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Modus Operandi: Tony Dolan (Venom Inc.)

By: Ramon

A selected group of fans already acknowledged Tony “The Demolition Man” Dolan as a very upright musician, with the right attitude to manoeuvre in a band in which the risk of colliding egos can lurk. However, since Mantas and he started to play together with also former Venom drummer Abaddon, his career rocketed and only now he gets the recognition he always deserved, tenfold. Maybe he even gets more recognition now than that one person who begrudges his success more than anyone else in this world. We works harder than you can imagine on the recovery of the honour of the Venom like Mantas and Abaddon shaped it. He plays night after night in all corners of the world and he does this, since a couple of months, on a bass guitar built in the Netherlands. And that bass guitar by now is already more road-tested than its builder Huub Boel may ever have dreamt of. He is versatile, merciless and he sure knows what he wants. And after many detours and trials and errors, his choice is no carved in stone. Read along with the gear list of singer, bassist, actor, automation engineer, manager and above all possibly one of the friendliest chaps in the metal world, Tony Dolan, who rightfully carries the alias “The Demolition Man”.

Modus Operandi

band imageBass Guitars:
Bo El Big Generator DLX-4 now my exclusive preferred


Bo-EL “Blackhawk” singlecoil, Bo-EL “Blackhawk” humbucker

Amps & Cabinets:
Tech 21 Sansamp RBI Rackmount Bass Tube Amp Emulator
Ampeg SVT 3 Pro
Ampeg SVT 8 by 10e

Boss Chorus
Boss Digital Dela,
Boss Bass Driver BB 1X
Hartke Loop HL77



Custom Picks (No Logo)


When did you start playing guitar/bass/keys/drums?
At the end of 1979.

On which piece of gear do you keep your most beautiful memories and why?
My Rickenbacker 4001 Blonde 1979. Because Lemmy is the reason I wanted to play bass and he used one.

Do you have an endorsement deal or a signature model? If so, could you tell us a little bit more about it?
Yes, endorsed by Bo-El... not signature yet, but working with them on that idea! Why Bo-EL? Because I am the Demolition Man and need durability, plus a heavy thick bass sound with high end for covering solos. The Big G gives me flexibility for studio and live without any sacrifice of thunderous bottom end drive. It is perfect and coz I treat ‘em with a sledgehammer, I need a bass that keeps up with me and my abuse lol... The Big G does all that, it is immortal.

What was your worst purchase ever and why?
A cheap looper pedal, I don't recall its name. I hit the stomp buttom four times and broke it, hahahaha... Could have been me of course, but I think it was just badly made.

Who are your influences (musicians)?
Lemmy, Geddy Lee and the master, Billy Sheenan.

What was your first guitar/bass/keys/drums?
Was a bad baaaaadd, no name, copy of a Fender

What is on your wish list?
A signature Model series from Bo-El and the Carved Lemmy Rickenbacker special, just for me...

Sure, raise the pressure on them! Hahaha. Ultimate goal as a musician?
To be recognized as a good bass musician I guess.

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