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Metal Gear: TV cabinets PV600 - Bass

By: Wouter

Have you ever felt the need to fully turn up your bass amp, without blowing up your speakers? And do you want to do it in a live situation? Why one should I do not know, but with a TV cabinet you can and even with a clear crisp sound. This Metal Gear Special we have got a special bass cabinet that even Tony ‘The Demolition Man’ Dolan (Venom Inc.) cannot break.

TV cabinets
Arjan Temme builds custom cabinets for bass and guitar. In this first Metal Gear Special episode of the brand: the PV600, a bass cabinet that Arjan developed for bassist Peter Vink. And Peter in turn was dubbed the oldest heavy metal bsssist of the Netherlands at Lords of Metal before. The first prototypes are created in 2016 and now several cabinets are built. We had the honour to test different versions of the PV600. Every cab is hand-built and that is noticeable, soundwise. No one sounds exactly alike. What they do share is a robust look and a fat bass tone. The unique appearance of the cabs is by the hand of Hennie Vink, who takes care of the finishing. Every cab is approached as a work of art, with a robust overall look and finer work in the application of skulls and such, it has to be metal of course!In 2018 Arjan built two 15” cabs for Tony “The Demolition Man” Dolan of Venom Incthat he truly loves. Despite the fact they could not yet join them on tour, I think the cabs will join him on worldwide tours soon.

The PV600 is hand built with multiple layers of multiplex, tensioned up with a mahogany frame. That tension on the woods tightens the sound. The rough finish without tolex or other fabrics contribute to the vibration of the cab and the sound. The cabinets are loaded with full range speakers that for example also are used in PA systems. They provide a clear sound without too much coloring by the speaker itself.

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The test setup is a Bo~EL Guitar Company Big Generator DLX 5 string bass and a Hartke HA2500 amp.

As mentioned above: this cabinet can handle it all and keeps a crystal clear sound. What really is exceptional, is the honest reproduction and how solid the cabs sound. You hear the true bass sound, without extra coloring and you get it straight in your face. Also at volumes too impossible to bear this stays, even when the amp is cranked tot 10. Of course you would never do this, but the opportunity is available. The 15” cabs will be enough for the most gigs as a stand-alone, and when you stack two cabs you can conquer every stage around the world. The full range speakers are built for a wider frequency range, so they give full low end and also clarity in the higher frequencies. TV cabinets are hand built, so can be made with your demands in outputs, speakers and impedance as your setup needs.

The serious bass player who requires a solid sound will definitely be pleased with the sound of these cabinets. The cabinets are built to last even with a less subtle roadies. The looks are robust and unique, that is a matter of taste, but also the finish is made to your wishes. So if you want a candy colour design, that will be possible, but we want skulls of course.


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