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Are you also craving for the summer holidays? Well, I for one am. I mean, after a long year of hard work it is always a pleasure to drop everything and indulge in doing something close to nothing for a few weeks, preferably in a warm and sunny country somewhere abroad. And I am not the only one who thinks that way. Other staff members will go on vacation as well, so we will take it easy the coming weeks. September 1st a new edition of Lords Of Metal, #182, will be put online, and until that day you will have to spend your time with the hundreds of new articles included in this July/August edition

That's right, even we cannot resist the temptation of the summer break and thus recharging the quite emptied batteries from the past season. So when you are reading this we have slammed the door shut to be freshly back in September when the new season begins. "So you're gonna sit on your lazy asses whole summer?" Well, we'd just love to do that of course, but no, we can't. The metal world waits for no-one, so we remain active the coming month through our daily news-updates, gig guide updates, stream updates and our ever increasing activities on Facebook, spilling al the news and other facts of life that we're sure off somebody out there needs to know about. Of course the occasional ticket raffle will come by and throughout the summer your chief editor will continue to host his Monday evening metal show High Voltage on Arrow Classic Rock, Holland's national classic rock radio station. Check out the weekly podcast here.

Anyway, in this holiday season too you can still enjoy your favorite metal zine, like you could have been doing the last seventeen years. Yep, you read that correctly, in August 2000 the first edition of Lords of Metal magazine was published on the Internet and in the years since we have had the joy of listening to the greatest pieces of music, as well the most nerve-wrecking and annoying crap, and literally everything that stands in between those two polarized stances. We've interviewed our all-time heroes but also young and fresh newbies. We've introduced you to a lot of people who are famous for other things than metal, but share the same passion as you and I, including a bunch of Dutch politicians. We've tried out a lot of gear, ranging from amps through snares to guitars and back again, and have been giving away a shitload of other peoples stuff and concert tickets through our raffles. But this is what prides me the most: every month my crew again manages to bring up the same passionate enthusiasm, as well as the equally passionate aggravation and again all that is in between, to review almost all relevant releases there are out there. The last few years on average 200 up to 250 every edition. No less than 35,000 reviews are available in our archives, just as free of charge today as they always were. Just like over 6100 interviews, 2100 live reviews and more than 800 specials. Not bad for a bunch of amateurs that back in the days were just seen as a bunch of nerds with too much time on their hands.

So, I wish everybody a very nice summer holiday, and if you kinda get bored doing nothing all day and you happen to be in the neighborhood, go and visit cool fests like Zwarte Cross, Dynamo Metal Fest, the Stonehenge Festival, Into The Grave, Baroeg Open Air or other festivals in Holland or surrounding countries (see the list with recommendations below). I mean, you can always do something close to nothing another time, right?

Germany: July 5-6-7-8 - RockHarz Open Air
Germany: July 6-7-8 - In Flammen Open Air
Belgium: July 7-8-9 - Sjock Festival
Germany: July 13-14-15 - Dong Open Air
France: July 20-21-22-23 - Ragnar Rock Fest
Germany: July 28-29-30 - Prophecy Festival
Germany: August 3-4-5 - Wacken Open Air
Germany: August 10-11-12 - Party.San Metal Open Air
Belgium: August 11-12-13 - Alcatraz Festival
Austria: August 11-12 - Metal On The Hill Festival
Germany: August 16-17-18-19 - Summer Breeze 2017

So much for our state of the union this time, I’m sure you will find your way through this edition of LoM on your own. Remarks, comments, criticism, tips, information, offers, insults and applications are welcome at the familiar addresses as usual. Lords Of Metal edition 182 will be unleashed around September 1st. Until then.