums, I don’t know, I just have to buy a Sodom album from a record store…


Spire is essentially a cathartic vehicle to express and physically purge ideas.

Subliminal Fear

Our sound has grown because we have grown like musicians and we needed to evolve because everything around us has too.

Suicidal Tendencies

Life is something valuable but every person needs a purpose.


You always have to try to be at your best despite tiredness if you have to play five or six shows in a row, then a day-off, and then many shows again.


Looking back at it, as we’re all good now again, at least I don’t want to kill Eric anymore like I did a year ago…haha…

The Pineapple Thief

We haven’t announced yet but yes, it looks like we’ll be taking the album lineup on the road and perform the whole of 'Your Wilderness'.

The Silent Rage

It is really great to know that something that your worked for really hard is being appreciated.

To The Rats And Wolves

We gave blood sweat and tears for four months but in the end, we are more than happy with what turned out to be ‘Dethroned’.

Twelve Foot Ninja

It often feels like putting together a puzzle. Or cooking a pizza...margarita is safe, reliable and sometimes, all people really want...but if you can pull off tandoori potato you're creating something to talk about! (Or vomit).