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Modus Operandi: Phil Campbell – Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons / Motörhead

By: Ramon

The longest lasting guitarist of Motörhead, Phil Campbell, has not fallen into the infamous black hole after the passing of frontman Lemmy. A dream that many of his peers might have is coming true for him, which is playing in a band with his four sons. And that on top of the fact that all his dreams he ever had before already came true. This time around, we are talking about gear and gear only. But there is a Motörhead instigator here too, which is the coming release of a selection of some covers Motörhead have played, under the name of “Under Cöver”, which by the way justifies the way any average Dutch person pronounces the word ”cover”. Read along and see how Phil masters and crafts his sounds, with songs that one, quote Queen’s Brain May, tend to underestimate.

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Modus Operandi

Lag Explorer (my signature model)
Gibson Les Paul
Framus Panthera
Parker Nitefly


Amps & Cabinets:
MXR Micro Amps

MXR Octaves
Steve Vai Bad Horses wah-wah

Dunlop (10-46)

Picks & Pedals:

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When did you start playing guitar/bass/keys/drums?
When I was ten years old.

On which piece of gear do you keep your most beautiful memories and why?
A Les Paul I bought 1973. It was a New Year’s day sale and I got the guitar for an excellent price. I loved that guitar, but eventually she got stolen.

Do you have an endorsement deal or a signature model? If so, could you tell us a little bit more about it?
Lag Explorer Phil Campbell signature. What can I tell you about it; it is my signature guitar, I’m very proud of it and I love to play it, the sound is just amazing.

What was your worst purchase ever and why?
Can’t recall that I had one, I thought everything was great when I bought it – may not have liked it so much afterwards, but at the time it was perfect.

Who are your influences (musicians)?
Black Sabbath, Jimmy Page, Michael Schenker in UFO, Jan Akkermann but most of all Todd Rundgren.

What was your first guitar/bass/keys/drums?
Answer: Back then when I was 10 years old, it was a no name, I can’t even recall.

What is on your wish list?
Good health for my family and myself.

Ultimate goal as a musician?
I’ve reached everything I could have ever dreamed of…..

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