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Metal Gear: Orange Getaway Driver & Fur Coat Fuzz

By: Remco Post

This month we present two beautiful new pedals from Orange, the firm that in addition to their amps are now coming with more and more pedal releases. This month we discuss two of them at the same time: the new Getaway Driver and the Fur Coat Fuzz.

Let's start with the Getaway Driver and it speaks for itself that this is a overdrive/tube screamer, but this one goes a step further. The pedal has a Class A gain structure, but also has a Cabinet Simulator input for headphones or recording interfaces connection. This makes it an "amp in a box". The knobs are: volume, gain and bite (tone/presence) and the pedal can be run on a 9V battery or adapter.

For this review I used an Orange 0R15 amp and a Bo~EL S03 Kim Guitar. The sound is really a smooth 70’s overdrive and therefore can be added in the list of the TS808. However in this world now at least more than 100 variants exist on overdrive and this is a very good pedal, but no different as many. Maybe this with the extra options it can stand out and give you just what you are looking for.

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Now the number two, which feels like a number 1, the Fur Coat Fuzz. This fuzz is based on the 70’s Foxx Tone Machine and makes use of germanium diodes. The controls are: volume, fuzz, EQ and octave (adds a higher octave) and it can be run on a 9V or 12V battery for more headroom. The Fur Coat gives a serious thick old school fuzz sound and the EQ is really direct and goes from deep low to really ear-piercing high. Kyuss, Clutch, Hendrix, they all sound really great with this pedal. I find it great sounding on my clean amp, but also you can boost a dirty amp with it for some extra bite. With the octave switch it adds a high octave tone which gives you the sound and feeling of a Queens Of The Stone Age. However you can dial in the octave knob how much of it you want in your mix. The fuzz actually can take everything and every freak here will know what to do with it. Also this pedal is qualitatively fantastic created and also has that 'sexy’ iron bracket what I unfortunately missed on the Getaway, but this pedal is great.

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In conclusion I must say that I can really appreciate the pedals and I like them very much. The quality is good and the price is also attractive. However I still find it strange, but maybe that is also not important, that nowhere visible the name of Orange is on the pedal? But Orange, keep those pedals coming!

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