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Alle speed / thrash metal releases en interviews in issue 188


Alien Weaponry  -  Anvil  -  Defiatory  -  Dreadful Fate  -  H2SO4  -  Nervosa


Adversor - The End Of Mankind

Aggression - Feels Like Punk, Sounds Like Thrash

Alice In Hell - The Fall

Alice In Hell - Creation Of The World

Alien Weaponry - Tu

Antipeewee - Infected By Evil

Armory - The Search

Aura Noir - Aura Noire

Axegressor - Bannerless

Ban Bianca - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Black Cyclone - Death Is King

Black Fast - Spectre Of Ruin

Blood Tsunami - Grave Condition

Carchosa - Carchosa

Ceaseless Torment - Forces Of Evil

Cemetery Lust - Rotting In Piss

Centauro - Daño Colateral

Confessor A.D. - Too Late To Pray

Crisix - Against The Odds

Darkest Color - Deal With Pain

Dead Sleep - In The Belly Of The Beast

Deadly Alliance - Dehumanization

Death Power - Vivisection – Demos 1987

Deathstorm - Reaping What Is Left

Defiatory  - Hades Rising

Degrave - Degrave

Diabolos Dust - The Reaper Returns

Dreadful Fate - Vengeance

Ektomorf - Fury

Empires Fall - A Piece To The Blind The Great Collapse

Eradicator - Into Oblivion

Eversin - Armageddon Genesi

Evil Drive - Ragemaker

Evilness - New Perspectives, No Evolution

Exekution - The Worst Is Yet To Come

Exmortus - The Sound Of Steel

Flotsam And Jetsam - Doomsday For The Deceiver

Godslave - Reborn Again

Hammr - Unholy Destruction

Hatchet - Dying To Exist

Hatred Dusk - Blinded By Hate

Hellavista - Robolution

Hellish - The Sceptre Of Lonely Souls

Hexx - Quest For Sanity/Watery Graves

Hidden Intent - Fear Prey Demise

Home Style Surgery - Trauma Gallery

Horrorscope - Altered Worlds Practice

Infraktor - Exhaust

Infrared - Saviours

Injector - Stone Prevails

Inkvisitor - Dark Arts Of Sanguine Rituals

Insulter - The Misanthrope

Invocation Spells - Spread Cruelty In The Abyss

Leech - Cyanide Christ

Madhouse - Metal Or Die

Malichor - Nightmares & Abominations

Messiah - Extreme Cold Weather

Messiah - Hymn To Abramelin

Mind Patrol - Against All Predictions

Mindwars - Do Unto Others

Missing Link - Lobotomized

Necrodeath - The Age Of Dead Christ

Old Mother Hell - Old Mother Hell

Outline - Fire Whiplash

OverKill - Live In Overhausen

Panzer Squad - Ruins

Perzonal War - Neckdevils Live

Power From Hell - Blood 'n' Spikes

Pripjat - Chain Reaction

Pánico Al Miedo - Formador

R.O.D. - #ScoietyKill

Rawfoil - Evolution In Action

Reprisal - None Survive The Sun

Revenger - The New Mythology Vol.1

Ripsaw - Raise My Glass

Rotengeist - The Test That Divides Us All

Screaming Beast - Our New Narrative Of Hate

Space Chaser / Distillator - Split Album

Speedclaw - Beast In The Mist

Susperia - The Lyricist

The Cleaner - Vulnerant Omnes Ultima Necat

The Dawn Razor - Renaissances

The Flesh Trading Company - Necromantic Rituals : A Mass To Raise The Dead In Nine Parts

The Outside - We Feel Through The Dead

Torture Squad - Far Beyond Existence

Toxikull - The Nightraiser

Trauma - As The World Dies

Trouble Agency - Suspected

Venom - The Singles

Voidhanger - Dark Days Of The Soul

Voivod - War And Pain

Vomitor - Pestilent Death

Vorbid - Mind

Whipstriker - Merciless Artillery

Whorehouse - Corporation

Wolfen - Rise Of The Lycans