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SpoOken - A Shadow Larger Than Reality

SpoOken - A Shadow Larger Than Reality Sometime in 2011 SpoOken starts to take shape. Bert Dijkhuis (ex Sanguinary), Marco Oostra (ex Tekhton) and Anne van Doorn (ex Sanguinary, ex Toxocara, ex Murder Manifest) regularly spend time in the rehearsal room, making music together. SpoOken was not a band then, but a guitarist, bassist and drummer who want to make music together, without deciding beforehand what the music has to be: "if it sounds good, then it is good." The written tracks start evolve more and more into "real" songs. Due to the roots of the musicians, a substantial metal influence is inevitable. To add an additional layer to the songs, an extra ingredient is needed and Dik Smid (ex Moonlizards, Indifferent Sun) is introduced as a lead guitarist. Bert and Anne add occasional vocals / grunt lines to the music. SpoOken has now become a band. Because the music of SpoOken is difficult to describe, it is called regressive post doom metal. That covers it. Finally, SpoOken could not avoid letting others share in its sounds. Recently they independently release their CD "A Shadow Larger Than Reality." You can listen to our tracks following the links below.

Black End

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