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Devil's Emissary - Horizon Temple (Demiurge Asceticism)

Devil's Emissary - Horizon Temple (Demiurge Asceticism) Ahead of the release of their new mini-album, entitled Demiurge Asceticism, Devil's Emissary unleash the next track through a legion of websites and magazines. Pre-orders are now available and the mini-album will be released on 9 September 2017 via Third Eye Temple.

Demiurge Asceticism contains nearly 20 minutes of lunatic incantations, divided into three anthems praising the Harvester of Worlds – the great Swallower of Suns. It is the manifest of heaven's violent death - the will of those below as foretold in the Horizon Temple. Open to the pilgrims of fire. Become everything and nothing.


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