Naast muziek maken willen veel bands er ook graag over praten. Het resultaat van al het gebabbel deze maand kan je hieronder vinden.


Dat naïef kinderlijk negatieve dat in veel bands zit, daar staan wij heel ver vanaf.

American Head Charge

I don’t' think we've ever really been nu-metal. I hate that shit.


Every decision of the band is made in a democratic way and I fucking hate it!


‘Hail The Apocalypse’ was an amazing experience but ‘Feathers & Flesh’ required a different treatment. Maybe less Zeppelin and more Pink Floyd?


I think we are more mature now!

Bury Tomorrow

Het mag dan idioot klinken maar liever dit vooraf dan onverstaanbaar op het podium staan.


I'm not sure if I would do a live album, it seems like live albums have kinda lost their magic now that everything gets filmed and recorded everywhere.

Dark Suns

Hold on to your dreams, create new dreams or rediscover dreams you left behind, believe in miracles and change direction. Begin your journey... Become an 'Everchild'.

Death Angel

It’s like walking on stage naked and see what everyone thinks… of all the exercising you’ve been over the years, haha.

Deja Vu

Buy physical albums instead of downloading or streaming. This is a ceremony, where music gains its value!


Ik wil weg uit Nederland en ik heb het idee dat dat nu misschien wel een keer kan gaan gebeuren.

Doomsday Outlaw

Without sites like yours, and independent radio, it would be almost impossible to attract new fans.


In Dynazty we all have our own unique and personal influences while at the same time, we share a core musical foundation that's rooted in hard rock and heavy metal from the 70's all the way to the 2010's.


For us it's important to convey the true atmosphere that these songs were created under.

Flotsam & Jetsam

We had to write a killer metal record as we needed to kick people’s ass again!

Heresy Of Dreams

We don’t like to be tagged as a classical heavy metal band because we think that we don’t fit in that classification – and I say it with much respect to the greatest in the genre – but we feel that we have managed to go a little bit further.

Human Fortress

I remember 2003 when ‘Defenders’ failed completely in all European major metal magazines. Nowadays the same writers are talking about a German metal classic.

Lacuna Coil

We wanted to show people that there is a new chapter of Lacuna Coil going on. Not only because we have a new drummer, but the approach we had as a band, has been different this time.

Lord Vicar

Sometimes the horse needs to slow down and allow the landscape to unfold, in the middle of all that galloping and the bloody trampling of those who dare to cross our strange paths.


I see the technology growing in getter better equipment that reproduces the analogue warmth, so nowadays, you can get away with recording digitally in Pro Tools etc and still get an analogue fell to the mix.


Sorry guys that’s not music, that’s mental masturbation.

Port Noir

We're all fans of great beer.

Rival Sons

I am a huge Beatles fan, so anytime to pay homage to The Beatles is a good time.


Much preparation for the album release, shows etc. going on these days, which is good. Keeps me from thinking too much.


If you keep listening, we'll keep playing.


Hopefully our next album will take less time to make and to be sure of that we have already started to work on new songs.


Turn up the bass volume 666: the grittiest and ugliest album of Svarttjern’s discography.

The Order Of Israfel

Homophobia is one type of injustice that bothers me most. Your sexuality is a gift, but it really twists people when they're surrounded by bigoted people.

The Vision Bleak

The core of the lyrics and the music on ‘The Unknown’ is much more personal and less abstract than it was before with The Vision Bleak.

This Ending

In this genre and music scene I think it’s impossible these days to be more known unless you get to tour.


I mainly tried to catch the atmosphere of my region... the smell of rain and earth, the dry, warm winds in summer, the black, cracking branches of the trees. Both lyrics and music contain a lot of nostalgia and childhood memories, actually.

Zakk Wylde

For ‘Book Of Shadows III’ we will have to wait twenty-five years.


Don’t take any shit from the zeitgeist.


You are always learning in the world of music, that's why it is so great.