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Greber - Backhanded Interest (Cemetery Preston)

Greber - Backhanded Interest (Cemetery Preston) Henry Miller wrote one of the great truths of life when he said “All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without the benefit of experience.”

Such a quote could describe bass-and-drums duo Greber, save that with past and present members of Fuck the Facts and The Great Sabatini, they have a great wealth of experience to bring to the table.Inspired by the truly great bands like Neurosis and Propaghandi, but inspired not to slavishly imitate what they have already created, but to forge their own sound, to blaze new trails. To look out at the world that surrounds us and reflect what they see truthfully; as though holding up a mirror to the darkness in the hope of reflecting a glimmer of light.

They truly have gazed into the abyss and put to music what they see there; their music has huge depths and they have none of the limitations that plague so many bands. They truly are their own beast and they truly have their own sound.

Since forming in 2008, Greber have released two well-received full length albums, three 7″ inch split singles, and played countless shows. As if they were morphing into a single entity, Drummer Steve Vargas and bassist/vocalist Marc Bourgon have made Greber into their own unique entity, something as important to the duo as food and air.

On February 2, 2018, Greber will release their new album 'Cemetery Preston', through a collaboration between Ancient Temple Recordings, Pink Lemonade Recordings, Hibernation Release, No Why Records and d7i Records, on LP, CD, cassette and digital download. Audience's jaws will drop at the raw mining of emotions it contains, its searing sincerity, and sheer innovation. As Marc explains. "Cemetery Preston is our best attempt at taking a fleeting snapshot of this living purgatory that we all call life."

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“…a ridiculously bottom-heavy racket” – Decibel Magazine

“The short version: If most “normal” grind is like a dude in a hockey mask hacking you to death with a machete, than Greber might be best described as a really pissed-off dude thumping you to death with a hammer, or maybe a 2 x 4. The edges may not be sharp, but it’s still fucking painful, y’know?” – Metal Sucks

“…the sound of two awesome dudes, one riding a bass like a surfboard, the other in a drum kit like a barrel, plunging down the steepest face of Mount Everest, sober but mad, screaming their way through the almost impassable barrier of snow, rock, trees, starving animals and unstoppable velocity.” – David Hall, Handshake Inc. via Exclaim!

“this endless onslaught of blast beats smashing against detuned chug riffs, embittered, possessed bellowing, cacophonous and melodic interludes, with occasional audio samples is accomplished by nothing more than two minds looking to do the same thing: annihilate comprehension, deconstruct the rigid state of modern extreme music and create some of the heaviest fucking music possible” – Exclaim!

“What we have here folks is a seriously brutal fucked up and loud assault on the senses with this superb split release from Greber and Hiroshima Vacation. Excellent and Highly Recommended” – The Sludgelord

“Cambridge, Ontario’s Greber exists on the low end of things with their guitar-less line-up giving them a sludgier feel during those moments they slow down to a proverbial, but not complete, crawl. Rhythmic, pulsing and noisy, their three songs are like the most convulsive soundtrack to the dirtiest sex you’ll ever have during your 20s.”- Decibel Magazine

“There is actually so much sonic space taken up with the bass, drums, enraged vocals, and other creepy aural nuances, that one couldn’t possibly imagine trying to fit in a guitar track anywhere.” – Noisography

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