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Read a good book every now and then: Doom Metal Lexicanum

By: Pim B.

Doom Metal Lexicanum is a cool book of reference for the fans of the genre. It basically is an encyclopaedia type book in which you can find almost every band. But more about that later. Let’s start with introducing the writer.

band imageAleksey Evdokimov is a music journalist residing in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He has been writing for many (online) magazines over the years. Without any doubt he can be considered as a genuine expert. His passion for the music gave him the idea to write an encyclopaedia. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears he actually managed to do so. He even found a publisher after a search for an interested party. Cult Never Dies, run by colleague journo Dayal Patterson, that has been focussing on black metal books saw potential in Evdokimov’s life’s work.

The book comes in A-4 format and looks like a thick magazine. The cover contains a cool painting by French artist David Thiérrée. Besides a couple of forewords the book also contains some articles. For instance a piece about black magic and witchcraft in doom written by Sami Albert Hynninen of Reverend Bizarre amongst others. The main contents are descriptions of doom metal bands. Some more extensive opposed to others. All based on the importance of the band in the history of doom metal. In the beginning of the book Evdokimov explains he had to make some harsh choices. He realised he isn’t (and can’t be) complete. He has focused on the traditional bands within the genre. So, bands that mix doom with death metal for instance are excluded. Possibly they will be part of a next book.

The fact these choices result in a book that is not exhaustive has to be taken for granted. As a reference book this is the best publication that has ever been published when it comes to doom metal. Still I have to mention that some bands that are now included could have been left out as far as I’m concerned. For instance Pantheist and Moss are in there where I think these belong to the extremer side of the genre. The space they now take up could have been used for bands that are now missing. Some bands that now are not in the book are Sahg, Mourn, Last Chapter, Las Cruces or Sinister Realm. I do understand it is impossible to be perfect and you basically have to take this book as a snapshot. It is a cool book to have on your shelves to dig up when you’re looking for information on that particular band. In that sense this book is a success.

Doom Metal Lexicanum
Aleksey Evdokimov
Cult Never Dies Productions and Crypt Publications

ISBN 978-0-9933077-6-8
2017 – paperback - 298 pages

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