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It's early in the morning of May 1st while I'm writing this, and normally the May 2017 edition would have been online already. At least, that's always the aim here, to unleash a new edition nicely on time. I mean, after about seventeen years everybody is kind of accustomed to that, right? But there are days you just can't make it on time, and this is such a day.

Now usually we don't put our monthly publication on hold for articles that arrive after the deadline, but for a report on the annual Roadburn festival we gladly make an exception. You see, this year's fest coincided with our internal deadline, so logic would dictate that our story about this year's pilgrimage for a lot of sincere loud music lovers to 013 Tilburg (The Netherlands) would be published in June. Now it is true we sometimes are a little late with some articles - the price you pay for working in monthly editions - but this would be much too late, even for our standards. So our five-headed reporting team have been working like crazy the past few days to process all the impressions the enormous amount of playing bands made on them and pour it into a bunch of readable articles. Well, they managed, and I must say it again turned out to be a fun read, though please judge for yourself, you can find all in the specials section. Also in that section you can find a report about the re-release of some gems from the good old NWOBHM. Ancient work from Samson, Jaguar, Cloven Hoof and Blitzkrieg will be given another shot, something that of course demanded some investigation. Besides all this it goes without saying that the rest of this month's edition again is filled with dozens of fresh interviews, live reviews and more than 200 new CD/LP/MCD/DVD reviews. In other words, Lords Of Metal remains to be the most stuffed metal magazine in our corner of the world. And it still costs you nothing, besides only a bit of your time. So it shall remain. Because we can. Enjoy!

So much for our state of the union this time, I’m sure you will find your way through this edition of LoM on your own. Remarks, comments, criticism, tips, information, offers, insults and applications are welcome at the familiar addresses as usual. Lords Of Metal edition 180 will be unleashed around June 1st. Until then. Horst