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Metal Gear: Dr. No SkullFuzz

By: Remco Post

It has been a while that we did a review of Dr. No effects. However, now that his most heavy fuzz is released in a friendly format we had to review it here. First there was the Human SkullFuzz (impressive design) and the Art SkullFuzz (very impressive design) and now there is the Box Version (tour friendly design).

Dear readers, the ones that never seen the original Human SkullFuzz before go check it out, because the skull on real size with the eyes that function as volume and fuzz is really pure art in the highest form. For convenience and because you must see them, at the bottom of this article are the links of all the 3 species. And for clarity, they sound all three the same, but the look is just different.

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The Box Version I have here is in the 'normal' Dr. No size and has a beautiful drawing of a Skull / Octopus. The only two knobs are a volume and a fuzz (why would you even want a tone on a fuzz) and the effect has a switch of Deep and Thin. Of course, the package is also again a sensation with the box of goodies where stickers and buttons are it of both Dr. No and Troy van Leeuwen (QOTSA).

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Again and as always I use it on my Orange amp and I play on my Bo-el S03 guitar. I start right good with the fuzz and volume both at maximum and the switch on Deep. Goddamn what a sound! Deep is really deep and the sound is low and full. A complete wall of sound you put down on your own. As well with single notes as with chords, this is a very impressive sound. That 'real' old Kyuss can easily be nailed and so I can name more examples. I have tried to find downsides of this effect, but simply cannot find one.

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I set the switch to the Thin setting and the sound is equally heavy, but now with much high / treble. Into the mix this setting might be better, but nothing is thicker than the first setting I had. Here you can get a lot of fun and inspiration of and for sure that new riffs will come up.

Are you a fan of fuzz effects or do you want to get started, simply buy this pedal. Heavy to the max and an absolute recommendation. A must-have and perhaps the best fuzz?!

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