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Metal Gear: Orange Kongpressor

By: Remco Post

The legacy of Orange Amps by now starts to become beyond impressive and they always seem to be a guarantee for a minimum level quality. In fact only your personal taste stands in the way whenever they release a new product. The brand is of course mainly known from the amps, but quite frequently they release related items that could be interesting for musicians too. We previously reviewed headphones, and also in the field of guitar effects they play an important role in the shadows of the better known pedal brands. But they always deliver with grace. They started with the Bax Bangeetar Pre EQ and later the Detonator, the Two Stroke and now the compressor with the sonorous name Kongpressor followed. And to catch the bull by the horns, that again is very entertaining stuff for people with a preference of the pure, analogue sounds.
For this review I used a Bo-El S03 Kim guitar and an Orange OR15 amplifier.

The Kongpressor is an analogue buffered bypass class A vintage compressor. This means shortly that the pedal knows no tonesuck, that Class A represents the distribution of the sound, which is the most pure and constant (linear) signal. To put it simpler terms, class A stands for “highest quality”. Besides that, it has a 12dB clean boost aboard, through the volume pedal. Other options are:

- Volume (output level)
- Squash (compression level)
- Release
- Attack
- Chime (high-end)

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It becomes apparent quite instantly that the Kongpressor again hits the sweet spot. You can go in any desired direction with it. It works perfectly between your instrument and amp, naturally, but also on the microphone and even through the mixing table. And that versatility is far from guaranteed by some of its compressor peers. All of this on a sublime level, taken in consideration that this is meant for the regular consumer.

The pedal is applicable for anyone and all purposes. Thanks to the many setting options you can have a crystal clear clean sound, but the drive of the Kongpressor can just as easy provide low-end and sustain and most of all, a thicker sound. I have tried a great variety of sounds and settings and it truly complements your sound. You do get spoiled by it, there hardly is a way back. Once you have tried it and have gotten used to a setting you like, it sounds empty when you take it out, while you were perfectly happy without before you tried it.

Not unimportant to mention is that the graphics too are once again superb, and it seems to be able to withstand a rough treatment. This can be crucial for me when I make a decision. On the downside, the effect pedal is quite big and I can’t see the name “Orange” on it. And you do want that. The Kongpressor is very sharply priced, so you are at low risk. It is always recommendable to test things yourself before you purchase anything, but I have very little doubt that this will be a nice new asset to your set-up.

Orange Amps

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