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Bart M.

Naam: Bart Meijer

Bart M. Manusje van alles in het dagelijks leven, houdt van een heleboel dingen zolang het maar niet matig is maar intens. Hoorde de metal voor het eerst bij zijn oudere broers op de slaapkamer – denk Iron Maiden en Metallica – maar ging daarna al snel zelf naar de muziekwinkel om nieuwe dingen op te zoeken. Meestal op goed geluk een mooie hoes mee naar huis en naarmate er meer bands op zijn muzikale CV verschenen verbreedde ook de muzieksmaak zich uit van alleen klassieke metal naar ook death, black en doom en, iets recentelijker, stoner en post rock/metal. Het is fijn om nog steeds om de zoveel tijd een geweldige nieuwe (of oude) band te ontdekken. Favoriete bands zijn o.a. My Dying Bride, Type O Negative, Judas Priest, Slayer en Nevermore.

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Gods Of Hellfire-Chronicles Of Death
Against The Grain-Cheated Death
Blackwülf-Sinister Sides
Into The Storm / Smooth Sailing-Split
Thuum-Through Smoke, Comes Fire
Twilight's Embrace-Penance
Windhand / Satan's Satyrs-Split
Black Moth-Anatomical Venus
Desert Storm-Sentinels
The Watchers-Black Abyss
Maudlin-Sassuma Arnaa
The Dry Mouths-When The Water Smells Of Sweat
Hell Obelisco-Swamp Wizard Rises
Monster Magnet-Mindfucker
Chief Roberts-The Hopeless
The Courettes-We Are The Courettes
Velocihamster-Wheel Of Steel
Black Mamba-Heritage
Shields-Life In Exile
Boss Keloid-Melted On The Inch
Piss River-Piss River
NortherN-Desolate Ways To Ultimate Thule
Overwind-I Can Do It Again
Skindred-Big Tings
The Death Wheelers-I Tread On Your Grave
The Ever Living-Herephemine
Mos Generator-Shadowlands
Black Book Lodge-Steeple And Spire
Liv Sin-Inverted
Ban Bianca-Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
High Priestess-High Priestess
69 Chambers-Machine
Mist-Free Me Of The Sun
Lamirál-This EP Has No Name And It's Alright
Satori Junk-The Golden Dwarf
The Blacktones-The Day We Shut Down The Sun
Fire Down Below-Hymn Of The Cosmic Man
Anna Sage-Downward Motion
Zeal & Ardor-Stranger Fruit
Lucifer-Lucifer II
1968-Ballads Of The Godless
Funeral Horse-Psalms For The Mourning
Tenebres-Pain Eternal
Pacino-Fallen America
Spaceslug-Eye The Tide
Goat Explosion-Rumors Of Man
Seething Akira-Sleepy Skeletor
Mark Deutrom-Brief Sensuality & Western Violence
Otep-Kult 45
Black Tusk-TCBT
Radiant Knife-Science Fiction
Beggars-The Day I Lost My Head
Ancestors-Suspended In Reflections
Demetra Sine Die-Post Glacial Rebound
Heksen-Post-Mortem Psychanalyse Reloaded
Inyan-A Bitter Relief
Our Common Sense-Mankind's Worst To Know
Grusom-Grusom II
Spacetrucker-Smooth Orbit
Moto Toscana-Moto Toscana
Omega Diatribe-Trinity
Black Mirrors-Look Into The Black Mirror
King Dude-Music To Make War To
Stoned Jesus-Pilgrims
Grisly-The Spectral Wars
Betzefer-Entertain Your Force Of Habit
Plainride-Life On Ares
Owl-Nights In Distortion
The Skull-The Endless Road Turns Dark
All Them Witches-ATW
I Am The Law-Hymn Of The Vulture
Art Against Agony-Shiva Appreciation Society
Yurt-IV - The Obstacle Is Everything
Holy Grove-Holy Grove
Castle-Deal Thy Fate
Satan's Satyrs-The Lucky Ones
Buried In A Womb-Epigenetic Vulnerabilities In Intrapersonal Failure
Deville-Pigs With Gods
Under-Stop Being Naive
We Hunt Buffalo-Head Smashed In
Ring Van Möbius-Past The Evening Sun
Silver Dust-House 21
Dead Register-Captive
Greenleaf-Hear The Rivers
Hank Von Hell-Egomania
Last Of Us-Swarm
Unhold-Here Is The Blood
Disrule-Sleep In Your Honour
The Quill-Voodoo Caravan & Hooray! It's A Deathtrip
Black Road-Black Road
Dead Witches-Ouija
Martyr Art-FearFaith Machines
Vanishing Kids-Heavy Dreamer
Holy Grove-Holy Grove II
Electric Earth-Electric Earth
Sons Of Lazareth-Blue Skies Back To Gray
Old Man Lizard-True Misery
Rifflord-7 Cremation Ground/Meditation
Bitter Heart-Rotten
Zippo-Ode To Maximum
Planet Of Zeus-Live In Athens
¡Pendejo!-Sin Vergüenza
Huata-Lux Initiatrix Terrae
Hesperian Death Horse-Ziv
Various Artists-The Wall (Redux)