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It is time for change! Away with traditions and other old-timer nostalgia! These words mark the end of our monthly editions and this is also the last time I'll be talking to you by means of this frontpage edito-rial. After almost twenty years of being the conservative brother among the online metal magazines community I have decided it's enough, and that it is time to keep up with the times. What this al means can be read in the rest of this editorial, but the important thing is that all stuff of importance, like the daily upload of new reviews and other articles, will be announced through our Facebook Page and Instagram.

Now those of you who already followed us through these channels have probably noticed that after the release of our January 2018 edition we nicely continued with the upload of new articles. This has got everything to do with the transition we are currently undergoing from a medieval kind of monthly re-lease schedule towards a future in which not only everything that's new will be uploaded on a daily basis, but in which we also be making much better use of all kinds of interesting social media. The old model has done great the past nineteen years, but holding on to that would probably mean that sooner or later we'd end up as a charming relic from glorious but now ancient times. And nobody wants that.

Apart from this transition we're also brainstorming here about the implementation of a new look, Lords Of Metal 4.0 if you will. Now this will give us quite some headaches the coming time. I mean, refurbish-ing the lot is cool, and a new set of clothes no doubt will look great on us, but to transfer more than 45,000 articles - yes, our archives have grown thus large over the years - to their new surroundings without any glitches of other fuck-ups is something else. This is quite a delicate process and must be handled with care. Which will take some time, so I won't put a deadline on it. For technical reasons I'll won't bother you with, we will maintain the monthly appearance look for the time being, but don't worry about that. When the time is right you'll find out what's new and how we have adapted to the demands of the here and now.

So here ends my last state of the union. Of course there will be times that I feel the urge to write something about current events or just random stuff I'm pissed about, but that will be in the shape of a column then. Your remarks, comments, criticism, tips, information, offers, insults and applications will remain welcome as usual at the familiar addresses. And be sure to follow us through Facebook and Instragram, that way you won't miss a thing. For nineteen years it was my pleasure. I wish you all the best! Horst