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Summer is over, and Lords Of Metal is back with a brand new edition. To the dismay of many who apparently confused our traditional summer break with us pushing up daisies. Every year it's same, though it should be obvious after seventeen years online people would know by know that we like to sit on our lazy arses during July and August. Just like the rest from The Netherlands Inc. However, lazy arses? Behind the scenes it was business as usual in order to produce another great September edition for you guys, and me thinks we quite succeeded in that. A whopping more than 300 new reviews, more than 40 new interviews, a live section that reads as the metal holiday brochure for 2018 and lots more. Cheers!

Now it goes without saying that my colleagues and I certainly took some weeks off here and there. I mean, living the metal lifestyle 24/7 is quite fun and all, but every now and then even a metalhead needs to recharge the old battery. Which for me meant two weeks without PCs, laptops or smartphones. I only carried and old iPod with old shit and focused solely on my family. Very refreshing, though after the zillionst amusement park I kind of started to miss the metal office.

Anyway, in the end it was the same old struggle all over again to unleash the September edition on time, but the result is really one that counts. All important releases from last and coming month have been reviewed (with some true gems among them), and our list of interviews overflows with new talent, arrived gods, old heroes and bands whit a healthy appetite for doing weird shit. Among others the likes of Arch Enemy, Epica, Sólstafir, Obituary, Martyr, Celtic Frost, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Eluveitie and Belphegor have been tight to our whipping post, next to a busload of other interesting articles. Besides that we've also visited string of European festivals this summer. So if I may give you a holiday advice for 2018: seriously plan a visit to Dynamo Metal Fest and Stonehenge, but also look out for the next editions of Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze and Metal Days. We were there last summer and are still impressed. No shit. And talking about shows, our Dutch gig guide has had a massive update, so everybody who's interested in what's going on at the Dutch and Belgian stages, check it out!

In other words: we are back again, and we're not going away. Where others only boast we deliver. Seventeen years in a row. With currently 35.000+ reviews, 6000+ interviews, 2000+ live reviews and 800+ specials online. Because we can. Cheers again!

So much for our state of the union this time, I’m sure you will find your way through this edition of LoM on your own. Remarks, comments, criticism, tips, information, offers, insults and applications are welcome at the familiar addresses as usual. Lords Of Metal edition 183 will be unleashed around October 1st. Until then.