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Recently I received an e-mail from a guy active in the Dutch political party GroenLinks (leftwing green dudes). I shit you not. The dude is on the list of possible candidates for a seat in our parliament and would very much like t on interviewed by us. Because metalheads are voters too. Now this shit doesn't happen very often, but looking at the calendar suddenly the coin dropped: this month general elections for the Dutch parliament are here again. This means the propaganda hell has broken loose in search for votes, and then even Lords of Metal is interesting enough to spread the gospel.

Now we're not the worst lot in the world, and quite a few Dutch politicians have been guest on our pages. But not to spread their views of the world and other party-bound jibber jabber. Nope, they were invited because of their love for metal and their willingness to tell us all about it. From the left to the right and back again, and not in the least bothered by what party-line whatsoever people like Sabine Uitslag (central religious right), Emile Roemer (socialists), Halbe Zijlstra (right wing liberal) and Esther Ouwehand (animal rights party) came over to spill about the one thing that binds them with all the readers of Lords Of Metal: the love for metal. But I draw the line right there!

Yes, we are one in metal, but outside the metal bubble we are all different individuals with each his own opinion about the state of the world and how the country should be governed. And that's okay. This is a free country, in which every man, woman and child has a fundamental right to his or hers own opinion, no matter how abject this might be for someone else. And everybody is free to glorify his own opinion and defy another one's through the many media our country has. Hundreds, if not thousands of dedicated websites, radio and TV shows, newspapers and of course the social media all seem a battleground for everybody and their mums to bash some virtual skulls, and as far as I am concerned they can knock themselves out. As long it is not on our turf.

It should be obvious by now that I declined the interview offer. Who knows this dude will end up in parliament some day. If this happens and he becomes a household name in Holland, we'll surely take up his offer and interview him about his love for metal. As long as he leaves his plans for world domination at home. But I surely would like to encourage everybody who's allowed to go out and vote whenever an election is happening. I mean, nobody got better off by complaining alone, so get off your ass and use your rights! Sure, our democracy isn't perfect, and lots remains to be desired, but it sure beats living in a dictatorship. Just check out all those evil countries that are. Not much metal there.

So much for our state of the union this time, I’m sure you will find your way through this edition of LoM on your own. Remarks, comments, criticism, tips, information, offers, insults and applications are welcome at the familiar addresses as usual. Lords Of Metal edition 178 will be unleashed around April 1st. Until then.