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Alle death metal / grindcore releases en interviews in issue 180


Azarath  -  Henry Kane  -  Memoriam  -  Mortör  -  Soul Demise


A Flourishing Scourge - A Flourishing Scourge

Aegror - Dead Man’s Diary

And There Will Be Blood - Obitus

Aposento - Bleed To Death

Artificial Brain - Infrared Horizon

Ashcloud - Kingdom of the Damned

Brutality - Sea Of Ignorance

Bulletsize - Pansar

Cemetery Urn - Cemetary Urn

Cocyte - The Human Disease

Contaminated - Final Man

Cryptic Realms - Enraptured By Horror

Dead Asylum - Death Always Wins

Deity - Deity

Desultory - Through Aching Aeons

Deus Otiosus - Opposer

Divinity - The Immortalist

Exist - So True, So Bound

Father Befouled - Desolate Gods

Fractal Generator - Apotheosynthesis

Gods Foresaken - In A Pitch Black Grave

Goldenpyre - In Eminent Disgrace

Guerra Total - Nihilistic Malthusian Manifesto (The Ouroboros Cosmic Indifferentism)

Gutgrinder - A Prophecy Of Sacrilege

Higley - Higley

Horrid - Beyond The Dark Border

Humanity Delete - Fuck Forever Off

In Reverence - The Selected Breed

Karonte / Bloody Brotherhood - Alliance For Death Domination

Kingdom - Sepulchral Psalms From The Abyss Of Torment

Ligature Wound - Undead Of The Night

Logic Of Denial - Aftermath

Maim - Ornaments Of Severity

Masquerade - Soul Deception

Mirrors Of Obsidian - From One Form

Of Fire - Death Do Us All

Pain Tank - 97,901,726 Confirmed Kills

Pictura Poesis - Miseriae Mundi

Porta Daemonium - Serpent Of Chaos

qip - On Ephemeral Substrates

Skelethal - Of The Depths...

StarGazer - A Merging To The Boundless: Void of Voyce

Suffocation - ...Of The Dark Light

The Summoned - Sessions

Thyrant - What We Left Behind

Triumvir Foul - Spiritual Bloodshed

Unaussprechlichen Kulten - Keziah Lilith Medea (Chapter X)

Uttertomb - Necrocentrism: The Necrocentrist

Vallenfyre - Fear Those WHo Fear Him

Wolfbrigade - Run With The Hunted